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10 Photos That Prove Your Life Is A Lie!

10 Photos That Prove Your Life Is A Lie!

#1 The Carlton Dance On the Fresh Prince

If you ever watched the hit 90’s show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you have seen the Carlton dance. It is a dance that Alfonso Ribero does. His character, Carlton, is a good dancer but he is a nerd, and most people thought that this dance was hilarious. What many people don’t know is that Alfonso Ribero didn’t make up the dance himself. He actually saw Courtney Cox do it when she was in a Bruce Springsteen video. He just stole it.

#2 All Fruit Loops Taste Exactly the SameIf you have ever had a bowl of Fruit Loops in the morning, you know that they come in a variety of different colors. In you bowl you will find blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, and red Fruit Loops in your bowl. What you may not know is that just because the Fruit Loops are different colors, they aren’t different flavors. They all taste the same. The color comes from flavorless food coloring.

#3 Hair Product CommercialsIf you have ever seen a commercial for hair products, you know that the woman’s hair in the commercial bounces and flips with ease. The women’s hair in these commercials doesn’t bounce this way. She is actually in front of a green screen, with a person all dressed in green behind her, making her hair bounce. They do this because there aren’t any products that can make a woman’s hair bounce and flow this way, so they need someone to make it possible.

#4 Toad Isn’t Really a MushroomToad is one of the characters in the very popular Super Mario franchise. Most people think that Toad is a mushroom. In reality, Toad is just a little bald guy who wears a mushroom hat. When he takes the hat off, he has a couple of pieces of hair on top of his head, and he isn’t as cute as he is with his hat on.

#5 Tear Free Shampoo Isn’t Tear FreeMost parents look for a shampoo that says, “No More Tears” on the bottle. This will keep their kids from getting soap in their eyes and then crying. One person actually tested a No More Tears shampoo to see if it really didn’t cause any tears. Unfortunately, when they squirted the shampoo in their eyes, it burned terribly and they went blind for a few days. According to some people, “No More Tears” means no more tears in the hair and not in the eyes. Boom!

#6 The End of the Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall of China is so long that nobody walks it from beginning to end. This is because the wall is hundreds of miles of long. Since the wall is so long, it is easy to forget that it has an end. Where it does end is in the ocean. It doesn’t go far out into the ocean, however, when you get to the end of the wall, you have an amazing view of the open ocean.

#7 Not All Turtles Are SlowTurtles have a reputation for being slow. Most people compare a person moving at a slow pace to a turtle. If you have ever been driving down the road and you see a turtle crossing, they do so extremely slowly. What most people don’t know is that all turtles aren’t slow. In times of danger, turtles can move extremely fast to escape. The turtle in this video proves just that. The next time you tell someone that they are as slow as a turtle, think about this video.

#8 The Hawaiian Pizza LieA Hawaiian pizza consists of ham, pineapple, and cheese. Most people believe that this is called a Hawaiian pizza because it was invented in Hawaii. That only makes sense. In reality, this pizza was invented in Canada. The reason that it was called a Hawaiian pizza is that ham and pineapples are very popular foods in Hawaii. The reason that the Canadians call it a Hawaiian pizza is a mystery. Since Canadian bacon tastes just like ham, that could be part of the reason. Since it is such a popular pizza, Hawaii doesn’t mind taking credit for the invention.

#9 The Foot Long Subway Sandwich Isn’t 12 Inches LongSubway calls their large sandwich a foot long, which gives customers the impression that they are going to be eating a sandwich that is 12 inches long. When a curious Subway customer measured his sandwich, he found out that his sandwich was only 11 inches long. There is a rumor that when Subway discovered that the secret was out that they increased the size of their sandwiches. To prove or disprove this rumor, you would need to go and order a sandwich and measure it yourself. This is the only way to determine whether or not the company corrected the error.

#10 Brick Streets Don’t Use Single BricksThis is one of the 10 photos that prove your life is a lie! When you walk down a street lined with bricks, chances are you think that they are putting in each of the bricks in one by one. This photo shows that the bricks streets are pre-fabricated and then installed in large sections. Next time you think about how hard the street layers work, remember what you are seeing in this picture.

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