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30 US Cities With The Worst Reputations (Los Angeles Is Arguably The Worst)


There are some cities with horrible reputations. The people who live in these cities are loyal, but people who don’t would never consider moving there. Here are the 30 US cities with the worst reputations (Los Angeles is arguably the worst).

Oso, Washington

Oso is a small town just north of Seattle. In 2014, the town made headlines after a massive mudslide killed 43 residents. According to geological surveys by experts, it was already known that the town was prone to mudslides. There may not be a lot of crime and violence in the area, but it is still easy to get killed there.

Farmington, New Mexico

Of all the cities in the US, Farmington experienced the most significant population loss over the last six years. Between 2010 and 2015, over 8.76 percent of the people moved. After a massive chemical spill at the nearby Halliburton facility in 2006, many people left. Things didn’t get any better after multiple civil rights investigations took place.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit experienced the second-largest population decline over the last century. Since the 1950 census, the city has lost 63.9 percent of its population. As these people left, the city lost it’s tax base and had to declare bankruptcy. As a result, there are abandoned and dilapidated houses all over the city. Seeing the city in such ruins have scared off potential residents.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis has many good points. There is the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Zoo, and Union Station. Unfortunately, there are certain things that have destroyed the city’s reputation. St. Louis has the most plastic surgeons, obesity, and violence per capita, than any other U.S. city. Sadly, the bad things negate the good.

Reno, Nevada

Over the years, Reno has been on a decline because tourists prefer Las Vegas or the Indian Casinos in California. Reno can’t compete with Las Vegas, so it has been trying to reinvent itself. Since there is still bad publicity from celebrities like Amy Schumer, it still has a bad rep. Things in the city are improving, but it has a long way to go.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s most significant issue is the unemployment rate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate was 6.5 percent in January 2017. By 2019, that number had dropped to 5.1 percent, but it is still pretty high. These statistics have kept people from wanting to visit Cleveland.

Camden, New Jersey

There was a time when Camden was a major manufacturing hub, but today, it is one of the most dangerous cities in America. In 2012, the crime rate was 6.6 times higher than the national average. In 2019, the crime rate dropped by 19.5 percent for violent offenses and 16.9 for non-violent offenses. While this sounds good, the crime rate there is still 225 percent higher than the national average.

Memphis, Tennessee

There are some good things about Memphis. There is the Memphis Zoo, the museums, and Graceland. Despite these great places, the crime rate is very high. According to an FBI report, the crime rate is 1,142 per 100,000 people. This is 209 percent higher than the national average. Many people who have been living in Memphis for decades are leaving because they don’t feel safe anymore.

Stockton, California

Stockton has been trying to climb out of debt to boost the economy, but the crime rate is making this impossible. The FBI has reported that there are 795 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. This is 115 percent higher than the national average. Due to a lack of funding, there has been a cutback in the police force, which hasn’t helped the crime rate at all.

New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven has a lot going for it. It is home to Yale University, the headquarters of the Knights Of Columbus, and it is where President George Bush was born. The city is considered a part of the greater New York metropolitan area. Unfortunately, it is a very dangerous city. The crime rate has kept people from moving there.

Flint, Michigan

Flint was once a booming industrial town. Unfortunately, the water supply is poison. Cost-cutting measures caused the water to be polluted, and the city is in a state of emergency. It is not a safe place, and people are leaving the city looking for a place to live with a safer water supply.

Oakland, California

Crime has been a serious issue in Oakland since the ’60s. The police force has dwindled over the years, and the poor relationship between the citizens and law enforcement hasn’t helped. According to Forbes, Oakland ranks first in nationwide violent robberies. During the first six months of 2019, there were 103 murders. If you want to live in a safe place, don’t move to Oakland.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a great city full of history, but it is a dangerous place to live. In 2016, there were 762 homicides, which was the highest rate in 19 years. This statistic, combined with the drug and gang activity, makes Chicago a dangerous place to live. They have been trying to clean things up, but they still have a long way to go.

Modesto, California

Modesto was once a great city, but sadly, things have changed. Between the foreclosures, the high unemployment rates, and the street gangs, it is a very dangerous place to live. According to an FBI report, there are 576 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. This is 56 percent higher than the national average.

Hartford, California

Hartford is full of history, but it has a history of being unsafe. The downtown area is relatively safe, but tourists are advised against visiting the North End. Most people believe it is not worth visiting at all.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville has a bad reputation, thanks to the northwest quadrant and Arlington Expressway. These are the areas where gang-on-gang violence is a significant concern. The crime rate in Jacksonville is 22 percent higher than the national average.

