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Scientists Say There Are Black Holes That Can Be Used As Gateways For Hyperspace Travel

Black Holes, Even Horizon

A black hole is a specific spot in space that is defined by a high level of density. When you go past a certain limit, nothing, not even light, can break away from the gravitational pull from a black hole. This is what is known as the event horizon. Nobody knows what happens when an object passes event horizon. Some believe that whatever passes through will elongated into a long, thin strand known as spaghettification. There is another theory; however, if it were to happen would depend on the type of black hole.

The Notion

The notion of a black hole goes way back to 1784. A British astronomer named John Mitchell detailed a primitive version of a black hole in a letter. He imagined a body in space, about 500 times bigger than the Sun, where light would not be able to escape. He called it a dark star and claimed that there are many of them spread throughout the universe. Considering that his theory came out hundreds of years ago, his work was incredibly accurate. People saw this, and it wasn’t until the 20the century that his theory was seriously evaluated.

Limitless Destiny

Experts believe that there is a certain spot of limitless destiny that resides in every black hole. This is what gives black holes their incredible gravity pill. It believed that the pull of every black hole was the same, which they felt led to spaghettification. In the 1990s, this all changed.

The Early 90s

During the early 90s, another type of singularity known as a mass inflation singularity discovered. They found in substantial black holes. These holes are different in that they don’t cause spaghettification. This means that a vessel, like a spacecraft, may be able to enter one of the holes. If one did, nobody knows what would be on the other side.


By the early 60s, more and more people involved in proving this theory to be true. Thinkers such as Roy Kerr, Roger Penrose, and Stephen Hawking became well-known authorities on the subject of black holes and what they were capable of.


Over the years, black holes have been plot twists in a number of science fiction books and movies. Many stories referenced black holes as a way for characters to travel through wormholes. A wormhole is a tunnel that cuts through both space and time. It is a shaft with an opening at either end, and each end brings you to a different point in space and time. They are also said to be shortcuts from one end of the universe to the other. According to the theory of relativity, wormholes may actually exist. It believed that they aren’t just a plot device used in science fiction stories. So far; however, nothing has been proven.


In 2014, the film Interstellar released. In the movie, astronauts pass through a wormhole to discover a distant planet where humans could actually live. At one point in the film, the main character passes over the event horizon of a black hole. While making the movie, a physicist name Kip Thorne consulted. The filmmakers didn’t want to stray too far from the realm of scientific plausibility. While some inaccuracies do pop up, the idea of traveling through a wormhole or a black hole isn’t as crazy as you may think.

University Of Massachusetts Dartmouth

When Interstellar came out, the ideas piqued the interest of a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He wants to establish whether or not it would be possible to survive passing through a black hole. In 2016, Caroline Mallary created a computer simulation to test the theory. She discovered that it could be possible, which would open up the possibility of hyperspace travel. One of Caroline’s professors believes that black holes are the most mysterious object in the universe. Black holes are gravity crushing dying stars that have no limit. They are dense and hot and can punch a hole in the fabric of space-time. Because of this, hyperspace travel could be possible.

Not Every Black Hole

While spaghettification can occur when traveling through a black hole, it may not happen in every one. If it is a large, rotating black hole, whatever travels through could retain its integrity. While we don’t know if it is possible, tests have been run to determine the plausibility. Caroline believes that it is plausible.

A Mystery

For now, what lies at the other end of a black hole will remain a mystery. There are no plans, or anyone brave enough to attempt to go through a black hole and see what is on the other side. Scientists say there are black holes that can be used as gateways for hyperspace travel, but we may never know for sure.

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