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4 Years After Three Women Disappeared, A Prison Inmate Claimed He Knew What Had Happen

Suzanne “Suzie” Streeter

Suzanne was born on March 9, 1973. She was the only daughter of Levitt and her husband, Brentt Streeter. The couple also had a son named Bartt. The marriage didn’t work, and the couple separated when Suzie was just a baby. Levitt and her children moved into an apartment in Seattle, Washington. During this job, Levitt did odd jobs around the complex in exchange for free rent. In 1980l, she relocated her family to Springfield, Missouri. Levitt became a hairdresser, and when Suzie was 19-years-old, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Her friend, 18-year-old Stacy McCall was accepted to Southwest Missouri State University.

Suzie and Stacy

Suzie and Stacy grew up together and were very close. After their graduation ceremony, they were planning to celebrate together. With Suzie and Stacy planning to go out together, Levitt headed home after the ceremony. She was going to enjoy a quiet night working on some DIY projects at home. At around 9:15 that night, she got a call from her friend. At the time, her friend had no idea that it would be the last time that anyone would speak to her.

Graduation Parties

Suzie and Stacy attended two graduation parties and then went to their friend, Janelle Kirby’s house for the night. When they got to Janelle’s house, they discovered that the house was full of people. In the early morning hours, the girls realized that they would never get any sleep, so they went back to Levitt’s house for the rest of the night.

The Next Morning

What happened when Stacy and Suzie left Janelle’s house is a mystery. The next morning, Janelle tried to get in touch with Suzie and Stacy because they had plans to go to the water park together. When she couldn’t get them on the phone, and when they never showed up, Janelle and her boyfriend headed to Levitt’s house on East Delmar Street to find out what was going on.

Arriving At the Home

When Janelle and her boyfriend arrived at Levitt’s house, she saw that Stacy’s, Suzie’s, and Levitt’s cars were all parked outside. She knocked on the door, but there was no answer. She decided to go around back and discovered that the door was unlocked. She went inside, but there was nobody there. Janelle walked around the house to see if there were any clues to help her figure out where her friends were. She noticed that Levitt and Stacy’s Yorkshire Terrier, Cinnamon seemed upset and she was agitated. When the phone rang, Janelle answered it. There was a man on the other line making lewd comments. Janelle hung up, and he called her back again. He was staying more rude comments, so she hung up again.

Broken Lampshade

There were no signs of a struggle inside the house. They did find a broke lampshade on the porch. Janelle’s boyfriend was trying to be helpful, and he started cleaning it up. He had no idea that he was destroying evidence that may have led to clues regarding where the women were.

Time Passes

As time passed, family and friends of the missing women flocked to East Delmar Street looking for the women. All of their purses were on the living room floor, and Stay’s outfit was in a folded pile in the corner. Nothing was adding up, and Stacy’s mother called the police to report all three women missing. While waiting, the family and friend that had gathered listened to the answering machine. The police believe that the bizarre message could have been another clue; however, it was accidentally deleted.

Police Arrive

By the time the police arrived at the home, the women had been missing for 16-hours. The investigators searched the house and noticed that Stacy had left her migraine medication behind, which is something her family said that she would never do. Another strange find was Stacy’s cigarettes on the nightstand, which was odd because she was described as a chain smoker. In Levitt’s room, there was a book on the bed, and it appeared to have been slept in. There weren’t too many clues regarding the location of the women.

America’s Most Wanted

The women had been missing for some time when their photos appeared on America’s Most Wanted. The police wanted to know if anyone had seen the women. Not long after the broadcast, a tip came in about a homeless man with long hair and a beard who was seen around the home at the time of the women’s disappearance. Another tip came in from someone saying that she saw Suzie in the restaurant and she appeared to be drunk. Tips came in for months, which led the police to suspect a man named Robert Cox. He was a former member of the military with a violent past. Cox was suspected of killing a woman in Florida in 1978. He was convicted and released in 1989 after an appeal. The morning after the disappearance, Robert claimed to be at church, and his girlfriend confirmed his alibi.


When Robert was accused of aggravated robbery in Texas, his girlfriend admitted that she lied about where he was when the three women disappeared. Robert claims that he had something to do with the disappearance of the women, but won’t give any details until his mother dies. The investigation was stalled until Suzie’s brother Bartt was arrested for trying to abduct a 15-year-old girl from a nail salon. This made the police wonder if he had anything to do with the disappearance of the three women. Unfortunately, nothing was ever proven. 4 years after three women disappeared, a prison inmate claimed he knew what had happened. Unfortunately, nothing came from this lead as well. The investigation is still active today. The women’s families are hoping that soon, someone will come forward with information regarding the missing women.

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