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45 Cleaning Hacks That Truly Make Life A Breeze


There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house. Unfortunately, most people don’t have hours every week to spend cleaning. Between work, family, and social obligations, there isn’t a lot of time. This is why it is great to find ways to cut corners, saving you some time. Here are 45 cleaning hacks that truly make life a breeze.

Cleaning Silver and Copper

This may sound strange, but ketchup works excellent for cleaning silverware, stainless steel, and copper pots and pans. After squirting a bit of ketchup on the object, scrub with a scouring pad and rinse with warm water.

Storing Sponges

Binder clips are great for storing sponges. Not only will standing the sponge up save room, but it will also help it air dry quickly, which is more sanitary.

Cleaning Water Fixtures

To clean your water fixtures without leaving watermarks or steaks, simply buff away the smudges by rubbing the faucets with wax paper.

Cleaning Vacuum Filters

Just because your vacuum filters are dirty, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw them away. You can run them through the dishwasher and let them air dry, and they will be as good as new. Just be sure to wash them alone. They will make your dishes even dirtier.

Clean the Toaster

To clean the grime off your toaster, all you need is a little bit of cream of tartar. Put some on a sponge and scrub. Your toaster will look brand new.

Keeping Your Cast Iron Pans Seasoned

To clean your cast iron pans without losing the season, you should wash them with sea salt. Using half of a potato as a sponge makes it even more effective.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

To get rid of the foul smell in your garbage disposal, push lemon rinds down the drain. Doing this once a week will keep your garbage disposal smelling great.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine

To clean your washing machine barrel, run a regular cycle without close, using bleach and hot water. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh the next time you do laundry.

Cleaning the Dryer Vent

To remove clogged lint in the dryer vent, use a bottle cleaner to get the lint out, then use your vacuum hose to remove it.

Cleaning Window Tracks

To keep your window tracks free of dirt and grime, dip a Q-tip in a cup of vinegar and scrub.

Cleaning Carpet Stains

To remove a carpet stain, spray vinegar over the stain. Next, put a damp rag over the stain, then steam it out with your iron. This will work with just about every stain except for paint and synthetic dye.

Cleaning the Blinds

At one point or another, everyone ends up with one odd sock. Rather than throwing it away, put it over your hand to clean between the blinds. It works great!

Cleaning the Shower

To clean a grimy shower, fill a dishwashing wand with equal parts vinegar and detergent. You will have the ultimate tile scrubber, which will easily clean the grime.

Make Your House Smell Nice

When company is coming, and you want the house to smell nice, warm up some vanilla extract in the oven. This works better than candles or air fresheners.

Scrubbing the Bathroom

To easily clean the bathroom, fill the tub with about an inch of hot water. The steam will loosen the soap scum, and you won’t need to fill a bucket.

Cleaning Lamp Shades

Lampshades collect a lot of dust. To remove it quickly, use a lint roller. It will take the dust right off.

Shaving Cream Works Wonders

Shaving cream is useful for more than just shaving your legs. It is excellent for removing stains on clothes, tile, and metal.

Cleaning the Windows

The best way to clean your windows is with window cleaner and newspaper. This is the best way to avoid unsightly streaks.

Cleaning Your Keyboard

Cleaning the keyboard can be tough because water will ruin the electronics. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will clean the spots without causing any damage.

Cleaning Pet Hair

To quickly clean pet hair from your furniture or carpets, put on a pair of rubber gloves and slide them across the surface. It will pick up the pet hair right quickly.

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Sink

Over time, your stainless steel sink can develop water spots, areas of discoloration, and grime. To clean it, dip half a lemon or lime in a bowl of baking soda and scrub. It will easily remove the stains.

Cleaning the Microwave

To easily clean the grime from your microwave, heat up a bowl of vinegar in the microwave for three minutes. Keep the door closed for an hour, and the grime will wipe right off.

