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Photos From U.S. President Weddings Before They Became President

If you expect the wedding of the US president to be extravagant and sophisticated, you are perfectly in order. The president of the US occupies the highest office in the land. For this reason, you expect his bride to wear an outstanding wedding gown on that special day. The truth is that many of these First Couples were just ordinary people when they got married. Some of threes weddings were low-key and the brides wore simple wedding gowns. In fact, two future First Ladies did not even wear white on that special day. Read this article and find out what future First Ladies wore on their wedding day.

Jackie Kennedy Wore A Last Minute Gown

The elegant Jackie Kennedy contacted Anne Lowe to create the perfect wedding gown for her. However, a burst water pipe ruined Jackie’s wedding gown. Anne Lowe had to come up with a last minute gown to save the day. As it turned out, that last minute gown was truly an iconic wedding gown.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s High-Collared Gown

Eleanor Roosevelt met Franklin Delano Roosevelt when she was just 14 years old. The future president was all of 18 years at the time and there was no indication that he would occupy America’s highest office. Four years later, Franklin Delano Roosevelt got married to Eleanor Roosevelt in a modest wedding ceremony. Eleanor Roosevelt wore a high-collared gown with an elegant hat.

Barbara Bush and the Mother-in-Law’s Veil

Barbara Pierce met George H.W. Bush in 1941 when they were both teenagers. Four years later in 1945 they get married in Rye, New York. The veil Barbara Bush wore on that special day belonged to her mother-in-law. In fact, the elder Mrs. Bush (Dorothy Walker Bush) wore the same veil on her own wedding day many years ago.

Nancy Reagan Wore A Simple Dress

Nancy Davis and Ronald Reagan were in the movie industry before they got married in 1952. The couple opted for a simple affair to avoid the press and only the best man and the matron of honor attended the wedding. Nancy Reagan was pregnant at the time so she chose a simple no-frills gown to hide her baby bump.

Hilary Clinton’s Mum Bought Wedding Gown At The Mall

Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton (nee Rodham) were so much in love they did not have the time to plan an elaborate wedding ceremony. One day before the wedding, Hilary did not have a wedding gown. Her mother rushed off to the Fayetteville Mall and bought a Victorian lace gown for her daughter.

Michelle Obama’s Pretty White Dress

Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) was not keen on dating Barak Obama because he was a professional colleague. However, she could not resist the handsome and outspoken Barak Obama. They met in 1989 and three years later, they got married at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Michelle Obama wore a pretty white dress and a veil on her wedding day.

Rosalyn Crater’s Style

Rosalyn Carter had a style of her own when she married Jimmy Carter. Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter got married in 1946 in Plains, Georgia. Jimmy was 21 years old and Rosalyn was just 18 at the time. Jimmy Carter had just graduated from the US Naval Academy so he wore his Navy uniform. Rosalyn wore a knee-length dress with gloves and a hat.

Edith Wilson Wore Black on Her Wedding Day

President Woodrow Wilson married Edith Bolling Galt in December 1915. This was the second marriage for both bride and groom. Edith Bolling Galt was a widow and the president had lost his wife the previous year. Edith Boling Galt wore black on her wedding day but there was no bad omen anywhere. She was an excellent wife and wise advisor to President Woodrow Wilson.

Frances Cleveland’s White and Orange Wedding Gown

When Frances Folsom married Glover Cleveland in 1886, she was just 21 years old but her husband was 49. Apparently, there was both love and friendship in this relationship. When Frances Folsom’s father died in 1875, Glover Cleveland became the administrator of the estate of the deceased Mr. Folsom. Glover took care of the young Frances and when she was 21, he decided to do it for life. Frances wore a white wedding gown with orange blossoms as well as laurel leaves.

Betty Ford Did Not Wear White on Her Wedding Day

Elisabeth Anne Bloomer a.ka., Betty Ford did not wear white on her wedding day. When she married the congressional representative Gerald R. Ford in 1948, it was her second marriage. She opted not to wear white. For all that, she still looked great in her beautiful dress with matching pumps.

Melania Trump’s Special Wedding Gown

Melania Trump’s wedding gown was an award-winning creation. The gown was a special creation from Christian Dior and it cost over $100,000. It took 550 hours to make the gown and the dress weighed about 60 pounds. It came with a 16-foot veil and a 13-feet long train. Melania Trump wore the gown with pride and well she might because it was a truly impressive wedding gown.

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