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20 Common Careers That Will Soon Become A Distant Memory

Job Security

There are plenty of careers where you will always have job security. However, with technology getting more and more advanced every day, there are certain jobs that will one day be extinct. Here are 20 common careers that will soon become a distant memory.

Fast Food Workers

Fast-food workers will soon be a thing of the past. With the minimum wage increase, and more people adopting healthier diets, these jobs are diminishing. There are already many fast-food restaurants who have done away with counter workers, and they have been replaced with ordering kiosks.


Phone operators are helpful in big companies; however, with computers becoming more advanced, they are gradually replacing call centers. Soon, over 21,000 operators will be unemployed.

Steel Workers

China and Japan are starting to outpace the U.S. as the top producer of steel. Also, thanks to industrial automation, people will no longer be needed for steel production. It won’t be long before steelworkers are trying to find new careers.


Thanks to self-checkout stations, cashiers are becoming obsolete. Most supermarkets and department stores have self-checkout lines, and many are doing away with human cashiers altogether.

Photo Processors

Thanks to color printers and home computers, the days of having your photos printed at a photo mat are gone. Soon, you won’t be able to find a company that prints out photos; you will be able to do it at home.

Bank Tellers

Since the invention of the ATM, the amount of traffic in the banks have decreased. It is estimated that over the next eight years, over 5,200 bank tellers will have been replaced thanks to the ATM.

Meter Maids

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), within the next ten years, meter maids will no longer be necessary. Smart technology allows drivers to add time to their meters from their phones; therefore, there will be no cars to ticket.

Seamstress As Common Career

When you lose a button or tear a dress, you go to a seamstress. Today, with the increased popularity of automated clothing factories and do-it-yourself sewing machines, soon, seamstresses will become obsolete.

Unite States Postal Workers

When email invented, postal workers took a hit. Now, with delivery services such as Amazon, FedEx, and UPS, nearly 65,000 postal jobs are expected to disappear by 2026.

Computer Programmers

With more and more things becoming computerized, you would think that computer programmers have job security. This is not the case. Many companies are outsourcing and hiring remote foreign programmers. This will result in 21,000 domestic programmers losing their jobs.

Assembly Line Workers

Thanks to factory automation and outsourcing, assembly line workers are going to lose their jobs. Over the next several years, you can expect about 145,000 American workers to become unemployed.

C-Suite Executives

Those in a CEO, CFO, or other C-Suite positions could find themselves looking for a new job soon. Many companies today are combining the C-suite jobs, which will leave 12,100 bigwigs taking a significant pay cut or losing their job.

Corrections Officers

According to the BLS, criminal incarceration is at its lowest since 1996. It is estimated that this will result in 34,500 officers being laid off.

15 Pre-Press Technicians

Sadly, print is dead. Most publications have gone digital; therefore, by 2026, over 6,900 pre-press technicians will be unemployed.

Respiratory Therapy Technicians

Today, respiratory therapists are becoming more hands-on, which means that there is no need for respiratory therapy technicians. By 2026, most techs will be looking for new careers.

Executive Assistants

More and more company executives today are doing more things for themselves. This means that they aren’t going to need an assistant. By 2026, it is estimated that 321,000 executive assistants will be out of a job.

Locomotive Firers

Today, riding a steam-powered train is a novelty, which makes firers unnecessary. Soon, the 1,200 firers in the United States will no longer have a job.

Airplane Assemblymen

Thanks to the highly advanced machinery which can assemble planes, the people who work putting planes together will be out of a job. Within the next ten years, 41,800 workers will be looking for new careers.

Data Entry Keyers As Common Career

Thanks to technology, data entry keyers who verify data and handle delivery prep won’t have jobs. The BLS over 43,200 jobs will be eliminated thanks to supercomputers that can do it all.

Mine Shuttle Are Operators

With the world moving toward cleaner forms of energy, fuel sources like coal not used as often. It is the shuttle car operators who will take the biggest hit, and most will vanish within the next decade.

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