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10 Worst Places To Hide During A Zombie Apocalypse

#1 Anywhere In New Jersey

New Jersey would be a horrible place to hide during a zombie apocalypse because it is a very densely populated area. Everyone knows that is a virus were to cause people to become zombies that New York City would be the hardest hit area. To escape the city, New Yorkers would run to New Jersey. This would cause New Jersey to become over populated and then it will likely suffer the same fate as New York City.

#2 Sporting Goods Stores

Many people’s first instinct when a zombie apocalypse breaks out would be to go to a sporting goods store. These places are full of guns, crossbows, and plenty of other weapons that they need to protect themselves. Unfortunately, since so many other people will have the same idea, you will likely end up in a confrontation with a crazy person who is fighting to survive. In the end, you could end up getting killed by a living person with a gun rather than a zombie.

#3 Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are really fun if the world hasn’t come to an end, however, during a zombie apocalypse, these aren’t the best places to hide. There isn’t much shelter or places to hide in an amusement park. There are also plenty of places to get cornered by a zombie or a herd of zombies. You also don’t want to be at an amusement park right when the virus first breaks out because amusement parks are known to be the most germ infested areas you can be in.

#4 A Brain Museum

There are brain museums all around the world that are open to the public. There are thousands of actual brains that were once in human heads in these museums that are on display to show people the effects that certain psychological and physical conditions have on the brain. If zombies have a good sense of smell, a brain museum would be like a candy store for them. Just being around thousands of brains will drive zombies within a 10 mile radius, crazy.

#5 Hospitals

Of the 10 worst place to hide during zombie apocalypse, this is by far the worst. You may think that the hospital is the best place to go during a zombie apocalypse, but you would be wrong. First of all, patient 0 could have been a patient at the hospital and there could be zombies walking around everywhere. Next, before people try to get to remote areas to hide, they are going to need medical supplies just in case something were to happen. These people will likely head to the hospital armed. If you encounter one of these people, you could be in trouble. Finally, drug addicts will be more worried about getting their fix than saving themselves. This could lead to a deadly situation.

#6 On a Farm

Some people think that running to the nearest farmhouse is the best thing to do during a zombie apocalypse. There are some reasons that it is a good idea. Since there is a great deal of space on a farm, you would be able to see zombies coming. Also, you could live off the food in the garden. There are may reasons that it is a bad idea. The landscape around farms is all flat. This makes it very easy for herds of zombies to get to the house. Also, if the farm has livestock, zombies will be attracted to them After they feed on the animals, you would be next. Finally, people will start to get hungry after a while. If these people are armed and they want what you have on the farm, you could have serious human problems.

#7 Research Labs

Research labs are a place that many people will flock to when the world first comes to an end. People are going to think that the people in the labs are there working on a cure and they want the first dose when it happens. These places are always locked down and there are plenty of cameras around so they will know that you are coming. For all you know, it was the research lab that you arrive at that actually started the who thing in the first place. There could be a scientist inside who has gone crazy or everyone who worked there could already be zombies. You should definitely avoid research labs.

#8 Sewers

Sewers may sound like a good place to hide because you are underground, away from the zombies. In reality, these aren’t the best places to hide. Not only are they dirty and cramped, you could go crazy after a while without seeing the sun. Also, you would have no access to any food or clean water. Also, you would likely need to share your space with diseases rats. Finally, if zombies did make there way into the sewers, you wouldn’t have an easy way to escape.

#9 A Supermarket

A supermarket sounds like the perfect place to find because of all of the resources available. Since you won’t be the only one who had this idea, you will end up fighting with other groups for food and territory. There aren’t too many places to hide in a supermarket. Even if you build a banana wall like this man, you are still out in the open. Finally, there aren’t many exits in stores, so you could end up trapped with hundreds of zombies.

#10 The Subway

There are several reasons to avoid a subway. First, during the initial outbreak, millions of people will be flocking to the subway to get out of the city. This can turn the subway into the area that is the most highly populated by zombies. Next, subways are usually found in only big cities, which is were the problem will be the worst. Finally, when the subway breaks down and there are thousands of people trapped, a riot can ensure and you might not make it out alive.

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