10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

#1 Your Belly Button is a Jungle

Most people look at their belly button and think it is a cute little hole that once passed food and nutrients to you from your mother when you were a baby. Until recently, doctors and scientists believed this too. Recently, it was discovered that your belly button contains a bacterial ecosystem that is similar to that found in the rainforests of the Amazon. In total, over 1,400 species of bacteria can be found in your belly button. This may sound gross, however, many of the species of bacteria found in your belly button are helpful forms of bacteria.

#2 Gagging Helps Your Body Repel Foreign Objects

Have you ever brushed your teeth and when you brush your tongue, you go too far and gag? Have you ever stuck your finger down your throat to make you throw up and you gag? There is a reason for this. It is your body’s way of keeping you ingesting foreign objects into your body. If the hazard remains in your throat, you will start to dry heave. If it remains, you will vomit. It is your body’s way of protecting you. Your gag reflex can be frustrating at times, but it is only trying to help.

#3 Your Body Won’t Let You Poop at Night

Most people don’t have the urge to poop in the middle of the night. There is a reason for this. The neurons in your gut sleep when you do. They are influenced by the rhythm of your body. When you wake up, the neurons in your gut wake up as well and you can feel the urge to go.

#4 Your Feet Will Grow in Your Golden Years

Just because you were a size 6 shoe since you were 14 years old, it doesn’t mean that you will always wear a size 6. As you get older, the tendons and ligaments in your feet will start to weaken. This can cause the arches in your feet to flatten, making your feet get longer and wider as you get older. When you are 70 or 80 years old, you might find that you are suddenly wearing a size 7 shoe. Unfortunately, this is not something that you can stop. The more active you are when you are young, the more your feet will grow when you are old.

#5 You Lose Intelligence as You Age

Most people don’t know this, but you actually lose intelligence as you get old. Many people think that it is the opposite. You may get more mature which make you seem more intelligent, however, each day that you are alive, you lose over 7,000 brain cells. Over time, this can add up. This could be why when you reach your 40’s you start becoming forgetful. It is all of the brain cells that you are losing naturally with age.

#6 It Isn’t Your Sweat That Smells Bad

This is the grossest of the 10 things you didn’t know about your body. Most people believe that it is their sweat that makes them smell bad. This is not true. There are bacteria that feeds on your sweat. The more you sweat, the more bacteria shows up to eat. The nasty odor that you think is your sweat is actually the waste product from the bacteria that is feeding on your sweat. When there is a lot of sweat, there are a lot of bacteria and a lot of waste. Gross.

#7 Crying When You Get Hurt is Actually Good For You

Many people think that if they get hurt and cry, they are acting like a baby. It is actually good to cry when you are hurt. When you cry, tears are released which relieve the stress from the injury. Also, tears contain endorphins, which are a natural painkiller. The next time you get hurt, don’t be afraid to let the tears flow. You will feel better, faster.

#8 You Have a Unique Tongue Print

Most people know that everyone has a unique fingerprint and no two are alike. What you may not know is that you also have a unique tongue print. There is nobody in the world who has a marking on their tongue that would match yours. Chances are tongue prints won’t be used to solve any crimes like your fingerprints, however, you shouldn’t lick anything at a crime scene just in case.

#9 You Have a Super Pain Threshold

If you have a serious accident or trauma that leaves your body in excruciating pain your brain will flip a switch and turn off your ability to feel pain. There have been stories of people who have fallen several stories onto the ground. They had broken bones, some had bones protruding from their skin. Many of these people feel just minor pain and they are able to get themselves help before the pain takes over. In time, the pain will come back. Amy Racina was one of these people.

10 What Do Back Dimples Really Mean?

If you have back dimples, it is an indicator that you have a good sex life. This isn’t just a myth, it is backed up by science. The dimples in this area create excellent circulation around the pelvis area. This makes it possible to easily have an orgasm. If you don’t have back dimples, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have an orgasm, it just means that you will need to work a bit harder.

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