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Walmart Pics That Never Should Have Been Captured

Walmart’s Reputation

Walmart has a reputation for a couple of things. First, they have a reputation for having the lowest prices around. Also, Walmart has a reputation for bringing out some of the craziest people in the craziest outfits. Here are some Walmart pics that never should have been captured.

What Is That?

If you look at this person from the waist down, their hard looks like a tail. If you look from the waist up, it looks like a frayed rope. This is just the wrong hair decision.

A Tail? Really?

Some people wear some pretty strange things to Walmart, but a tail is taking it a bit too far. Why would a person strap on a fuzzy tail before heading out shopping?

Wrong Closet

This man needed to pick up a few things from Walmart, and he may have gotten confused. He may have grabbed an outfit from his wife’s closet rather than his own. Maybe he just likes wearing dresses. It’s Walmart, anything is possible.

Taking the Lizard Out

It isn’t uncommon to see someone shopping at Walmart with their dog. When they wear their a lizard on their head at Walmart, it is very unusual. Maybe the lizard needed a new pair of shoes.

The Walmart Bus

Walmart has motorized carts for people who have trouble walking. It isn’t uncommon for a person with no mobility issues to use the carts because they are too lazy to walk around. These people linked their carts to each other, creating the “Walmart Bus.”

Beyond Lazy

As mentioned earlier, lazy Walmart customers use motorized carts to get around. So many use the motorized carts that there are often none left. What does a lazy person do when they can’t get a motorized cart to get around? They have their young child push them around in a carriage.

Nice Try

Uggs are a great pair of boots, and they are expensive. If you can’t afford a pair of Uggs, why not make your own Uggs tag and tape it to your $5 pair of discount boots. Did she really think that this would fool anyone?

Shopping With Her Monkey

We know that people bring dogs to Walmart, and we have seen someone bring their lizard. This woman brought her monkey for a day of shopping. Maybe he wanted to pick out his own bananas.

It’s a Miracle!

This woman is using one of the motorized carts that Walmart provides for people with mobility issues. This woman spotted something that she needed on a top shelf, and by some sort of miracle, her mobility issues disappeared, and she was able to get what she needed.

Let It Go

Many men have a hard time accepting that they are losing their hair. This guy refuses to accept it, and he allowed the only little part of his hair to grow long. It looks ridiculous but to each his own.

Waste Not Want Not

This woman’s sneakers wore out, and her toes started coming through. Instead of throwing them away and buying a new pair, she turned her sneakers into a ghetto pair of sandals. This is a fashion mistake.

Three Dogs

This woman wanted to take her dog to Walmart, but she couldn’t choose which one. To keep any of the dogs from feeling left out, she brought all three of her dogs. It’s a bit much, but the dogs do look happy.


There really isn’t an explanation for this photo. Maybe they were playing an elaborate game of hide-and-seek.

This Is a Bit Much

Lizards, monkeys, and multiple dogs have been spotted at Walmart, but this is a bit much. This woman put her tortoise on a leash and took him to Walmart. Did she really think that this was in her pet’s best interest?

Ferrets Too?

People must think that Walmart doubles as a pet show. This man brought his ferrets to Walmart, sat down in a motorized car, and did his shopping. Does anyone ever leave their pets at home anymore?

Super Stylish

This man looks…unique. He put on a pair of leggings with a pair of cut off jeans on top. If he was a woman, this might be considered stylish. Unfortunately for him, it just looks crazy.

It’s Captain America!

We all know that Walmart has low prices, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see Captain America there. Superheroes love a good deal too.

He Loves Easter

Everyone has their favorite holiday. Some love Halloween, some love July 4th, and some love Christmas. The man in this photo loves Halloween, and he wanted everyone at Walmart to know it. His get-up is pretty crazy, but the little boy in the picture seems to love it.

The Joker

This woman either married a real-life Joker, or it was laundry day, and he had nothing else to wear. Maybe they are at Walmart getting him some regular clothes.

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