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Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean


Keeping your house clean can be difficult if you lead a busy life. Fortunately, there are some budget-friendly cleaning tips to keep your home sparkling clean. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive cleaning products or gadgets.

Cleaning With Ketchup

Ketchup is great for more than putting on your cheeseburger. If you need to clean your silverware or copper and stainless steel pans, ketchup will do the trick. Pour a small amount on the objects and scrub. When you rinse off the ketchup, they will shine.

Prop Up Your Sponges

The sponge that you use to wash your dishes and wipe down your countertop can take up space and can be challenging to dry when they are lied down. A binder clip is a great way to hold up the sponge, saving space and drying it quickly.

Cleaning Water Fixtures

Cleaning your water fixtures can be frustrating because removing streaks and water spots are difficult. A great way to leave your water fixtures sparking is to buff away smudges with wax paper.

Dirty Vacuum Filter

Vacuum filters can be expensive. When it gets dirty, it doesn’t need to be replaced. You can wash the filter in the dishwasher, and it will come out like brand new. Since there will be a lot of dirt and grime on the filter, you shouldn’t wash the filter with your dishes.

Shine Up Your Toaster

If you have a stainless steel toaster, you want it to shine. If you want the toaster to look its best, you can clean it with cream of tartar. Put the cream of tartar on a sponge, and scrub the toaster. After, wipe it dry and admire your handy work.

Cleaning Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron pans can be difficult to clean. Salt is the best way to scrub the pan without losing the flavor. Sprinkle some sea salt at the bottom of the pan, and use half of a potato to scrub.

Get Rid Of Garbage Disposal Smells

If your garbage disposal is starting to stink, you just need some lemon rinds. Run them through the garbage disposal, and your garbage disposal will smell fresh.

Clean Your Washing Machine Drum

Over time, your dirty clothes can make your washing machine dirty as well. To clean and freshen the drum, run the washing machine in a regular cycle with just water and bleach. When you do this, don’t put any clothes in the washer. It needs to be empty for this method to work.

Cleaning The Lint Trap

As often as you clean your dryer’s lint trap, it can be hard to get it all out. Residual lint can be a fire hazard; therefore, you should clean it deeply on a regular basis. To do this, use a bottle cleaner to break up the lint inside the vent. Next, suck the lint out with your vacuum cleaner hose.

Clean the Window Tracks

The window tracks in your home can accumulate dirt and grime. The best way to clean them is with vinegar. Dip a cotton swab in the vinegar and scrub. This will keep the windows going up and down freely.

Remove Carpet Stains

If you have stains in your carpet, soak the stain in vinegar and cover it with a damp rag. Put your iron on the steam setting, and go over the cloth with the iron. When you’re done, the stain should be gone. This will work with most stains, except for paint and synthetic dyes.

Cleaning the Blinds

If you have mismatched socks, don’t throw them away. Socks are great for cleaning blinds. You can put the sock over your hand like a glove, which makes cleaning the blinds simple.

Clean the Shower

It doesn’t take long for a shower to become grimy. To easily scrub the shower, fill a dishwashing wand halfway with vinegar and halfway with detergent. This combination will quickly remove the scum from your tiles.

Freshen Up Your Home

If you want your home to smell nice, don’t bother using canned air freshener that doesn’t last. Instead, pour some vanilla extract in a small pan and bake it in the oven. In just a few minutes, your whole house will smell great.

Cleaning Your Lampshades

Lampshades can get dusty and can be challenging to clean. A wet cloth will only spread the dust, making it damp and heavy. The best way to clean the shades is with a lint roller. You will be surprised by how quick and effective this method is.

Removing Pet Hair

Pet hair can accumulate on your furniture, your carpets, and the seats in your car. To easily remove the pet hair, all you need is a pair of rubber gloves. If you rub the gloves over these surfaces, the pet hair will come right up. A squeegee also works excellent.

Cleaning the Microwave

Food tends to splatter when it is cooking in the microwave. Trying to scrub cooked-on food from the microwave can be difficult. An easier way is to fill a cup with vinegar and cook it in the microwave for three minutes, and leave the microwave closed for 30-minutes. When you wipe it down, the stuck-on food will come right off.

Clean the Toilet

If you can’t seem to get your toilet as clean as you like, get a can of Coca-Cola. Pour the soda in the toilet and let it sit for a while. The carbonation will do a job on the grime. When you flush, your toilet will be clean.

Freshen your Mattress

It is easy to wash your sheets to freshen them up, but your mattress is a different story. The best way to keep it fresh is to sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit awhile. After vacuum the baking soda, and make the bed.

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