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson’s unemployment rate is higher than anywhere else in the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate was 5.3 percent as of July 2019. Also, Jackson’s poverty rate is the lowest in the state. The US Census reports that 28.9 percent of the residents live in Poverty. There are often boil water alerts because the water isn’t safe. This has driven away many citizens who have lived in Jackson for most of their lives.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a major hub for human trafficking. Underage trafficking is so serious that training sessions are being held to teach people to protect themselves. Since 1994, over 2,229 victims have been recovered. Sadly, this pales in comparison to the number of people that go missing every year. According to the police, around 400 children are picked off the street every year. The US Justice Department has named Las Vegas among the 17 most likely destinations for human trafficking.

Steubenville, Ohio

Like many towns in the Midwest, Steubenville has seen a decline in population since 1940. According to the US Census Bureau, the area has lost 52 percent of its residents since then. When you combine this with the political corruption, a national headlining high school rape case, and a corrupt police force, this is a horrible place to live.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

People keep leaving Johnstown. According to the US Census, within six years, over 6 percent of the residents left for job opportunities elsewhere. Nobody wants to live there anymore.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore’s population has been on the decline since the ’60s. Over the last five years, more people are moving to the suburbs. Between the population decline and the race relations issue with the police force, it just isn’t a great place to live.

Albany, Georgia

According to the US Census Bureau, the poverty rate in Albany is 33.2 percent. The poverty level for the entire state as a whole is 14.3 percent. Since 2010, nearly 3 percent of the population has moved away looking for better-paying jobs.

Homestead, Florida

Nearly 27.1 percent of the population of Homestead lives below the poverty line. Poverty affects mostly Hispanic residents, who make up most of the city’s population.

Texarkana, Texas

This town lies between Arkansas and Texas. The town’s paper mill makes the whole town smell awful. To make things worse, five people were murdered in a span of three months, which became the inspiration for the movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma has the highest unemployment rate of any city in Washington. It is also considered the most dangerous. In 2016, there were 947 violent crimes per 100,000 people. There are plenty of reasons to stay out of Tacoma altogether.

Tucson, Arizona

There are plenty of things to hate about Tucson. First, it is the most dangerous city in Arizona, with 801 violent crimes being committed every year. The poverty level is also exceptionally high. Almost a quarter of the residents live below the poverty level.

Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie has a poverty rate that is almost double the national average. Not only is the poverty level high, but the housing costs are also incredibly high. The combination of these two things has made it a place where nobody wants to live.

Mobile, Alabama

The poverty rate in Mobile is incredibly high, at 22.4 percent. This is due to the high unemployment rate of 4.9 percent. The people of Mobile are struggling, and it is no longer the great Southern city that it once was.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock is one of the most dangerous cities in the US. According to FBI Statistics, in 2016, there were 1,533 violent crimes per 100,000 people. This is double the state and national average. There is also a higher risk of natural disasters such as tornadoes. There is a lot to be afraid of in Little Rock.

Aurora, Colorado

Aurora is one of the most dangerous places in the US to live. The crime rate is 84 percent higher than in the rest of the state. Many natives of Colorado refuse to even drive through the city. While the crime rate has dropped a bit, it hasn’t helped the city’s reputation one bit.

Bonus 1: Rockford, Illinois
Rockford’s economy has been struggling for a while now. This has resulted in a weak job market, with an unemployment rate of 6.6 percent. Rockford is also a dangerous place to live. There are 1,658 violent crimes in Rockford for every 100,000 people, making it a city with one of the highest crime rates in history.

Bonus 2: Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield has the highest poverty and crime rates in Massachusetts. According to the US Census Bureau, one in four residents live in poverty. The crime is also a growing issue. In 2016, the FBI reported 1,031 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

Bonus 3: Anchorage, Alaska
Of all the cities in Alaska, Anchorage has the highest crime rate. According to FBI Statistics, there are 1,114 violent crimes for every 100,000 people. It has also become increasingly difficult for residents to find jobs, resulting in a high unemployment rate.

Bonus 4: Shreveport, Louisiana
According to the US Bureau of Labor, the unemployment rate of Shreveport is 5.2 percent, which makes it the most unemployed city in the state. This has resulted in a high poverty rate of 25.7 percent. This city was once thriving, and now it is dwindling.

Bonus 5: Louisville, Kentucky
Of all the cities in Kentucky, Louisville is the most dangerous. According to FBI reports, there are 750 violent crimes for every 100,000 people. This is more than triple the state average. Louisville also has the highest unemployment rate in the state, resulting in a poverty level of 163.7 percent. This is a trifecta that has caused residents to flee the city that had been their home for years.

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