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19 Jaw-Dropping Secrets About ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor

Twice a year over 50 men and women compete to find true love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Only two of them go home together happy, but the journey is filled with drama, betrayal, and dramatic confrontations. If you are a fan of The Bachelor, you might think that you are an expert on the show. Here are 19 jaw-dropping secrets about ‘The Bachelor’ that will blow your mind.

The Bachelor Has Only Known Their Future Spouse for 72-Hours

A full season of The Bachelor goes on for months; however, filming doesn’t take nearly that long. The show films for only about six weeks. During this time, the lead spends time with all of the women. In the end, he spends just 72 hours with his future spouse.

The Final Four are Pr-Decided

The Bachelorette winner, Jesse Csincsak revealed how the lead contestant chooses their final four. The producers set the whole thing up, and they tell the lead to pick the four people they would like to get to know best.

The Bathroom-To-Person Ratio is Insane

Each year, there are 25 contestants fighting for the love of the lead. They move into a mansion together, but they don’t have many bathrooms. The 25 contestants need to share four bathrooms. This averages out to six people per bathroom.

The Loser Is Not Allowed To Leave

The show’s runner up is told that they have not been chosen, they are often very distraught. The show’s producers require them to sit down with the on-set psychologist to talk. After this conversation, they aren’t allowed to go home. The show worries that people will figure out who was chosen before it airs, so they are forced to remain on set for three days after being dumped. This means that they have to interact with the person who just dumped them on national TV. Harsh!

The Contestants Are Totally Unplugged

To keep the contestants from leaking information and to keep the drama going, they are not allowed access to phones, TV, music, or the internet while filming. Without access to these things, the contestants need to find creative ways to pass the time. Some activities include playing I Spy, Freeze Tag, and Hide the Whipped Cream.

The One-On-One Dinners Are Fake

These dinners are memorable, but there is never any romance, and there is always crying. This is because the dinners are fake. The producers don’t want to pick up chewing noises, and they think that people look unattractive when they eat. This is why the contestants aren’t allowed to eat any of the delicious-looking food on these dinner dates.

The Lead Has a Secret Hideout

Viewers believe that the lead lives in the house with the contestants, but they don’t. The producers put them in their own separate residence close by so that the contestants don’t try to sneak to their room to get a leg up on the competition.

Contestants Lose Their Day Jobs

Contestants are forced to quit their day jobs, and they don’t make any money for being on the show. This is a risk that doesn’t pay off for everyone. In the end, the sacrifice is only worth it for the winner. Even if a contestant’s employer is willing to hold their job, becoming famous makes it impossible to go back. Some people are fired for their antics on the show.

The Driveway Glistens For a Not So Glamorous Reason

On the first episode of every season, the lead stands on a driveway, waiting to meet each contestant. You may have noticed that the driveways always glistens, but it isn’t paved with diamonds. It is just water, and the production team hoses it down an hour before the contestants arrive.

Contestants Can Bow Out Before Episode One

When the contestants are chosen, they are allowed to bow out after finding out who the lead will be. This seldom happens because people want to be on TV.

The Application Process Is Crazy

Potential contestants are asked very personal questions and must submit to a psychological test. The producers use the information that they gather to create more drama. For example, if a contestant has a personality to go overboard with alcohol, the contestant will be encouraged to drink. Anything for ratings.

Eat Anything

Contestants need to stay fit during the competition, but the producers make it impossible. The contestants are allowed to order anything they want. They expect the contestants to have some self-control.

The Producers Intentionally Keep Problem Contestants Around

You might wonder why the lead is keeping a horrible person around. It actually isn’t up to them. The producers will encourage them to keep a rude and obnoxious contestant around for ratings.

There is a Set Period Between Overnight Dates

The show makes it look like the lead is hooking up like crazy when they film the Fantasy Suites portion of the show. In reality, this isn’t the case. The lead is given a two-day break before each visit to the Fantasy Suite.

The Ring

When the lead finally makes their decision, they propose with a Neil Lane engagement ring. This doesn’t mean that it is theirs forever. If the couple doesn’t make it past the two-year mark, they need to return the ring.

the Important Conversations Take Place off Camera

The producers have too much footage to put on television, and they only use the juiciest stuff. This means that viewers do not see plenty of footage, and a lot of the crucial conversations are never seen. Most of the footage that is taken out is conversations between the lead and the people who they aren’t going to choose.

Choosing Outfits Is a Nightmare

Female contestants feel pressure to look great, but they are forced to wear their own clothes. Only the lead is allowed to have a stylist on set. The final two contestants are the only ones who are given fabulous outfits to wear. What is even worse is that they can only bring two suitcases.

Producers Censor Everyone

The producers don’t always encourage contestants to fight, and they don’t force the lead to choose a particular person, but they don’t allow the cast to say the word, process. They prefer that the cast uses the word, journey.

The Bachelor Mansion Is Someone’s House

When the Bachelor Mansion isn’t filled with contestants, it has another purpose. During the rest of the year, this Agoura Hills, California house is home to a couple and their four children.

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