Freshen Up Your Mattress

To keep your mattress smelling fresh, sprinkle baking soda over it and let it sit. After about an hour, vacuum it up.

Cleaning the Oven Glass

To clean the glass on your oven, attach a Clorox disposable wipe to a wire coat hanger and slide it between the two panes of glass. Turn on the oven and let it do its job. After, fish it back out with the wire hanger.

Cleaning the Toilet

To easily clean your toilet, put a can of Coca-Cola in the toilet, and let it sit. The carbonation will clean the toilet for you. After, simply flush.

Make a Bird House

You can use an empty can to make a home for the birds in your yard. After gluing some bark and moss to the can, you can attach it to a tree with zip ties.

Make a Tea Light Holder

If you have an old can and some sharp scissors, you can make a tea light holder. Crush the can a bit and cut into the can. It will create some pretty cool mood lighting.

Make a Speaker

Rather than spending a ton of money on a speaker, you can make your own for about $20. All you need is a can and a few audio parts, and you will have a portable speaker.

Make Popcorn On a Camping Trip

To make popcorn the next time you go camping, you need two empty cans and a small candle. Add some kernels, oil, and salt, and you will have a great snack to enjoy by the campfire.

Save Those Soda Tabs

If you drink a lot of soda or beer, save the tabs. If you attach them together, you will have a light-weight chain or a belt.

Hiding Valuables In a Soda Can

If you want to hide money or jewelry in the home, all you need is a soda can and a knife. Cut the top off the can, and add some change to add weight. Nobody will ever guess that your valuables are in there.

Splitting An Egg

You don’t need an expensive kitchen gadget to separate the egg yolk from the white. Cut the top off a can, and drill holes into the bottom. Put the can in a bowl, with the open side down. When you crack an egg over the drilled end, the egg white will fall into the bowl, and the yolk will stay at the top.

Get Rid Of the Grease

After frying food, you should never pour the grease down the drain because it will cause a clog. Instead, let the grease cool down a bit and pour it into a jar.

Homemade Pots For Seedlings

Rather than spending money on your seedling pots, just cut a can in half. You can grow your seedlings in the can, and you can transfer the plant to the ground when they are ready.

Make a Phone Case

Rather than spending a fortune on a phone case, just drink a can of soda. When you are done, you can cut the can in half and wrap it around your phone. Just make sure to cut a hole for the camera.

Make a Hot Glue Gun

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can make your own. Put repurposed aluminum, strong tape, and a lighter, and you will have a hot glue gun in seconds.

Makeshift Fish Hooks

If you want to go fishing but have no hooks, all you need is a can of soda. If you remove the tab and cut the side, it will work just like a fish hook.

Boost Your Signal

If your WiFi is spotty, all you need is an empty soda can. If you cut it open and put it on your router, it will reflect the internet signal toward any devices facing it.

Make An Outdoor Shower

If you need an outdoor shower to clean off after the beach, all you need is a garden hose and an empty can. Drill holes into the bottom of the can and cut off the top. When you attach the can to the hose, you have a shower.

A Makeshift Stove

If you are camping, you can easily cook in a pan if you have two empty cans and denatured alcohol. Your makeshift stove will work wonders during your next camping trip.

Open Your Padlock Quickly

If you can’t remember the combination to your padlock, don’t worry. If you wrap a strip of aluminum foil into the hooked cylinder, it will open up quickly.

Homemade Cheese Grater

If you need a cheese grater but don’t have one, all you need is a can. Drill holes in the bottom of the can and cut off the top. This might not be the most stylish cheese grater, but it will do the job.

Signal For Help

If you are lost and need help, cut off the bottom of a can. If you polish it up and face it toward the sun, you can create a signal mirror.

Signal Whistle

If your signal mirror isn’t working, you can cut another piece of the can to make a whistle. People will be able to hear you for miles.

Homemade Steel Wool

If you need to scrub a pan but don’t have steel wool handy, you can cut a can into thin strips. Just be careful when using it because it will be sharp.

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