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Most people want to keep their farts private. Farting in public is embarrassing. Humans aren’t the only creatures who fart. Animals and fish fart also. Scientists have done a lot of research on farts, and they even created a Twitter hashtag #DoesItFart. They have also created a Google spreadsheet of details containing the farting habits of over 60 animals. To most people, this sounds really crazy. If you want to know more about flatulence, here are 15 weird and interesting facts you never knew about farts.

The Word “Fart” Is one of the Oldest Words In the English Language

You may think that the word “fart” is a relatively new slang. This isn’t the case. It actually comes from the Middle English words, farten, feortan, and ferten, all of which don’t mean that same thing, but they have the same root word.

Chimpanzee Farts

Chimpanzees gas in the forest so loudly and so often that they can be located by scientists by following their gas. Their gas is the result of their diet. Chimpanzees who eat more fruit often have smellier farts than those who eat more leaves. According to Adriana Lowe, a researcher of biological anthropology, chimpanzees let out long farts that sound like the air being released from a balloon, which makes it easy for researchers to find them in the wild.

Father Christmas

A French inventor named Christian Poincheval created a pill called Father Christmas. It is designed to make your gas smell like chocolate rather than poop. He says that he was having dinner with friends one night and he had really bad gas. He says that his farts smelled so bad that it practically suffocated everyone around him. The experience was so embarrassing that he decided to create a pill to keep it from happening ever again. He created a pill using natural ingredients that make gas smell like chocolate. He called them Father Christmas, and he sells them online. They are actually a very popular item.

Why Do Farts Smell Worse In the Shower?

If you have ever noticed that your farts smell worse in the shower, you aren’t crazy. They actually do, and there a couple of reasons why. First, when you fart out of the shower, you have clothes on that trap the smell in a bit. In the shower, you have nothing on, and there is nothing to trap in the foul odor.
The second reason is that smells are intensified when it is warm. Since you take hot showers, the area around you is warm, and it strengthens the scent.

Underwear Pads

If you don’t like the idea of taking a pill to keep your gas from stinking, you can buy special pads for your underwear. The pads contain activated charcoal and other compositions that can keep your gas from stinking. If you wear one of these pads, you won’t ever have to worry about being embarrassed after farting again. They even come in different designs to fit boxer shorts, briefs, panties, and even pantyhose.

Cow Farts Are Harmful to the Environment

Cow burps and farts are very harmful to the environment. Their farts and burps contain a high percentage of methane gas, which is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Every year, each cow in the world releases 200 to 400 pounds of methane gas through their farts. To protect the environment, a French company called SAS has been encouraging farmers to feed their cows alfalfa and flaxseed to reduce the release of methane gas by up to 25 percent. Researchers believe that cows are the source of 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. By adequately changing their cows’ diets, farmers can help to protect the environment.

Skatole and Indole

The reason that farts and poop smell so bad is that they contain the chemical compounds, skatole, and indole. The United States and Israel use skatole in crowd control sprays. If a person is sprayed with the compound, the smell will stay on the skin for three days. These compounds occur naturally in the human body. This is what makes gas and poop smell so bad, but fortunately, it isn’t like the sprays that are used. Once a person farts, it doesn’t take days to dissipate, it takes just seconds. In very low concentrations, these chemical compounds have the opposite effect, and they can smell like flowers, such as orange blossoms. These low concentrations are often used in perfumes. Unfortunately, when we fart, the concentration is much higher.

$50,000 a Year To Smell Farts

Can you imagine being forced to smell farts all day long? In China, there are people who have signed up to be professional fart smellers, and they are paid $50,000 a year. Chinese medical professionals believe that when a person smarts, it can have many smells such as sweet, bitter, savory, fishy, and may others. Doctors believe that the people who are paid to smell gas can detect these undertones, which helps them identify certain diseases. To be a professional fart smeller, you must be between the ages of 18 and 45. You cannot have any type of nasal impairment or disease, and you must refrain from all smoking and alcohol. It makes you wonder what kind of person would want to do this for a living.

The Composition Of Our Farts Are Unique

According to scientists, the bacterial composition of a fart is unique to the individual, just like your fingerprints. This is why people aren’t bothered by the smell of their own gas, but they really are bothered by the smell of other people’s farts. When you fart, your nose recognizes your own scent. It can also recognize that the smell didn’t come from you. This is why people get disgusted when they smell someone’s fart, but they think that it is hilarious when they fart, and others get disgusted.

Farting On a Plane

Scientists believe that holding in your gas is bad for your body, but it can affect the pilot’s ability to control the plane. According to a study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, high-altitude air pressure dramatically adds to the buildup of gas in our bodies. Because the gas that you release can make it difficult for the pilot to control the plane, airlines use flatulence-absorbing blankets and seats. This will allow a person to let one rip without worrying about causing an incident in the air.

Farts Coming From the Vagina

This one is really disgusting, but we are going to talk about it anyway. After a woman has sex, or after vigorous exercise, a far can be expelled from her vagina. It is called vaginal flatulence. These gases are odorless because they don’t contain waste gasses the way that a typical fart does. If a woman does notice a foul smell after this type of fart, she should consult a specialist. She could have a serious medical condition called colovaginal fistula.

Lasting Relationships

According to studies, couples who fart in front of one another are more likely to have a lasting relationship. These couples have no hidden inhibitions, which is essential for a lasting relationship. According to Leah Decesare, the author of the book, Naked Parenting, trust, and sincerity are the pillars of a lasting relationship. This includes farting in front of your partner. If you are willing to let one rip in front of your partner, you should start planning the wedding.

The Farting Club

In the 18th century, a Farting Club was founded in Cripplegate, London, where members would compete against one another to see who could produce the loudest and the longest fart. They would meet once a week, and out-farting one another was what happened during every meeting.

A Cure For the Bubonic Plague

The Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Death, was the most feared disease in the Middle Ages. Back then, doctors believed that it was caused by deadly vapors. To cure the disease, they thought that the vapors that come from a gas could kill the vapor that caused the disease. To keep from getting sick, people would fart in jars and put the covers on. If a person in their neighborhood came down with the Bubonic Plague, they would take a whiff from their jars. As it turned out, this wasn’t a way to cure the plague, which is probably why so many people died during that time.

Fart Jokes

People have bee telling jokes about farts for years. In fact, gas jokes date back to 1900 BC. The world’s oldest gas joke is a Sumerian quip about a woman farting in her husband’s lap. The joke goes, “Something which has never occurred since time immemorial: a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.” Today, gas jokes are more clever, but if you tell one, you should know that you certainly aren’t the first one to ever tell one of these jokes.

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