10 Reasons Not To Visit Australia

#1 There Are Snake Everywhere and They Eat Everything

If you are afraid of snakes you should never go to Australia. There are snakes everywhere. You might even see one when you are in a clothing store. These are just little garden snakes either. They are pythons. Pythons literally eat everything. It is not uncommon to see a python in the street eating large bats and birds. They even climb in the toilet. It could be too late before you realize it. There are some pythons that are so large that they are able to lift a wallaby. Wallabies can weigh between 4 to 53 pounds. If you are planning to travel with children, you might want to avoid going to Australia.

#2 There Are Sharks Everywhere

If you are planning to go to Australia to enjoy the beautiful beaches, you might want to think twice. Australia is practically the shark capital of the world. You can’t sit nearby the water without seeing a fin swimming by. If you want to go surfing, think again. There are great white sharks in the ocean who will ride the waves with you and then try to take a bit when you aren’t looking. There are plenty of other places in the world with beautiful beaches. You should visit one of those places instead. Your life could depend on it.

#3 There Are Crocodiles Everywhere

If you are lucky enough to escape the sharks in Australia, you might not be lucky enough to escape one of the many crocodiles. There are huge saltwater crocodiles that surf in the ocean. If you think that you will be safe in a swimming enclosure, think again. Crocodiles can go just about anywhere in Australia. You can run into a crocodile when you are walking down the street after a heavy rain. If you are afraid of crocodiles and you are afraid to be eaten alive, you should avoid taking a trip to Australia.

#4 There Are Bugs Everywhere

If you don’t like bugs, stay far away from Australia. Australia is home to paralysis ticks. These ticks bite you and they give you a lot more than Lyme disease. They grow to be huge when they are feeding on your after the cause paralysis in the area that they bite. If you don’t like spiders, stay away. There are spiders everywhere in Australia. One popular type of spider in Australia is the funnel spider. These spiders can bite you and kill you instantly. If you are out walking along the coast trying to enjoy a sunset, you can get swarmed by soldier beetles. There are bugs all over the world, however, you won’t see anything like the ones that you will find in Australia.

#5 The Giant Creatures

Of the 10 reasons not to visit Australia, is the biggest reason to keep you away. If you are not a fan of creepy, crawly things, you should stay out of Australia. Not only are there plenty of creepy crawly things there, they are huge! Australia is home to earthworms that are the size of a person’s arm. There are giant centipedes that are so big that they can eat an entire snake. If you come into contact with one of these, you will be lucky if you get away without being a victim to its venomous sting. You can be walking through the park and be chased by a giant, angry, flightless bird called a cassowary. Even worse than that are the jellyfish in the oceans of Australia. There are some that are the size of a small car.

#6 Stonefish

Walking around in the Australian ocean can be dangerous thanks to the stonefish. Stonefish are the world’s most venomous fish. They lie on the ocean floor and they remain motionless which makes them very difficult to see. When you first see a stonefish, you will think that it is a rock, hence the name. They aren’t as harmless as rocks. They have sharp venomous spines along their dorsal fins. If you touch one, you will be in excruciating pain. If you cannot get medical attention in time, the venom could be fatal. Do you really want to risk swimming in the Australian ocean knowing that you could be killed any second by a stonefish?

#7 The Weather Can Be Deadly

If you visit Australia during the winter and there is hail in the forecast, you better wear a helmet. The hail can be are and heavy. There have been times where the hail was so large that it was the size of pool balls. Imagine walking down the street and being pelted in the head with pool balls. It doesn’t sound like the safest place to visit.

#8 Amoebic Meningitis

If you want to swim in lakes and ponds in Australia to avoid the oceans due to the sharks, the crocodiles, and the stonefish, you might want to think twice. If there is a really hot spell in Australia a and the water reaches 76 degrees, the water could contain amoebic which can cause a fatal disease called amoebic meningitis. There is no way that the water can be treated and Australian officials tell you that you should swim at your own risk. Clearly, no natural body of water is safe for swimming in Australia.

#9 Flying Fox

Australia is home to the giant flying fox. You would be walking through the park just to be hit in the back of the head by a fox with wings. What could be scarier than this?

#10 Giant Octopus

Last but not least, another water creature that you need to worry about. There are giant octopuses. They will watch you swim past, attach to your back, and cause a great deal of pain.

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