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20 Things That Movies Get Totally Wrong About Women

Women In Movies

Most movies, whether it is a horror movie, action, comedy, or drama, there is almost always a female lead. These roles are essential for the story, yet in many cases, the writers get women all wrong. Here are 20 things that movies get totally wrong about women.

The Heroines Aren’t Always Gorgeous

In the movies, it is usually drop dead gorgeous women who are cast as the heroine in films. While it is great to look at a beautiful woman, the part doesn’t always call for one. For example, in the film adaptation of the book Mortal Engines‘, Hester Shaw is described as having physical flaws such as a deep facial scar and having only one eye. In the film, she barely has a scar that doesn’t diminish her beauty, and she has two eyes. The leading lady doesn’t always need to be beautiful.

Women Can’t Drive In Movies

This fact was wrong more in the older movies, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and not so much in movies today. Even Letty from the Fast and Furious franchise often makes fun of other women drivers because they are nowhere as skilled as her.

Women Roll Out of Bed Looking Flawless

This is something that they get wrong in television and movies. Women don’t wake up from a good night’s sleep looking flawless with hair and makeup done. It is even more annoying when they have a woman step out of the shower in full makeup. It just isn’t realistic. Women wake up with eye gunk and bed head. It doesn’t fail.

Women Lose Their Mind When They Lose Their Man

There are plenty of movies where the woman loses her man, then loses her mind. Take Fatal Attraction, for example. After a one night stand with a guy, Glenn Close’s character boils the family pet bunny. While losing a guy hurts, it isn’t going to send a woman over the edge every time. No man is worth a woman’s sanity or freedom.

Women Only Talk About Men In Movies

There are plenty of movies where most of the scenes between women have them talking about men. There are other things for women to talk about other than men. They do have interests and lives of their own that don’t revolve around their male counterparts. Someone should tell these male writers that it isn’t all about them.

Every Woman Wants To Be a Mother

Not every woman’s womb aches for a baby. In the movies, women always want babies. Those who don’t want to be a mother at the beginning of the movie often end up wanting a family by the time the credits roll. This is just unrealistic. There are plenty of women out there who don’t want to be mothers.

Unequal Attractiveness Doesn’t Work Both Ways

It is funny when you see an unattractive man with a gorgeous woman, like Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes. It isn’t too often that you see a really ugly girl with a handsome man in movies. Why is that?

Women Get Hysterical In Movies

In most movies where a female gets scared, she becomes hysterical. Jaws 2, Scream, and I Know What You Did Last Summer name just a few. When a man is about to meet his maker in the most horrible way, he goes out with dignity. Women don’t always get hysterical, and they can go down fighting too.

Childbirth Is Easy In Movies

When you see a woman give birth in the movies, you would think that she was getting her teeth cleaned. Childbirth is a lot worse than they make it seem in the movies. It gives future mothers the wrong idea of what to expect.

Slim Women Are Considered Fat

The media deserves much of the blame for the body image issues that women have today. Take The Devil Wears Prada, for instance. Anne Hathaway’s character is a size six, and they call her fat. This isn’t good for anyone’s self-image.

Women Don’t Take Normal Showers

No woman takes a shower the way they do in the movies. The women in movies don’t focus on washing up and getting clean. The whole point of the shower scene is for the woman to look sexy. This just isn’t realistic.

They Always Look Perfect, Even After A Battle

Women always look their best in the movies. Even after a knock-down drag-out brawl, their hair and makeup always look perfect. If the woman is injured in the fight, it is so minor that you can barely see a cut or bruise. They just don’t make hairspray that strong.

They Care Too Much About Their Nails

Many women hate to mess up a fresh manicure. In the movies, women care more about their nails than they do their own safety. It isn’t realistic, and it is pretty vain.

Step Mothers Are All Wicked

In the movies, the stepmother is always wicked. This is the case in almost every fairy tale. It is also true in movies like The Parent Trap. In the real world, stepmothers get along great with their stepchildren, and they treat them as if they were their own.

Younger Women/Older Men

It isn’t uncommon to see younger women with much older men in the movies. The opposite is rarely ever seen unless the movie is about an older woman and a younger man. In real life, plenty of couples where the woman is older.

It’s Easy To Fight In Skimpy Outfits

Most women fight scenes have the women fighting in skimpy outfits. Take Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Her clothes were skin tight, yet she was still able to kick butt. Women also fight in skimpy clothes without one wardrobe malfunction. This is just not realistic.

Mothers Are Often Forgotten

This one is true with many Disney movies. Pocahontas, Aladdin’s Jasmine, Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, Little Mermaid’s Ariel, and Snow White are all motherless, and it is never really mentioned in the movies. Mothers are a huge part of a girl’s life, so it makes no sense that being motherless is not an issue.

High Heels Are Practical Footwear For a Chase

Women in movies are always wearing high heels, and they always seem to get away when being chased. Claire from Jurassic World manages to outrun a T-Rex in 7-inch heels. That’s not at all realistic.

Women Don’t Have Body Hair

You will never see a woman in the movies with unshaven armpits and legs. Even in Wonder Woman, where it is all women, and there are no social pressures, everyone is cleanly shaven. How does that happen?

Women Don’t Mind Stalkers

In the movies, a guy stalks a woman, and it is romantic. Look at Noah and Allie from The Notebook. He threatens to kill himself if she doesn’t go out with him, then he writes her a note every day even though it has been over for years. Most women would run from guys like this, but in the movies, it is romantic.

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