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#1 The Months of the Year Riddle

Q: How Many Months Have 28 Days?
A: When asked this question, most people would say one. February. Because of Leap Year, they could become confused and not know how to answer. The actual answer to this riddle is all of the months. Every month of the year has at least 28 days, while most have 30 and 31.

#2 Two Father Two Sons Riddle

Q: Two fathers and two sons walk into the store. They each buy a candy bar for $0.50, but they only spent $1.50. How is that possible?
A: It was the grandfather, the father, and a son who went to the store. The grandfather and the father are the two fathers, and the father and the son are the two sons.

#3 Railroad Riddle

Q: “Railroad crossing without any cars.” How do you spell that without using the letter R?
A: T-H-A-T. The question asked how to you spell “that”, not to describe a railroad word.

#4 The Royalty Riddle

Q; In a large room sit the King, the Queen, and a set of twins. With all of these people, there are no adults in the room. How is this possible?
A: They are all beds (a king-sized bed, a queen-sized bed, and two twin beds).

#5 The Woods Riddle

Q: How far can you run into the woods?
A: Halfway If you keep running, you would be running out of the woods.

#6 The Pack Riddle

Q: There are two men in the desert, and they both have backpacks on. One of the men is alive and his pack is open. The other man is dead, and his pack is closed. What is in the dead man’s pack?
A: A parachute. The man alive had a parachute in his pack but it opened. The man with the parachute in his pack didn’t open, and he fell to his death.

#7 The Need, Want, Use Riddle

Q: There is a thing, the manufacturer doesn’t need it, the buyer really doesn’t want it, and the user doesn’t even know that he is using it. What is the item?
A: A coffin. The manufacturer is alive so they don’t need it, the person buying a casket doesn’t want it because it means that a loved one has died, and the person using it doesn’t know because they are dead.

#8 The Word Riddle

Q: I am something. I am the beginning of the end. I am the end of time and space. I am extremely essential to creation, and I surround every single place. What am I?
A: I am the letter “E”. End starts with E. Time and space both end with E. You cannot write the word creation with the letter E, and the phrase, “every single place”, starts and ends with the letter E so it surrounds the phrase.

#9 The “What Am I”? Riddle

Q: I dig out very tiny caves. Sometimes, I store silver and gold in them. I can also build bridges of silver and I can make crowns of gold. They are the smallest bridges that you could ever imagine. Eventually, someone is going to need my help. Unfortunately, there are many people who are afraid to accept my help. Who am I?
A: The dentist. They drill in the teeth and fill them with gold or silver fillings. They make dental bridges for people with missing teeth and they fit patients with crowns. Everyone needs the help of a dentist and some people have a huge fear of the dentist

#10 The “E” Riddle The #10 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

Q: What am I? I start with the letter E and I end with the letter E, but I only contain one letter. What am I? The answer in not E.
A: I am an envelope. It starts with an e, ends with an e, and the envelope in question is stuffed with just one letter to be mailed.

#11 The Oscar Riddle

Q: This is a visual riddle. You are supposed to find the one Oscar statute in a sea of C3P0’s from Star Wars.
A: The answer is circled in green.

Number 12: The Fish Riddle

This is a riddle that most people get wrong. The riddle says, there are 10 fish in a tank. Two of the fish drown, 4 of them swim away, and 3 are floating. How many fish are left?
The answer is all of them. Fish cannot drown, if they are in a tank they cannot swim away, and all fish can float. All 10 fish remain

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