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Brothers Unearth Inexplicable Treasures From The World’s Most Mysterious Island

Oak Island

Oak Island is located just off the south shore of Nova Scotia. It is a tree covered island that is well-known to historians and treasure hunters. It is believed that the 140-acre island to many of North America’s secrets. Some believe that what is hidden on the island could rewrite history.

Marty and Rick Lagina

Marty and Rick are both successful businessmen. They are the founders of Terra Energy, and they bought a vineyard in their home state of Michigan. What they are really known for and what they truly love is treasure hunting. In 1965, the boys read about Oak Island and its dark past. They also heard the rumors of the riches that are hidden on the island. Their obsession with the island is what helps to define their entire lives.

Fortune Seekers

The island has been popular with fortune seekers since 1799. That was the year that farmers dug up layers of flagstone and wooden beams. Many believed that the materials were part of a hidden vault. This is the reason that the island had been bought and sold many times. When former President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was young, he tried hunting for treasure on the island. He came up with nothing, but he had a passion for expeditions his entire life.

The Owners

Today, Marty and Rick own most of the island. They often visit to try to find the treasure that they know is hidden there. They are sure that there is something on the island because past adventurers uncovered artifacts such as an anchor and digging tools. Many of the artifacts found pre-dated the settling. Many of the treasures came from what is called the Money Pit. The Canadian settlers used it hundreds of years ago. It is unknown whether the well is natural or manmade. People believe that there are ancient treasures in the well, but nobody has been able to reach it yet.


There is a rumor that Marie Antoinette’s jewels and a lost manuscript by William Shakespeare hidden on the island for safekeeping. It is also believed that several pirates stashed their loot on the island and never returned to get it. Rick and Marty knew all of the stories, which made them want to search the island. They also knew the dark rumors surrounding it as well.


The island is known to be dangerous. Over the years, six people have died while trying to find treasure on the island. Nobody knows if these deaths were accidents or if they were victims of booby traps. The brothers knew about these dark stories, so they always knew to proceed with care. The last thing that they wanted was to be another person to fall victim to an unexplained accident on the island. Each time they set out on the island, they use extreme caution.

The Team

When heading out to the island, the brothers assembled a team of historians and treasure hunters that included Craig Tester. He was known for his success in digs and locating artifacts. Dan and David Blankenship know more about Oak Island’s history than anyone in the world. The group set off in 2006 to try to uncover treasures that the brothers had been hoping to find for years.


The brother sent divers with metal detectors into the water. Because neither of the brothers was experienced divers, they decided to leave it up to someone who had experience. They found a copper coin that dated back to 17th century Spain. Unfortunately, it was the only coin in the area. They weren’t sure if the coin was just dropped or if there was a cache hidden somewhere else.

Hopes Up

While they did find a coin and a few other artifacts including a jewel appearing to belong to Marie Antoinette. They also found several ancient artifacts. Unfortunately, there were times that they got their hopes up for nothing. They found a ceremonial sword on the island, but it turned out to be a modern reproduction. The brothers say that the sword really looked authentic. They have no idea who brought it on the island or why. This was just another mystery that we may never find the answer to.

Inexplicable Treasures

A few years after finding the sword, the brothers discovered a cross. It looked like it was made in 1200, long before the first Christians arrived in North America. It has a resemblance to the crosses worn by the Knights Templar. This made historians wonder if there was a secret base on Oak Island. These brothers unearth inexplicable treasures from the world’s most mysterious island, and they have no desire to stop any time soon.

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