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12 Details From Harry Potter That You’ve Apparently Never Noticed

12 Details From Harry Potter That You’ve Never Noticed

J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter series, is a well-known person on the planet. We all are so thankful to her to make our childhood so much adventurous and marvelous through her book and movies based on those books. Everybody loves Harry Potter, isn’t that right? I think everybody must think once in his/her life about the superb universe of Hogwarts school. Don’t you ever consider it once?However, an impressive aspect regarding the great series of books and movies is that we have learned a lot from it, the magnificence of friendship and relations, holding between companions in hard ups and downs in life, great and terrible things about the people. Within all the things we are here with a compilation of some remarkable details about Harry Potter series which will surprise you. Let’s have a look:

1. Snape’s mind reading power (legilimens) right from the start.

Professor Snape, the best character I found till now, can read the mind of people since the first movie, The Philosopher’s Stone. Harry believes Snape is responsible for attempting to take the Philosopher’s Stone; he worries that Snape realizes what he, Ron, and Hermione are up to because he has “the terrible feeling that Snape could read minds.” Later in the series, we discover that Snape is a talented Legilimens and can, indeed, read mind.

2. Fred and George whammed Lord Voldemort with snowballs when they were 13, and they didn’t know it.

Do you recall Fred and George? The twin brothers, yeah right !!!! Amid their Christmas holiday at Hogwarts in Philosopher’s Stone, they were using a few snowballs to chase after Quirrell, hopping off the back of his turban. They got stuck in trouble for it as well. Quirrell was the person who shrouds Lord Voldemort in himself. Little did they know, at the back of Quirrell’s turban was none other than Lord Voldemort’s face.

3. Why Dumbledore awarded Neville Longbottom 10 points for standing up his friends.

Professor Dumbledore was always trying to discover qualities in a man. He gave Neville 10 points for standing against his friends Ron, Harry, and Hermoine. The purpose for it what we didn’t know, was that Dumbledore himself had to do the same thing years back, with Gellert Grindelwald. It takes a lot of guts to stand against our foes, but just as much to stand up to our friends.

4. The real reason behind why Ron and Neville weren’t the best at magic in the first place.

When we consider the first few years of Hogwarts, we all know that Ron and Neville didn’t do the much in school, but that wasn’t because they do not have the skills to be good wizards. Later we likewise got to know that using someone else’s wand will never generate magic as intense as if you were to use your own. Ron Weasley was using the old wand of his brother, Percy and Neville Longbottom was using an old wand of his dad.

5. Ron’s absurdly accurate forecast: #seer.

After he spends confinement in the trophy room, Ron perceives the name “Tom Riddle” as somebody who won an honor for special services to the school. After Harry discovers his diary, and they’re wondering why he won the honor, Ron proposes that he may have murdered Moaning Myrtle – “that would’ve helped everybody out.” Apparently, it turns out later that Tom Riddle was, actually, in charge of Myrtle’s demise – in spite of the fact that that is clearly not why he won the honor.

6. The Sneakoscope that Ron gifts to Harry aren’t broken, as they initially thought.

The Sneakoscope that Ron blessings to Harry aren’t broken, as they initially thought. It whistles and spins continually, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione believe it’s misbehaving because it was shabby – however, as we discover later, somebody was conniving around them all times. He was just camouflaged as a rat. Aye, it was scabbers who turned out in Peter Pettigrew then.

7. Professor Trelawney’s third acumen.

There are just a couple of students and teachers in the Great Hall for Christmas that year – 12, to be exact. At the point when Professor Trelawney is welcome to join the table, she at first denies, saying, “If I join the table, we will be thirteen! Nothing could be more unfortunate! Always remember that when thirteen eat together, the first to rise will be the first to die!” She eventually sits down, but the harm has already been done. Ron had Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew) in his pocket, which implies they had been 13 from the start. Dumbledore rose from the table to welcome Trelawney to go along with them and, tragically, was the first among them to pass on later in the series.

8. An unpretentious clue of what is to come.

When the gardener Frank Bryce hears Voldemort reveal to Wormtail that if he is faithful, he will be permitted to perform, “an essential task … one that many of my devotees would give their right hands to perform”. Afterward, when Voldemort is taken back to his human(- ish, ) form, Wormtail cut-offs his right hand to finish the procedure to help bring Voldemort back.

9. Harry and Ron foresee what’s to come.

They’re assumed to be doing their homework, but since they’re Harry and Ron, they can’t be tried to get the hang of anything. They choose to make up some repulsive anticipations and wind up precisely anticipating Harry’s trip to the Triwizard Tournament. Harry thinks of “in danger of burns” – which works out as expected with the dragons in the first Triwizard Tournament task. At that point, Ron says that Harry will “lose a treasured possession” – Harry has a close friend taken from him in the second errand of the competition, to be rescued. Then they say he’ll be “stabbed in the back by a friend” – otherwise known as the fraudulent Professor Moody – and that he’ll “come off worse in a fight” when Voldemort returns.

10. Dumbledore’s apparently odd response to Voldemort’s return.

When Dumbledore finds that Harry had a part in taking Voldemort back to his human shape, “Harry thought he saw a flash of something like triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes.” This doesn’t appear to bode well – until we learn, later, that the fact that Harry’s blood runs through Voldemort’s veins implies that Harry can survive and defeat him. However, he realizes that Harry and Voldemort are connected with each other anyhow.

11. Petunia gave us some clue about Snape and Lily’s story; we just didn’t notice it.

When Dementors assault Dudley in the Order of the Phoenix, Petunia Dursley shows a surprising information of the creatures. When Harry gets some information about them, she clarifies, “I heard – that terrible kid – telling her about them – years back.” Obviously, we were supposed to think she meant James – however, we discover later that she was alluding to Severus Snape.

12. The impudent code for the visitor’s entrance at the Ministry of Magic.

The tricky code to get entered into the ministry of magic’s entrance, You just get into a telephone booth and dial in 62442 – which, on an old-school telephone keypad, spells out “MAGIC.”


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