Biggest Movie Mistakes You Totally Missed

#1 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlAt the end of the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, there is a crew member visible in the shot. He is sitting on the side of the boat, wearing a t-shirt and a cowboy hat. Since these clothes did not exist during this time period, it clearly isn’t a member of the cast. He is sitting there staring at the ocean. If you watch the movie and you look closely enough, you will see him.

#2 Another Pirates of the Caribbean BlunderThis is yet another mistake from Pirates of the Caribbean. In this scene, Johnny Depp is wearing his character’s signature red pirate headband. Sticking out of the headband is an Adidas tag. Since Adidas didn’t exist at this time, this is not something that was seen intentionally.

#3 GladiatorIn the movie Gladiator, there is a scene where the chariot falls. When this happens, one of the things that you notice the most is a gas tank. Since this did not exist in the time where the movie was set, it is clearly a filming mistake.

#4 3000 BCThe movie 3000 BC got its name because it was set in 3000 BC. While they were making the movie, a plane flew up over head. This is clearly a mistake because the plane was not invented until 1903 and the commercial plane wasn’t invented until 1914. there is no way that there were airplanes back in 3000 BC. Big mistake.

#5 The Problem of ContinuityOne common problem in the film is continuity. A perfect example occurs in the movie, Star Trek. One second, Captain Robau is wearing a badge on his shirt. As soon as he sits down, the badge is gone. Somewhere between filming him sitting and standing, he lost the badge. Unfortunately, nobody ever picked up on it.

#6 Gandalf Wears a Watch?During the movie, The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf is in a war sequence in the film. When he is holding his sword and he pulls his arm back, you can see that he is wearing a watch. People didn’t live on schedules in this film and watches were not invented at this time. The actor just forgot to take off his watch before the direction called, “Action!”

#7 Watch Out For ReflectionsDuring this scene in Transformers, you can see the camera man and the camera in the reflection in the tractor trailer truck. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep this from happening, especially since most of the vehicles are made out of shiny chrome.

#8 A Harry Potter BlunderDuring this scene, the cameraman was on the wrong side because all of the action was going on at an entirely different angle. Luckily, the error was caught quickly and the rest of the scene was filmed at the right angle.

#9 Cameras and MicsWhile Bella was sitting in her car in the film, Twilight, you can see the cameras and the mics in her mirror. Since the paparazzi aren’t following Bella around when she is spending time with Edward and Jacob, this was an obvious filming error.

#10 Changing Your Clothes In Your Sleep?This is another blunder from one of the Harry Potter movies. In this scene, Harry went to bed wearing a light blue t-shirt. He has a nightmare, and when he wakes up, he is wearing a dark blue shirt with buttons. Wardrobe should have been paying attention.

#11 The Sinking Ship on TitanicWhen Jack and Rose are together on Titanic when the ship first starts to go down, they are supposed to be alone. Unfortunately, a crew member goes in the shot, and he can be seen on the ship when it starts going down.

#12 How Obvious Can You Be?The scene in Jaws when all of the fishermen go hunting the shark after he kills a boy is one of the biggest movie mistakes you totally missed. On the lead boat, you can see the cameraman and his very large camera. They didn’t even try to hide it.

#13 Spiderman’s WebIn the Spiderman movie, Peter is playing with his web. In one frame, you can see his web hit a lamp and knock it over. In the next frame, the lamp is back up on the shelf and it is perfectly fine. This is another issue of continuity.

#14 The President’s DeskIn the 2002 film X-Men, there is a scene where the X-Men visit the President of the United States. In one frame, the pages on his desk are all scattered. In the next frame, they are all put together neatly. Also, in the first frame, the folder is green. In the second frame, the folder is blue.

#15 You’re Supposed To Hide the Safety CablesIn the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there is a scene where Dr. Spalko is climbing to the top of the mountain with the help of a rope. Because this would be dangerous for the actress, safety cables are used. This would be fine if the crew had hidden the cables. Since they didn’t the whole scene looks wrong.

#16 Zero Gravity and Neat Hair?During the scene in the film Gravity, where Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock is passing through the 0 gravity part of the ship, she is able to fly. Somehow, her hair is not affected by the lack of gravity, and it still looks perfect. This would never happen in real life.

#17 Bella, Your Jeans Are Too TightIn the movie Twilight, there is a scene where Bella is walking toward a group of strangers. Her jeans were so tight that you could see the wire from her mic going down her leg underneath her jeans. Wardrobe should have put her in a pair of pants that were slightly looser.

#18 Sleepy Hollow TeethSleepy Hollow was a very popular film. In the film, Sleepy Hollow, Christoper Walken’s character has sharp, vampire-like teeth. When he opens his mouth wide, you can clearly see his real teeth behind his sharp fake ones.

#19 Men In Black In the movie, Men in Black, there is a scene where Agent K is walking across the ceiling. To pull off this stunt properly, a Tommy Lee Jones, who played Agent K, had to use a harness to hold him off the ground. Unfortunately, the crew didn’t do enough to hide the safety harness, and it was extremely visible in the scene in question. Regardless of the mistake, the movie was still excellent.

#20 Twilight ContinuityMany women love the film Twilight, just because they want to see Jacob with his shirt off. What makes this movie so great is that he is shirtless in almost every scene. Unfortunately, makeup made a mistake when they were putting his tattoos on his arm. In one scene, he has a tattoo on his lower arm, and in the next scene, it is much higher, almost on his shoulder.

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