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10 Planets You Will Not Believe Exist

10 Planets You Will Not Believe Exist

#1 Gliese 518 C- The Hot-Cold Planet

This is a crazy planet. Because of its location, there is one side of the planet that is scorching hot and there is another side that is completely frozen. Not all areas are like this. There are some areas on the planet that are fit for human habitation. People would never want to live here, however, because it would be hell. The red dwarf star reflects on the planet making every light up red with the infrared light. One day, this can result in the entire planet turning black.

#2 HD 106906- The Loneliest Planet

This planet is 11 times larger than Jupiter, which is why it is often called Super Jupiter. The planet is located 300 light years away from Earth and it orbits its star at a distance that is 20 times further than the distance between Neptune and the Sun. Basically, the planet is 60,000,000,000 miles from any other planet in the solar system. This is why it is considered to be so lonely.

#3 Tres-2b- The Darkest Planet

Tres-2b is the darkest planet in the universe. It is located about 750 light years from Earth. Scientists have discovered that the planet reflects only 1 percent of the light around it due to the absorbent gases present on the planet. Another thing that makes this planet so unique is that the light that it does absorb makes it look like a hot coal of fire. It is also the hottest planet. The surface temperature is 2012 degrees. The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus, with a surface temperature of 840 degrees.

#4 Planet Methuselah PSR1620-26b

This planet is a mystery to many. It was originally thought that this planet was the oldest star. Due to the brightness of the planet, the distance, the structure, and the composition, it was determined that this was not a star and it actually was a planet. It is surrounded by clusters of stars which are combined together by gravity, making up the Scorpius constellation. Since astronomers discovered that this was a planet and not a star, they have tried to do more research on the mysterious planet.

#5 Planet Osiris

Osiris is the first exoplanet discovered. It is located 150 light years away from the Earth in the Pegasus constellation. It is about 30 percent bigger than Jupiter and it has an orbit that is about 1/8 of the distance between Mercury and the Sun. It is very hot on this planet. The temperature is 1,832, which is why it is not possible for humans to live on the planet. The heat and the pressure on the planet have caused the evaporation of many atmospheric gases. It is a very unique planet.

#6 CoRoT-7b- The Rock Shower Planet

This is the first rocky planet to be discovered in the orbit of another star. According to astronomers who have studied the planet, the planet is once was huge, similar to the size of Saturn or Neptune. Over time, its layers of gas and atmosphere were taken away due to its proximity to the nearest star. The most amazing thing about this planet is that it faces a star that is almost 4,000 degrees. The dark side of the planet is 350 degrees. This causes rock rains on the planet where the vaporized rock lands on the surface of the planet in liquid rock form. Later, this hardens into solid stone. This is one of the many reasons why we could never live on this planet.

#7 HAT-P-T

Recent studies have shown that the planet HAT-P-T is a giant gas that is half the size of Jupiter and it weighs about the same as a cork ball. This planet is also known as Hot Jupiter. Hot Jupiter is much hotter than the hottest places on Earth. The average temperature on the planet is over 1,000 degrees. It has also been found that the planet is swelling more than the norm and they don’t know why. The heat, the size, and the mystery surrounding the planet have earned this planet a spot on the list of the 10 planets you will not believe exist.

#8 55 Cancri e

This planet is amazing because it sparkles and shines as though it is made up of diamonds. It is about 2 times the size of Earth and it is located 40 light years outside of our solar system. Only about 1/3 of the planet is made up of diamonds. The planet is full of carbon and it creates extreme pressure and it forms diamonds which makes it one of the most amazing planets on this list. If it were possible to get to the planet and mine for diamonds, the miner would be richer than they ever imagined possible. Sadly, we cannot get there.

#9 J1407

This planet was recently discovered in 2012. It is located about 400 light years away from Earth and the planetary rings are over 200 times larger than the rings around Saturn. If Saturn had a ring system this large, it would cover the entire sky on Earth and it would appear larger than the moon. This is an amazing planet.

#10 Gliese 436 b- The Burning Ice Ball

This planet is about the size of Neptune, however, it is 13 times closer to its parent star when you compare the distance between Neptune and the Sun. Its star is a red dwarf and the planet can revolve around the star in just 2 days and 15 hours. Because of the high gravitational force, the planet takes the water on the surface and it turns into ice. Even stranger, the temperature on the planet is 439 degrees, yet the planet is still covered in ice.

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