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10 Unusual Pools In The World

10 Unusual Pools In The World

#1 The Gold Energy Pool

If you are going to be in Lhasa, Tibet and you are willing to pay $300 per night to stay at the five-star St. Regis resort, you can swim in this amazing pool. The water is yellow because it is tiled with glittering gold tiles. It is filled with salt water and it is always heated. If you want a foot massage or something to eat, there is always someone around to cater to your needs. There are many people in the U.S. who don’t feel too good about swimming in a pool with yellow water, for obvious reasons.

#2 Chongwe River House Pool

If you are planning a safari trip in Zambia, you should visit the Chongwe River House. Outside of the hotel is a pool that is located right on the bank of the Chongwe River. You can swim or relax on a comfortable deck chair, while watching the elephants, hippos, and even lions drinking from the river right near by. Be prepared to pay, however. A stay at this hotel and a dip in this pool would cost you about $550 per night.

#3 The Cambrian Hotel Pool

This pool is located in the Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden which is surrounded by the Swiss Alps. There is an infinity pool located outside of the hotel, which gives you a 360 panoramic view of the snow covered mountains. Luckily, the pool is heated because the temperature can get very cold in the Alps. If you want to spend a night at this hotel enjoying this amazing pool, you can expect to pay about $216 per night.

#4 The Infinity Pool at the Hotel Caruso

The Hotel Caruso is an 11th-century palace in Italy that has been refurbished. While the interior of the hotel is a great reason to stay, most people visit the hotel for the pool. When you are swimming, it feels though you are drifting on a balcony of water that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy an amazing view of the mountains and the sea below. This is one of the most amazing and one of the 10 unusual pools in the world.

#5 The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool

This pool is located in a luxury resort in Algarrobo, Chile and it is is said to be the largest pools in the world. It stretches out across the beach and it is over 3,280 feet long. It is so large that you can sail in a boat while in the pool. If you want to relax by the pool, you can sit on the large floating deck, complete with a smaller pool, a glass roof, umbrella tables and several deck chairs.

#6 The Crocosaurus Cove Pool

This pool isn’t for relaxing and enjoying a swim. It is more to get your heart racing and to scare you to death. It is located in Darwin, Australia and in the pool are over 200 species of the largest water crocodiles in the world. Many of them are as long as 16 feet long. When you enter the pool, you would dive down into a protected cage so that the crocodiles are within arms reach. It is one of the most expensive swims you will ever take. It costs $160 each time you go in.

#7 Nemo 33 Pool

This isn’t your typical pool. You wouldn’t bring your floaties and water wings to relax in the sun all day. It is actually designed for divers. Many divers who want to learn to dive in the deep sea start off in this pool. It is located in Brussels, Belgium, and it is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the deepest pool in the world at 113 feet. It isn’t your typical inground pool that is 8 feet in the deep end.

#8 The Red Pool at Liberty Resort

This pool is located at the Koh Samui in Thailand. What makes it so amazing is that the water is red. It isn’t actually red water, it is the orange, yellow, and deep red tiles in the pool that give it the red appearance. For some, swimming in red water makes them think of a shark attack. Since you are in a pool, however, there is no possibility of that.

#9 Harbour Plaza Hotel Pool

If you are going to be staying in Hong Kong, you should stay at the Harbour Plaza Hotel. The only way that you can take a swim in this amazing pool. It is a deluxe rooftop pool located on the 23rd floor of the hotel. It offers an amazing view of the Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline. If you want to enjoy the pool, even more, try swimming at night when the entire skyline is lit. up. It is a bit pricey to stay at the hotel, however, the pool makes it well worth it.

#10 The Aquaria Grande Residential With Balcony Pool

These pools are located in Mumbai, India. They are a series of balconies that go up over 27 stories, but each balcony is a transparent swimming pool. You can see the people swimming down below and it looks as though they are standing and breathing underwater. The hotel is still under construction, however, there are already several floors that are open for your swimming pleasure.

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