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42 Amazing Scientific Discoveries Found Trapped In Ice

Frozen In Ice

Over time, scientists have found plenty of things in ice, frozen in time. Some of the things that were found were truly baffling. Here are 42 amazing scientific discoveries found trapped in ice.


This lighthouse in Michigan froze due to the frigid temperatures. Seeing the staircase frozen in ice is incredible. If there were anyone in the area that day, they would have perished in such frigid temperatures.

Mammoth Brains

Mammoth brains were found in the permafrost of the Laptev Sea coast. They are believed to be over 39,000 years old. Researchers estimate that the brains were of a young mammoth, between six to nine years old.

A Frozen Fox

The temperatures were so cold that this fox froze right where he stood. He was found by a hunter in a German lake. It is expected to be displayed as an arctic appendage in a German hotel.

A Frozen Alligator

Some alligators can survive in frigid and icy waters. This alligator was photographed during its frozen state during temporary hibernation.


In 1952, a military plane heading to Anchorage, Alaska crashed into a glacier. The crash killed 41 passengers and 11 crew members. The area was too dangerous for rescue workers to retrieve the wreckage. It took 50 years before they were able to search for the wreckage.

Fish Eating a Fish

When the water freezes, it does so quickly. This fish was eating another fish when the waters froze. He never even got to finish his meal.


The nodosaur lived 110 million years ago. This dinosaur grew spikes of armor for protection. It was caught in the ice and was very well preserved when it was discovered.


Many birds dive into the water quickly looking for food. These birds didn’t know how cold the water was, and they dove into the water too deep and froze instantly.

Ice-Age Puppy

Scientists discovered this ice-age puppy that is believed to be 12,460-years-old. It was found deep in the Siberian tundra. They couldn’t believe how well-preserved the animal was.

Copperhead Arrow

A copperhead arrow was found in the ice. It looked like a modern-day fishing hook. Its discovery gave researchers more insight into the technology used many years ago.

Evidence Of Vikings

Traces of Vikings were found in Juvfonna, Norway. Frozen in ice were sticks, bows, arrows, and pieces of leather shoes. They also found reindeer traps. It is believed that these items are around 3,400-years-old.

Bloody Ice

This mysterious river in Antarctica looks like a frozen, blood-red stream. It is actually iron-rich water. It is the same element that makes Mars red.

Old Forests

Glaciers tend to freeze up everything in their paths. This was once a forest, but when it froze over, it became frozen in time.

Human Sacrifice

The Incas often offered up human sacrifices at the highest peak of the Andes Mountains. In 1954, the frozen body of a sacrifice named Juanita was found.

Another Human Sacrifice

The Incas also paid homage to the Sun God Inti. A human sacrifice was found that was so intact that scientists were able to determine his blood type, his age, and his status in society.

Preserved Bacteria

The temperatures are so cold in the Arctic that even bacteria can freeze immediately. When found, they are incredibly well preserved.

Soldiers Of the White War

During World War I, many battles were fought in the Andes. Those who weren’t shot and killed froze to death. Their bodies were preserved in blocks of ice.

Long Ago Man

Scientists found the body of a 300-year-old man who was believed to be an ancestor to the First Nations people. They think he lost his life when he fell into a glacier.

Woolly Mammoth

A woolly mammoth was found frozen in a block of ice in Siberia. It is believed to be 39,000 years old. Scientists say that it is the most finely preserved specimen ever found. Its blood and muscle tissue were still intact.


In Yellowstone, scientists didn’t find any signs of humans, but they did find a 10,300-year-old spear that was frozen in time.

Otzi Man

Otzi Man is one of the most famous humans ever to be found in the snow. He is 5,300 years old and was found in the Alps between Austria and Italy. He was so well preserved that scientists could tell that he suffered from gum disease, gallstones, worn joints, hardened arteries, Lyme disease, and parasitic worms. He had a spear in his shoulder, which was what killed him.

Woolly Rhino

The frozen body of a 10,000-year-old Woolly rhino was found in the coldest regions of northern Russia. It was exceptionally well-preserved, and it still had fur on its body.

Sabretooth Tiger

These tigers died out 10,000 years ago. It is believed that they died out due to global heating and human hunting. Scientists recovered one off the coast of the UK that weighed 881-pounds.


This is one of the first weapons known to man. One of these ancient weapons was discovered frozen in a block of ice.

Dart Shaft

Scientist found a dart shaft in the poop of a caribou that was frozen for thousands of years. This showed that hunters were in the area and they had handy weapons.

Ancient Bacteria

Bacteria have been discovered that is believed to be a quarter of a million years old. They knew what type of bacteria it was because there is only one type that can withstand such extreme temperatures.

Dangerous Bacteria

When ancient bacteria was discovered in Siberia, cases of anthrax reemerged and devastated several small towns nearby. Going forward, scientists need to be more careful with the melting ice.

Global Warming

In the ice, there are signs that Global Warming does exist.

Caribou Droppings

Caribou droppings were found frozen in ice. This gave scientists an idea of what they ate back then.

Problems With Warming

With the glaciers melting, the incredible things hidden within will become degraded. This could destroy the window that we have into history.

Ice Patches

When snow doesn’t melt, it turns to ice patches. Inside these patches, scientists often find something incredible inside, frozen in time.


Scientists have found ancient shelters in the ice patches. Hunters would use these while hunting reindeer.

Birch Basket

In 2003, a birch basket that is believed to be 650-years-old was found. Scientists believe that the basket was used to gather berries.

Glacial Ice Patches

With the acceleration of Global Warming, ice patches have been discovered, and some pretty amazing things were found underneath. As the glaciers melt, scientists expect to discover plenty of things that are hundreds of years old.

Gopher Stick

A gopher stick is a trap used to catch gophers. It is believed to be over 1,800 years old.

Ice Patches Of Norway and North America

In these ice patches, scientists have found ancient tools and weapons. The more they find, the more they discover about what life was like hundreds of years ago.

Willow Bow

Willow bows were carved from willow trees and were used for hunting reindeer and elk. The bow that was discovered is believed to be 340-years-old.

Prehistoric Moose

A prehistoric moose walked through the freezing water when the water froze completely. He couldn’t find his way out and was only recently discovered.

Giant Squid

A giant squid was discovered frozen and out of the water. Scientists can’t understand why it was out of the water. As it thaws, it has started to look more like a weird hybrid creature.

Frozen Frog

This frog was attempting to cross a stream when it froze over. The frog froze too, and he is incredibly well preserved.

Frozen Donkeys

When the weather on this farm became frigidly cold, the poor donkeys froze to death and turned to ice.

Weird Things

Over the years, we have found some pretty weird things frozen in ice. Chances are, over time, we will find plenty more items.

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