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14-Year-Old Transformed The Interior Of A 1974 Camper For Only $200 And It Looks Incredible

Being a Kid

Being a kid means that you want to enjoy your free time. Hanging out with friends, going to the mall, playing video games, and having sleepovers are all things that kids and teenagers love to do. Ellie Yeater from West Virginia is a bit different. She spends her free time doing something that would really pay off in the long run.

Saving Money

Ellie had been saving her money for a long time. It was her dream to buy a camper so that she would have a place to call her own. She had her own room at home, but it just wasn’t the same. She wanted a place outside the house. She saved up $500 and was thrilled when she found a 1974 camper that was being sold for less than half of the money that she saved. This meant that she had a lot more money to redecorate. This 14-year-old transformed the interior of a 1974 camper for only $200 and it looks incredible.

Major Renovations

When Ellie bought the camper, her family saw a mess, and she saw potential. She knew that the camper needed work, but she had the extra money to pay for it due to the low cost. She knew that she could have found a more modern camper, but it would have cost her more money. This meant that she wouldn’t have had enough money to personalize the camper and make it her own. She was looking forward to fixing up the camper to make it exactly what she envisioned.

Getting Some Help

The renovations were going to be difficult, and some of the jobs were too much for Ellie to handle. She decided to call in her father and her grandfather to help. Although they did the construction work, Ellie was in charge the whole time. She made sure to oversee everything so that the camper would be her vision, not theirs. Ellie’s grandfather and her father had no problem following Ellie’s directions while they worked. They were just so proud that she set a goal, and she was working hard to reach it.

Ellie’s Mother

Ellie’s mother was just as proud of her daughter as Ellie’s father and grandfather were. She says that her daughter had always been an out-of-the-box thinker. She loves this about her daughter. She never wants her daughter to color inside the lines. The wants her to color the whole page. Ellie’s dreams are important to her mother, and she helps her reach them. Since her mother didn’t have much construction experience, she assisted in other ways. She was Ellie’s taxi service to the store to buy all of the accessories that she needed for the camper. Her mother says that she is a dedicated young lady who achieves everything she puts her mind to.

The Glamper

Ellie calls her camper, a glamper. She painted the inside pink and the outside white and pink. She wanted her camper to look elegant, so she replaced the wood with tiles. She covered the dingy walls with decorative wallpaper and added the perfect touches of paint in all the right places. The accessories and décor that she purchased for the camper made it beautiful and really unique. The camper is close enough to the house so that she is Wi-Fi range. She gets electricity in the camper using an extension cord coming from the house. She has everything a young girl could ever need.

Fielding Offers

When Ellie’s camper was complete, it looked amazing. After posting her photos on Facebook, the local news got wind of her story and did a story about her. When her camper was shown on the news, she received many offers from people who wanted to buy the camper. Because it was filled with all of her own personal touches, she didn’t want to sell.

A New Project

When Ellie realized how many people were interested in her camper, it gave her an idea. She was going to purchase another camper and work on it all summer. When it was done, she was going to sell it so that she could donate the proceeds to her friend’s cancer treatment fund.

Eli’s Glamper Raffle

Ellie got a second camper and she glammed it up the way that she did her first one. This time, she was going to sell raffle tickets. The winner would get the renovated camper, and the money would go to her friend, Eli, who was suffering from cancer.

The Raffle

Because of the attention that Ellie got from her first camper from The Rachel Ray Show and Reba’s Talkshow, she sold a lot of raffle tickets. In the end, she earned $13,169 for her friend’s cancer treatment. What Ellie did for her friend is amazing, and it all started with her first glamper.

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