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10 Worst Employees Ever

10 Worst Employees Ever

#1 The Teacher Who Gave a Sex Tape to Her Students

A 5th-grade teacher in California decided to create a DVD for her students and their families that contained special moments and memories of the school year. What she didn’t realize was that she also put her personal sex tape on the DVD. After one family watched it and saw her lewd act, they called her. She apologized to the family who saw the tape and asked that they call the other families hoping that they didn’t watch the DVD so that they could throw it away. When the school district heard about what happened, they began investigating the teacher.

#2 The Banker Watching Porn

A news station in Australia was doing a story at a bank about recent interest rates and inflation. Most people tuning in were not too interested until they looked at what was going on in the background, over the bank manager’s shoulder. There was a man sitting at a desk talking to another employee, and you had a clear shot of his computer screen, where he was watching porn. When asked about it in a later news report, the bank manager said that the employee’s internet use was being investigated.

#3 The TSA Agent Who Stole From Suitcases to Sell On eBay

Pythias Brown was working for the TSA at an airport in Newark, NJ where he started stealing from travelers’ suitcases. In total, he stole over $200,000 worth of merchandise. Part of his stolen goods included a $47,900 camera from the crew of HBO and a camcorder from a CNN employee. Eventually, one of his victim’s saw their merchandise on eBay, being sold by Brown. When the police searched his home, they found, 66 cameras, 3 laptops, and jewelry in his home. He was arrested.

#4 The Sales Rep Who Kept a Journal About Avoiding Work

A Sheraton Hotel sales rep named Emmalee Bauer hated her job. Rather than doing work, she shopped online, played games, and read message boards. She was so happy about being able to be paid for doing absolutely nothing that she created a journal about blowing off her work. She wrote 300 pages, single spaced, about how fun it was to blow off work and how she only worked there for the money and the access to the printer. When her boss figured out what she was doing, she was fired. A judge denied her request for unemployment benefits stating that she refused to do her work and she was amused that she got away with it.

#5 The Employee Who Crashed Her Boss’s Ferrari

A 23-year-old California woman was working when her boss left the office with his partner. The woman decided that it would be a great time to take his Ferrari for a joyride. She attempted to take the corner at an extremely high speed, and she lost control of the car and hit an embankment. She flipped the Ferrari but she was not injured. Her boss was irate and fired her immediately.

#6 The Cargo Worker Who Fell Asleep and Woke Up 200 Miles Away

Sidney Nurse, a JetBlue employee at JFK in New York was loading cargo into the plane when he decided to lay down for a minute to rest. He ended up falling asleep and the plane took off for Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. The 21-year-old employee woke up when the plane was in mid-flight. He used his cell phone to contact JetBlue officials during the 37-minute flight. He ended up flying 200 miles from home and had to arrange his transportation home because he was fired as soon as he got off the plane.

#7 The Employee Who Beat Himself Up to Get the Day OffA 23-year-old man named Steven Reid was working in Scotland as a hotel cleaner. He really wanted to take the day off from work so rather than calling and saying he was sick, he beat himself up. He used a razor to cut up his face and he hit himself in the head and body with a boulder He then went to the police to file a report to make his story look good. After being questioned, the police realized that he was lying and he was charged. He was also fired. He told the police that he should have just called his employer and told them he was sick. It would have been less trouble.

#8 The Daycare Employee Who Went Home With a Child Still Inside

A daycare employee in Dallas, Texas went home for the day, forgetting that there was still a 14-month-old girl still inside. When Ashley Hunter, the girl’s mother arrived to pick her up at 7pm, she could hear her crying from inside but could not get the gate open to get to her child. She immediately contacted the police, he got the child out. According to the staff at the daycare center, a communication problem was to blame for what happened.

#9 The Employee Who Trashed Her Boss on Facebook and They Were Facebook Friends

This is an example of the dumbest and the worst employees ever. A female employee was so sick of her boss one day that she decided to trash him and her job on Facebook. She said that he was a pervert and always asking her to do work. It turned out that not only was her boss gay, but he was also her friend on Facebook. When he saw the post, she was fired on Facebook when he commented on her status.

#10 The Employee Who Sends Her Days Playing Solitaire

Everyone has done it at least once, got bored at work and played a game of solitaire on their computer. The woman in this photo is a bit different, though. She isn’t playing when she is bored, she seems to be playing more when she is extremely busy. You can see people in line waiting for her to assist them, but she doesn’t seem to care. Her game seems to be more important.

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