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The Absolute Dumbest Trends Of 2018

Trends are something that everything thinks is cool at the time, but later, you wonder why you ever thought it was cool. It seems like every year, there is something that is incredibly popular, but within a few months, the popularity has died down, and you are left with something useless and nonsensical. Here is a list of the absolute dumbest trends of 2018.

Raw Water

In 2018, many people decided that they no longer wanted to drink clean water. Even though people die all the time because they don’t have access to clean water, hippies and other eccentrics decided in 2018 that they would rather spend $60 on a gallon of raw or live water to drink. The fact that they could get violently ill didn’t seem to bother them.

Rainbow Teeth

Some people thought that white teeth were overrated in 2018. This is what brought on the rainbow teeth trend. People were painting their teeth different colors, which is more weird than attractive.

Activated Charcoal

2018 was the year that you started seeing activated charcoal in toothpaste, face masks, and even lemonade. It was supposed to be a new health trend, even though there is very little scientific evidence to back it up. People were going as far as to spend $9 on drinks that contained activated charcoal. Crazy!

Eating Tide Pods

Tide pods look like candy, so eating them started as a joke. Soon, people were eating them for real. Things got so serious that people were locking up Tide Pods in glass counters in stores and the New England Patriot’s player, Rob Gronkowski had to make a PSA telling teens not to eat Tide Pods. What is wrong with people?

Avocado Proposals

Millennials love their avocados, and in 2018, they were making them part of their proposals. They would remove the pit and replace it with the ring, and assumed that it was the most romantic marriage proposal ever.

Broccoli Coffee

Rather than blending coffee beans, 2018 had people drinking broccoli coffee. People also add sprouted or powdered broccoli to their morning latte. Disgusting!

False Lower Lashes

False lashes have been popular for years. In 2018, people were still using their false upper lashes, but they also started putting them on the lower lashes as well. This is a bit much.

Savory Ice Cream

Ice cream is great, but hipster stores have taken things too far regarding ice cream. In these stores, you can buy vanilla ice cream with a ham or bacon flavor. Mayonnaise infused ice cream is also popular. This is an abomination.

Pickle Deserts

2018 was the year of the pickle. People were putting them in pizza, baking the flavor in chips, and making pasta salads with them. Sonic even started serving pickle slushies and pickle ice cream. This is taking the pickle crazy a bit too far.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul started 2018 with a controversial stunt in Japan that got him slapped by YouTube’s ad companies. He ended the year by sending his ex a replica of his penis when she dumped him. Hopefully, we won’t see too much of him during 2019.


You can barely drink a freakshake because of everything that is added to it. They are topped with sauces other desserts, and they can increase your value on Instagram.


Crossushi is a nasty trend that combines sushi and croissants.

Sour Brews

These sour brews are worse than the IPAs and are popular mainly with hipsters.

Tiny Sunglasses

This 90s trend came back in 2018 thanks to Kendall and Kylie Jenner and their friends. What is the point of sunglasses if they don’t block out the sun?


Thanks to the guys in Silicon Valley, people thought that cryptocurrency was the new great thing. This is a bad idea right now since many people cannot afford rent.

Glittery Food

When edible glitter was introduced, people went wild. First, it was used in desserts, which made them look pretty. When people started putting it in their macaroni and cheese and on their pizza, things had gone a bit too far.

Gender Reveal Parties

In 2018, people were no longer announcing the sex of their babies on social media. They were having gender reveal parties, where everyone, including the parents, were surprised.

Fanny Packs

People cheered when fanny packs went out of style. In 2018, they came back, and it has been a terrible time.

Flower Vase Hair

We have seen some crazy hairstyles over the years, but now that people are wearing flower vase hairstyles, enough is enough.

21 Macarons

These are French desserts invented by hipsters who thought that it would be a good idea to add sugar syrup and herbs to cupcakes. Weird!

Syringes In Food

People are putting syringes in their desserts to make them look more interesting, but it is really just creepy.

Holographic Everything

2018 started with holographic nails. By the end of the year, we saw holographic belts, purses, shoes, and other accessories.

Ripped Denim

Ripped denim was in during 2018. Not just small rips, but full-on knee exposure.


Tracksuits were not just for the elderly in 2018. They are back, which might not be a good thing.

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