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40 Hilarious Windshield Notes That’ll Have You Grinning From Ear To Ear


There are two types of drivers in the world. Some drivers will see a car parked incorrectly or selfishly and shake their heads and walk away. Other drivers feel that it is their civic duty to call the driver out for their selfishness or stupidity by leaving a note. Sure it is childish and a waste of time, but these notes can also make you laugh. Here are 40 hilarious windshield notes that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.

A Political Jab

The driver who wrote this note is clearly a Democrat. The driver was taking up two spaces, and this Democrat wasn’t going to let them get away with it. The note read, “Your vehicle occupies two parking paces you must be special…or Republican.” They have a point.

A Printed Note

Considering this driver had a printed note handy, it is clear that they get annoyed very easily. Bad parking jobs must be their biggest pet peeve. The note reads, “You are a Parking Pit,” which is really harsh. It continues with, “Parking is a premium in this neighborhood. Did you really need to take up two parking spaces? Your neighbors need to park too. BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS.” If there is a parking shortage in the neighborhood, leaving a note us understandable, but calling the driver a pig is going a bit too far.

This Is Harsh

Poor parking jobs can be accidental, but the person who left this note wouldn’t even consider that fact. Instead of having some tolerance, they left a note that read, “Please don’t reproduce,” along with a condom.

Bloody Means F**K In America

This note may not sound too vulgar to Americans, but you should know that “bloody” actually means f**k. The note reads, “Learn to park with manners. You must think I am a Bloody Sardine.” Replace bloody with the real work, and you will see how threatening this note really is.


The driver who left this note is clever, but he must be a bit harsh on poor parkers since he keeps printed flyers in his car. The note they left had a drawing of a dog, and read, “I am giving you this dog, his name is Spot. I thought you might want him, as you seem to be trying to take as many spots as possible. I hope this helps.”

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat was an internet sensation, and this driver capitalized on his popularity. This driver drew a pretty good picture of Grumpy Cat, and wrote, “Grumpy cat does not like people parking in his spot. Next time, its towed!!!” Grumpy Cat likely didn’t agree to use his likeness for this note.

Another Printed Note

How many drivers actually carry around notes for people who park poorly? Here is another printed note that read, “Hiya. You suck at parking. Seriously. Try considering others while you park. The world doesn’t just revolve around you and your needs.” They clearly can’t give other drivers the benefit of the doubt.

They Crossed The Line

Leaving a note on someone’s car is one thing, but smearing peanut butter on the windshield just to write a not is too much. In the peanut butter, they wrote, “It’s less expensive than having it towed.” Was there really a need to leave a note also? Some punishments are too harsh for the crime.

A Fair Warning

There is nothing worse than when someone steals your assigned spot, leaving you with no place to park. That is what happened to the driver who wrote this note. It read, “The parking spot your are occupying is reserved for me. I have photographed your license plate, but have not called the tow truck…this time. Next time, I will Vaseline your door handles and wiper blades, then call the tow truck. Sounds fair, right? Enjoy your close call tonight.” At least they warned the driver first.

Stealing a Spot During the Winter

Many communities don’t offer off-street parking, which means that drivers have to shovel the street to find a parking spot. The driver who wrote this note spent a lot of time in the cold shoveling a place for his family, only to have it stolen. He had a right to be angry, and left a note that read, “Thanks for being so rude by parking in the spot that I shoveled out for my family.” There is etiquette that needs to be followed in communities like this one.

Drawing the Line

The driver who left this note keeps chalk in their car. It is weird, but in this case, it came in handy The driver took up two parking spots, and the driver with the chalk outlined a new spot to let them see how rude they have been. They included a note that read, “Parking spot just for you.”

A Horrible Person

The person who left this note is rotten. They wrote, “Hi. My name is Jack. I accidentally hit your car, and someone saw me, so I’m pretending to right (sic) down my details. Sorry, Jack.” Not only does “Jack” not understand the English language, but they don’t understand basic kindness either.

A Detailed Diagram

The driver who left this note couldn’t get out of their driveway because another driver blocked it. To let them know what they had done, the driver drew a detailed diagram letting the driver know what they had done. It seems like a lot of work to let someone know that they shouldn’t block the driveway, so it must have upset them greatly.

This Is Too Harsh

The driver who left this note crossed a line, morally and legally. The driver took up two parking spots, so this driver thought that it was up to them to teach the driver a lesson. Not only did they hit the car, but they admitted to using a towel filled with sand to wipe off the paint. At the end of the note, they wrote, “Please look your car over for the dent and scratches and each time you see them, remember not to park in two spots. This kind of vigilante justice is unacceptable.

A Strange Reaction

Writing a note when someone parks incorrectly are one thing, but making four characters out of actual potatoes seems like a lot of work for something so silly. This is just bizarre.

Office Space

Unless this driver saw the movie, Office Space, they won’t get the joke. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t understand who the stick man drinking the coffee is, and why he is on this note.

