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10 Outrageously Creative Wedding Proposals


Proposing marriage to the one you love is one of the most important questions you will ever ask in your life. When a man proposes, the way that he proposes is just as important as the ring that he puts on his future wife’s finger. Some men just get down on one knee and pop the questions. Other come up with very elaborate proposals that will never be forgotten. Here are 10 outrageously creative wedding proposals.

Falling Off a Building

The man in this video had been with his girlfriend, Brooke, for four years. He got a group of friends together on the top of a building so that he could ask her to marry him. He got on the ledge and asked his friend to throw him the ring. When he went to catch the ring, it looked as if he went over the side of the building. When his girlfriend ran to the ledge, she found him laying on a huge mat, surrounded the signs that read, “Will you marry me?” She was thrilled that he didn’t die when he went over the side, and a little angry that he scared her to death. Either way, it was really creative.

Swimmers In Love

Matt Grevers is a six-time Olympic medalist. During the Missouri Grand Prix, he won the gold medal for the 100-meter backstroke. He had been dating his girlfriend, Annie Chandler, also a swimmer, for a few years. When he was on the podium about to get his gold medal, and asked that Annie give it to him. After she put the medal around his neck, he called her back to the podium. At first, she thought that it was wrong that he wanted her up there with him, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment. When she got back to the podium, Matt pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him. Annie says that she never fainted in her life, and when Matt proposed, it was the closest she had ever come to fainting. She said yes, and the couple has a beautiful story to tell forever.

Brad and Emily

Before watching this video, you might want to grab a tissue, because you are going to need it. The proposal starts with Brad and Emily in a car, pulling up at a park. He starts singing along with a song on the radio and helps her out of the car. As the song plays and the couple walks, all of Emily’s friends and family start a flash mob, singing “Get Out of My Head” by Redlight. As she walked down the path in the park, she gets excited, seeing all of her loved ones singing and dancing for her.

When they get to the end of the path leading to the beach, Brad sings the rest of the song before a friend takes Emily down the stairs toward the shore. There, she finds a series of letters from Brad, giving her the reasons why he loves her. The notes led her to a screen on the beach, where her friends and family talk about how magical Brad and Emily’s love is. At the end of the video, Brad is standing behind Emily on the beach, the sun was setting, and he was down on one knee. He had a ring in his hand, and he asked Emily to marry him. Unless you are completely heartless, this proposal will bring tears to your eyes.

A Lighted Proposal

The man in this video was into alternative methods of electricity. He used a drink full of electrolytes to power lights and music. Outside of his second-floor apartment, he set up lights that spelled out the words, “Will you marry me?” His girlfriend was in bed asleep when he powered everything, and she was woken up to “Fools Rush In” by Elvis Presley. Her boyfriend’s friend was inside the house, and let her know that he was outside. She looked out the window and saw the proposal, and ran down the stairs and they kissed. It is a very scientific and romantic proposal.

Marzo and Lisa

Marzo’s proposal to Lisa could have gone incredibly wrong if it weren’t perfectly timed, but he was willing to take the chance. He and Lisa took a walk in the city, and he asked for her phone. He dialed someone and told her that it was his friend and he wanted her to say hello. She called, the friend picked up, and then hung up. Lisa seemed pretty confused until Marzo told her to look at the building across the way. Suddenly, all of the lights went out in the building. Next, the lights came on only in specific windows, and it spelled out, “Lisa, will you marry me?” This must have taken some serious planning, and the result is fantastic. By the way, she said yes.

The Scary Proposal

Some people love sweet, sappy, romantic proposals, and others go in a completely different direction. That’s what this guy did. He got dressed up in a costume similar to Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton movie. He made sure that the love of his life was on the way, and when she arrived, he set himself on fire.

While in flames, popped the question. She is shocked by the question and the manner in which he asked, but she says yes. As soon as she accepts the proposal, the man jumps into the water nearby to put the fire out. When he comes out of the water, his friends start shooting rockets into his body. It is shocking at first until the words, Mad Dragon Stunts flash on the screen at the end of the video. Obviously, the man is a stuntman, and he was fine, even after being shot so many times.

Video Game Love

People really get into virtual reality games such as Second Life. Many people spend more time living their lives in these games than they do living their real lives. This is why it is so easy for people to fall in love within the game without ever meeting. A man who calls himself, Prince Moviesign in Halo 3 fell in love with Princess Furtive Penguin in a friendly duel of guns. As the lovebirds progressed through the game together, they finally came to a clearing. On the screen where the two characters were standing were the works, “Marry Me?” The two characters hugged, and the people behind the characters were happily engaged.

A Biker’s Proposal

Bikers really love their bikes. They spend hours and hours riding and obsessing over their bikes. Bikes also bring people together. Most bikers get along with other bikers. Having a love of motorcycles in common bring people together. This is why there are many clubs for motorcycle enthusiasts. When a biker falls in love and is ready to get married, they want to bring the bike into the proposal since it is almost like an appendage.

This man wanted to propose to the love of his life, so he got 300 of his closest biker friends to help out. He got all of the bikers to dress in black so that his bride-to-be would have no idea which one he was. The bikes were lined up on both sides of the street, as his future wife arrives. She stands there looking confused for a minute because she has no idea which biker is her love. As all the engines are revving, pink smoke comes from one of the bikes, letter her know which one was her guy. When she went over to him, the engine revving stopped, and he asked her to marry him. When she said yes, the two hugged, and the 299 other bikers revved their engines and cheered. This is the way a real motorcycle enthusiast proposes.

Fake Movie Trailer

This is one of the most creative, most romantic, and well thought out proposal on this list. The future bride goes to see The Hangover 2 with her brother. She is expecting to see a trailer for an upcoming movie before the film starts, but she gets more than she ever imagined. The trailer starts out with the love of her life talking to her father, asking for her hand in marriage. There is someone nearby, filming her reaction, and she is shocked. She asks her brother if it is her boyfriend and father on the screen. When her father gives his blessing, he asks his daughter’s boyfriend what he is waiting for.

In the movie, you can see the man running to his car and to the movie theater. The video has a funny part where her boyfriend is at snack counter ordering popcorn. When he gets his popcorn, he starts running to the theater and then the movie cuts off. She turns around and sees her boyfriend standing behind her. He tells her that on their second date he told her that they would make the movies jealous. Then he popped the question. After she says yes, everyone in the theater cheered. It is a proposal that she will never forget.

A Skydiving Proposal

A woman named Vanessa goes skydiving with her boyfriend and has no idea what is in store for her. Vanessa boarded the small plane with her instructor while her boyfriend waited on the ground. When they reach the desired altitude, she gets ready to jump from the plane. While strapped to an instructor, she jumps. When the instructor pulls the parachute, they go up. On the ground, her boyfriend is standing there, with a sign that reads, “Vanessa, marry me?” As she and the instructor get closer to the ground, she sees the sign below and starts to cry. He asks her for her hand in marriage, and she says yes.

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