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25 Picture That Shows Why Grades Is Not Everything


Kids are given tests in school to see how much they have learned. Tests are also necessary for a teacher to give their students grades. Here are 25 picture that shows why grades is not everything.

Its Sort Of Right

The questions on this test weren’t exactly looking for this answer, but it is still sort of correct. Maybe the student got partial credit for the work that they finished.

Desperate for a 100

The student who took this test wanted a 100 so badly that they tricked their teacher. They created a connect-the-dots puzzle, which created a 100. The teacher added, “ya got me,’ after seeing what the student did.

A Great Class Picture

This student wants his dog to be in his high school photo, and they chose great outfits. They are wearing t-shirts with each other’s faces, and it is excellent.

An Anxious Door

There is an alarm on this door that is set to go off after 5 pm. Someone thought it would be funny to add another sign. It read, “Before then, it’s generally anxious.” It’s a funny play on words.

Game Of Thrones Fan

This girl is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, so she came up with a clever play on words at her college graduation. She knew that her student loans would become due soon, and it’s written all over her cap.

Egging Them On

The police don’t like it when they don’t catch their guy. They also don’t like it when they are shown up the students they didn’t catch. This is exactly what happened when they posted this newspaper article in the halls of the school.

Trying To Confuse

This college student wore a shirt that says, “It’s Tuesday.” It is funny because he wore it on a Wednesday.

The Coolest Locker Ever

The school was doing a random locker sweep when they came across this one. Its a pretty cool setup, complete with a working chandelier. Fantastic.

Changing His Name

The student who took this photo wrote down a fake name before taking the picture to make his friends laugh. He had no idea that they were going to use the fake name to make his school ID. He got into trouble, but it is pretty funny.

Good Answer

This student was told to provide an example of a risk in short answer form. He simply wrote, “No.” The teacher had to mark it correct because refusing to answer the question was a risk, so the answer was technically correct.

“Post No Bills”

A sign was posted on the pole to keep students from posting signs. Rather than obeying, a clever student posted photos of Bill Cosby, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Bill Murphy.

The Pineapple Shirt

This looks like a page in your typical yearbook, but if you look closely, you will see that there is something off. At least 14 of the students are wearing the same pineapple t-shirt. Clearly, it was a prank, and it is a pretty great one.

Dr. Hedgeh

This teacher’s name is Dr. Hedgeh. Students would add an “OG” to the end of the name, making it Dr. Hedgehog. It’s pretty funny, and the fact that it happens often is even funnier.

An Online Graduate

This guy took classes online and graduated from an online college. He wanted a real graduation ceremony, so he bought a cap and gown, and wore it when the mail carrier delivered his degree. This is an excellent grad photo.

Bored During Class

These students were bored one day, and they found a hole in the floor. To get the girl’s attention from the floor above, they danged a Cheeto from a piece of yarn. These students may need more work to keep them busy.


This student got partial credit for being clever on their test. The question asked what the program in question 5 does, and the student wrote, “make you students cry.” Partial credit was deserved.

Senior Prank

Senior pranks are tradition. The students who pulled off this prank put a lot of time and energy into it. It had to take hours to cover the entire office with post-its.

Sleeping In Class

The student who took this photo is really clever. He printed out a life-size picture of his face with his eyes open. After taping them to his glasses, it looks like he is awake during class when he is really sleeping.

Pancake Recipe

The school asked this student for a quote for his high school yearbook. He couldn’t come up with something good, so he used a pancake recipe.

Lost and Found

A student found a sock on the floor of his dorm, so he tried to return it to its rightful owner. He hung the sock up on the wall, with a note that read, “Found: Lost sock. It responds to sock.” Hopefully, the sock was reunited with its mate.

Another Senior Prank

The seniors at this school hired a mariachi band to follow their principal. Knowing how annoying these bands can be, it is the perfect prank.


Many schools plant trees for future classes. This school, for some reason, chose to plant their tree in the middle of the baseball field. Why? It was actually a senior prank, and one of the best in the school’s history.

Paper Cut Finder

Anyone who has ever gotten hand sanitizer in an open wound knows that it burns. This teacher labeled theirs, “Paper cut finder” because it will find a cut in one second after use.


The student who left this message was angry that he pays $20,000 to attend the school, and they offer only one-ply toilet paper. It’s great.

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