Too Much Work

A note to complain about a person’s parking job should be simple. This driver used a typed note, bullet points, and a diagram to get their point across. It seems like a lot of work for nothing.

Avoid a Ticket

This driver was parked illegally and worried about getting a ticket. Rather than trying to make excuses, they chose to come clean and be honest. The note reads, “Sorry! Don’t ticket me. I have to go poo.” How could a police officer not understand this dilemma?

A Certificate

This driver keeps printed certificates in the car so that they always have on handy for poor parkers. The certificate read, “Congratulations. You have won the inconsiderate parkers prize by occupying two parking spaces with one very small car and doing this more than a monthly, far longer than anyone else has achieved.” Since they carry around these certificates, this driver must hand these out frequently, making them one of many winners each month.

Noisy In the Morning

The person who wrote this note has been getting annoyed by the driver reeving their engine in the morning at 7:30 am. It is rude to make so much noise in the morning; the author of the note should be up and ready to go by 7:30. It’s not like they are doing this at 5 am before the sun comes up.


The man who left this note accidentally bumped a car, but he is sure that he wasn’t at fault. Since the driver chose to park horribly, the author of the note believes that they are responsible for the accident. They even went as far as to let the driver know that they expect payment for the damage to their car.

Stevie Wonder

The person who wrote this note wanted to get their point across by referencing Stevie Wonder. If it was a 19-year-old who parked poorly, they aren’t going to get the joke at all. There is a good chance that the younger generation doesn’t even know who Stevie Wonder is.


The person who wrote this note is a huge fan of Transformers. The note read, “Optimus Prime disapproves of this horribly executed parking job.” A bit odd for an angry note, but you have to love the Transformers reference.

A Simpsons Reference

If this driver never saw The Simpsons, they aren’t going to understand what a “paddlin” is or why they drew a picture of a strange old man. A simple, straight to the point note would suffice.

You Don’t Live Here!

The person who wrote this note has been pushed for long enough. The driver who took the parking spot had been there for three days, and they don’t live in the neighborhood. Had they had the car towed, it would have been within their rights.

Simple, and To the Point

The person who wrote this note didn’t want to mince words. They left a note that read, “Parking 101: Don’t do it in front of someone’s driveway.” There’s no way they didn’t understand what the author was trying to say.

Do They Really Deserve This?

Bob wrote this note, and he may have gone a bit too far. The note read, “Dear A**hole, Thank you for taking up more spaces than your self-important personality really deserves. I hope you crash and learn your lesson. Bob.” Wishing an accident on someone is never okay, even if they did take up two parking spaces.

Business Cards

You know a person takes correct parking too seriously when they start having business cards made up to leave on people’s cars. The card read, “People like you should take the bus. Please learn to park.” They even created a logo, and a hashtag, #THEPARKINGCHRONICLES.” Someone has way too much time on their hands.


The person who wrote this note didn’t want to be ticketed, but couldn’t drive their car. They left a note letting officers know that the doors were frozen cold. Obviously, the officer patrolling the area didn’t care and ticketed them anyway.

Jealous Much?

The person who wrote this note either really has a handicapped grandmother, or they are just jealous that the driver owns a BMW. Chances are it is jealousy.

Another Unscrupulous Person

Pretending to write a note after hitting someone’s car must be a thing because this is the second note of its kind. Either it is a popular way to get out of trouble, or this is the second time this driver has written a note like this one.

A Fun Activity

Most drivers who park incorrectly expect to find a note on their windshield, but they don’t expect a fun activity. Not only is there a condescending note on the paper, but there is a cute little turtle for the driver to color.


This driver is fed up with their neighbor blocking the driveway. To let them know that they have reached their limit, the author wrote, “The next time you park here and block me in, I will monster truck your car into a pile of scrap.”

A Katrina Joke?

The author of this note wrote, “Is your name Katrina? Because this parking job’s a disaster.” There is never a good time to make a Katrina joke. Many people lost their homes and even their lives during Hurricane Katrina, and it should never be used as a joke.

A Facebook Reference

Someone really likes their social media. This person likes it so much that they made fliers to put on people’s cars who have parked incorrectly. A bit passive-aggressive, but it gets the point across.

A Loud Annoyance

This driver’s car alarm must have been going off a lot lately for a neighbor to take this drastic step. The note read, “Hey F*ker! Fix your car or stop setting off the alarm. Every day past the 10th, I will key you sht for every time it goes off.” This wasn’t a good idea because if the car does get keyed, the author will be accused.

Please, Feel Bad For Me!

This driver waited a bit too long to renew their registration, and the stickers haven’t come in yet. This has resulted in them getting three tickets already. They left a note on the car begging the ticketing officer for their mercy.


This card is pretty harsh. It read, “The way you pulled in makes me wish your dad would’ve pulled out.” It makes you wonder what the company who printed the cards was thinking when they got the order. Though, it is a little harsh.

A Quick Diagram

The person who left this note didn’t get into too much detail with the diagram. They were quick and to the point. This is the way to leave a note.

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