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This Woman Wore Mascara To Bed Every Night For 25 Years And What Her Doctors Found Under Her Eyelids Was Shocking


Many women wear makeup. Makeup can help hide flaws, it an bring out your eyes and your cheekbones, and it can make your naturally short lashes look long and thick. Most women take off the makeup at night before bed; however, at one point or another, we have all worn makeup to bed. Some women fall asleep with their makeup on, and some are just too tired some nights to take it off. There are some women who don’t bother to take off their makeup, which is a huge mistake.

Teresa Lynch

Teresa Lynch started wearing makeup in her teens. When she was 25-years-old, she was wearing mascara every day, but she stopped taking it off before bed. She often wore waterproof mascara, which meant that even when she splashed water on her face or cried, the mascara remained on her eyes. It wasn’t until decades later that she realized what a huge mistake that she was making. Woman Wears Mascara To Bed For 25 Years And Never Washes Her Face – See Under Her Eyelid.

Calling the Eye Doctor

Teresa started experiencing issues with her eyes. She felt as though there was something in her eye and it was becoming a problem. Like most people, she went online to check her symptoms. During her online search, she discovered that her problems could have been something in her eye or it could have been dry eye syndrome. Since age is a factor in dry eye and one of the symptoms is a sensation that something is in your eye, Teresa was sure that dry eye was her problem. She decided to make an appointment with her eye doctor to get treatment for the condition. What the eye doctor told her was horrifying.

Shocking Results

Teresa’s eye doctor examined her eyes. During the examination, he asked her if she wore mascara. When she told him that she did every day, he asked her how often she washed it off before bed. Teresa was a bit embarrassed to admit it, but she told the doctor that for the past 25-years, she never washed the makeup off her eyes. Teresa’s eye doctor was shocked when he looked under her lid, and it was time to let Teresa know why she felt like she had something in her eye.

Calcified Lumps

The eye doctor told Teresa that the mascara buildup in her eye had become calcified lumps over time. He told her that the concretions became embedded in her conjunctiva and went deeper into the subconjunctival layer. When the doctor flipped her eyelid, it looked like she had a tattoo. Unfortunately, unlike a tattoo, the concretions that became embedded in her eyes were rough. Since they were under her lids, they would scrape her cornea each time she closed her eyes.

Follicular Conjunctivitis

As if leaning that her eyes were being scraped when she opened and closed her eyes wasn’t enough, she also learned that she had follicular conjunctivitis. This is a bacterial infection that occurs on the follicles in the conjunctiva. Sadly, her problems didn’t end there.


The doctor told Teresa that her problem was a permanent one. The constant scraping on her eye caused permanent scarring on the surface of her eye. To keep the problem from worsening, the doctors had to act fast. A relatively invasive surgery would be necessary to get her eyes back in good shape.

The Procedure

The surgery took 90-minutes. During this time, the large lumps under her eyelids had to be removed. They were embedded deeply in the area and were building up on one another. Her eyes were in bad shape, and the doctor told Teresa that it would take a while before they healed and her symptoms to subside.

Toxic Components

After the procedure, Teresa’s doctor talked to her about the dangers of wearing mascara and never washing it off. She was told that carbon black or iron oxide pigment are used to darken the eyes, which can be dangerous when left on for too long. Mascara also contains a polymer to form a film that coats the lashes. This is a toxic agent.

Learning Her Lesson

The pain and discomfort that Theresa experienced taught her a harsh lesson. It was months before her eyes were healed enough to be able to wear eye makeup. When she was finally ready to wear makeup again, she made sure to remove it every night before going to bed. She also took to social media to warn other women about the hazards of going to sleep with makeup on. A condition like Teresa’s won’t occur if you forget to take your makeup off one night, but it is essential that you try to remember to remove your makeup completely before you go to bed. The last thing that you want is issues like the ones that Teresa suffered from.

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