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Hero Mailman Knows Something Is Wrong When He Sees Infant Alone


Everyone has something called intuition. It is a little voice in your head that tells you what you should do in certain situations. Some people trust that their intuition will guide them down the right path so that they can make the right decisions. Other try to avoid their intuition and make decisions that they feel would be the safest, even though their gut is telling them something completely different. Stephen Garofalo is a man who listens to his intuition, and it is a good thing that he does.

Mail Carrier

Stephen is a mail carrier in Wayne, New Jersey. He has been delivering mail on the same route for over 23-years. Over the years, he got to know the people on his route a bit. He knew the people who lived in their homes for years. He knew when a new family moved in and when a long time family moved out. He never got in the middle of these people’s lives, but if he saw someone outside, he would always trade pleasantries. He loved his job and took pride in what he did.

Ordinary Days

According to Stephen, his whole career as a mail carrier has been ordinary. He says that nothing unusual ever happened on his route. On occasion, he would stop and talk to people he knew on the route, but overall, each day was like the next. He walked his route, delivered the mail, and went home. All this changed in April 2019.

A Toddler

Stephen was out on his route on a typical spring morning. Most of the route when as planned, and he was getting his job done. He was almost done for the day, which was always a good feeling. When he walked to one of the last houses on his route, he saw a 2-year-old boy walking around the yard. He looked around and called out for the boy’s mother, but there were no adults in sight. The family had been living there for quite a while, and he had never seen the little boy outside alone before. His gut told him that there was something amiss. He decided to stick around to see what was going on.

The Little Boy

Stephen went over to the little boy first to see if he could tell him where his mother was. He wasn’t sure how effective this would be since the child was so young. Stephen went over to the boy and asked him where his mother was. The little boy looked up with him with sad eyes and pointed to the house. This made Stephen worry even more. The red flags were everywhere, so he decided to knock on the door.

Going Into the House

Stephen told the little boy to sit on the stairs, and he went up to the door. It was opened a bit, so he walked in. In the kitchen, he saw the little boy’s mother slumped over a baby stroller, unconscious. When he tried to revive her, she didn’t move, so he immediately called 911.


The woman’s name was Stephanie. It turned out that she had taken her new medication and had an adverse reaction to it. When the paramedics arrived, they rushed Stephanie to the hospital. Fortunately, they got her there on time and were able to save her life.

Feeling Thankful

Stephanie says that she will be thankful to Stephen for the rest of her life. When the local news heard about what happened, they interviewed Stephanie. She told the reporters that Stephen is an amazing guy in general. She says that people in the neighborhood don’t think of him as a postman; they think of him as a neighbor. She says that she thinks of him as a hero and a lifesaver. Had he not come along when he did, she knows that she wouldn’t be here today. She says that it is an incredible thing when someone saves your life.

Being Honored

Shortly after saving Stephanie, Stephen was recognized by the United States Postal Service for his action. He was given the Life-Saving Award, which is a tremendous honor. He says that he is thrilled about the honor, but knowing that Stephanie will be alright was honor enough.

Right Place, Right Time

Stephen says that he is just glad that he was in the right place at the right time. This hero mailman knows something is wrong when he sees infant alone and he acts fast. Listening to his gut and responding quickly saved the young mother’s life. When he sees Stephanie out on the route each day, she reminds him of how thankful she is for what he did for her that day.

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