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McDonald’s Trip Takes A Turn As Man’s Usual Order Sends Him Straight To The Hospital


When people order food from McDonald’s, they don’t do it looking for a healthy meal. Most people order McDonald’s because they are looking for a quick, convenient meal, or because they want to splurge on something that tastes great. Even though we don’t expect our food to be healthy and low in calories, we also don’t expect to be fighting for our lives after finishing a meal. This is something that Trevor Walker never expected.

The Walker’s Visit to McDonald’s

Trevor Walker is from Riverton, Utah. One evening he, his wife, Rachaelle, and their three children were out running errands. It was getting late, and Trevor was tired, so he didn’t feel like going home to make dinner. He was just too tired. The Riverton McDonald’s was on their way home, so he decided McDonald’s Trip to get something to eat. He knew that his children loved McDonald’s, so for them, it would be a real treat.

Ordering In the Drive-Thru

Trevor decided a McDonald’s Trip for his family in the drive-thru because it was the fastest, easiest way to get their dinner and hurry home. His wife had a salon in the basement, and she had a client coming in, so Trevor wanted to get home quickly. He ordered Happy Meals for each of his children, and he and Rachelle got chicken sandwiches and Diet Cokes. They waited a few minutes for their food and then headed home.

Sipping His Soda

On the way home, Trevor took a sip of his soda from his McDonald’s Trip. Within a few minutes, he felt weird. At first, he assumed it was because he hadn’t eaten in hours. When he pulled up in the driveway, he and his family headed into the house. The kids sat down at the table to eat their food, and Rachelle put her food away so that she could give her client a haircut. Trevor took his food to the computer to answer some emails, and he started feeling worse. It wasn’t until he couldn’t type the correct letters that he realized that there was something seriously wrong. He knew that he couldn’t make it down to the basement to get his wife, so he sent her a text message.

The Text

He was trying to text his wife, and the letters on the screen became blurry. He felt as though he was having an anxiety attack, and sending the text to his wife was difficult. And he managed to type the text, and it read, “I have sensation in my arms, and everything is moving slowly. I’m feeling scared. I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared I’m trying to calm. I need you.”


When Rachelle saw the text, she immediately panicked and ran upstairs to check on her husband. When she got to the top of the stairs, she saw him on lying on the living room floor, unconscious. He was unconscious for close to a minute before she was able to wake him up. She called the neighbor and asked if they could watch the kids while she rushed Trevor to the hospital for tests.


When Trevor got to the hospital, one of the first tests that they performed was a urinalysis. They wanted to see if there were any foreign chemicals in his body. Rachelle was worried that it could have been something in the food, so she called her neighbor at her home. She asked her neighbor to stop her children from eating and to bring all of the food and the drinks to the hospital for testing.

Inspecting the Food

When the neighbor showed up with the food and drinks, Rachelle looked at the food. The sandwiches and the fries looked normal. It wasn’t until she took the top off the Diet Cokes that she found something amiss. There was a white film over the top of the soda that Trevor was drinking. When she discovered this, she alerted the doctors. At the same time, they got Trevor’s test results back. They found traces of buprenorphine in his system, which is a drug that is used to wean people off heroin. The drug reacted with a medication that Trevor was already taking. When the doctors saw Trevor’s soda, they knew that there was something wrong.

State Crime Lab

There was only a white substance in Trevor’s cup, which led the police to believe that it was slipped in the cup right before he took the cup at the drive-thru. The police sent the container to the Utah State Crime Lab, and the tests confirmed that there was buprenorphine in the soda. The police went to McDonald’s and asked for the security footage for that day. When they got the footage, the police discovered that it was for the previous day. The restaurant manager told the police that somehow, the footage from the day Trevor placed his order was gone. The police knew that something was going on.


The police began investigating the employees who were working that day, and they found one employee’s social media. It contained references to the drug that was found in Trevor’s system and also posts disrespecting customers. The biggest red flag was that the employee in question was the brother of the manager of the McDonald’s. This gave them an idea of how the footage disappeared. After the two siblings were interrogated, the police didn’t have enough evidence to make an arrest. With no other recourse, Trevor sued McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Wire Coca-Cola, who was the local distributor. The case is still pending. McDonald’s trip takes a turn as man’s usual order sends him straight to the hospital. Trevor says that he will never trust fast food again.

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