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8 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

8 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

#1 Warm Skin Tone and Bright Eyes

The way a person’s eyes contrast with the color of their skin has a huge effect on how beautiful their eyes are. Tan or brown skin with bright blue eyes is very beautiful. It is the skin tone that gives the blue eyes such a dramatic effect. It person’s skin tone can make the eyes look much lighter and much brighter than they already are. This contrast is not seen in many people. Most people who have dark colored skin have dark colored eyes. There is a small percentage of people, however, who have dark skin and bright blue or green eyes. One example of a gorgeous person with dark skin and beautiful eyes is Gray’s Anatomy’s, Jesse Williams. It is these eyes that make women go crazy for Jesse. Those who have this skin and eye combination have very beautiful eyes and they are truly blessed.

#2 Attention Drawing Eye Color

Some people have such amazing eyes that it is the first thing that people notice about them. These people could have an extremely plain face, but their eyes attract attention. If a person with attention drawing eye color has a big nose or an overbite, people won’t even notice these negative features. All of their attention is brought to their amazing eyes. Eyes that draw attention are often light, bright colored eyes. A few of the most common eye colors that attract this type of attention are blue, green, and light hazel. When there is a dark outline around the eye, it makes the eyes much more dramatic and they draw more attention.

#3 Twins With Beautiful EyesOne set of beautiful eyes can make a person look beautiful. Two sets of beautiful blue eyes are even more impressive. Identical twins are just that, they look exactly alike. Every feature on an identical twin is a duplicate of their sibling. Two sets of beautiful eyes that are identical are incredible. It isn’t just the color of the eye that identical twins share. They also share the same eye shape. Identical twins are relatively rare, but when they share identical gorgeous eyes, it is really something to look at.

#4 Eyes So GreenGreen eyes are often confused with hazel, however, if a person has green eyes, you will know it. Green eyes aren’t the color of an emerald, they are more the color of a plant or grass. Green eyes are very beautiful and it is the rarest color of eyes. Only 2 percent of the population have green eyes. Many people who have green eyes have eyes that change color, depending on the light. If these people are standing under a certain type of light, their eyes can look bluer or hazel than they do green, even through their green is their true eye color. If you are lucky enough to have green eyes, you should consider yourself blessed. You are part of the very tiny, 2 percent.

#5 Mirrored EyesSome people have eyes that are so dark brown, that they actually have a mirror effect. When you are standing in front of a person with eyes this dark and you are speaking, you can actually see your reflection in their eyes. These eyes are not only breathtaking, they also add a mysterious quality to the individual. This eye color is very rare and very beautiful.

#6 Piercing Blue Apricot Shaped Eyes

It is not just the color of a person’s eyes that can be unique and beautiful, it is sometimes the shape. There are some people in the world who have apricot-shaped eyes, which is absolutely beautiful. If you combine the apricot-shaped eyes with the piercing blue color, you will see the most beautiful and amazing eyes that you will ever see in your life. Walnut shaped eyes are also beautiful. They are more common than apricot-shaped eyes, but they are just as beautiful. Finally, big round eyes are amazing. This is especially true if the eyes are blue, green, or a very light color hazel.

#7 Flawless Tint

Some people have eyes that are so light that they don’t look like they have an actual color. Dark eyes look opaque and very light eyes look like they are tinted. The very light color almost blends in with the white of the eyes. In most cases, tinted eyes are a very pale blue or a very light, pale green. In some cases, the color of the eye is so light that the person looks non-human. Non-human or not, tinted eyes are absolutely gorgeous. When you look into a person’s tint colored eyes, it almost feels as though you can see into their soul. These people don’t have opaque eyes to hide behind. Tint colored eyes are rare, but they are stunning.

#8 Turquoise Eyes

Of the 8 most beautiful eyes in the world, turquoise is the most beautiful. Turquoise is a shade of blue and green mixed. It is a very beautiful color and there are certain oceans in the world whose waters are turquoise. This is also a very rare yet beautiful color for the eyes. People with turquoise eyes were truly blessed with one of the most beautiful eye colors on Earth. For people who were not blessed with this amazing eye color, but wish they were, there are colored contacts available in turquoise, however, they are not as beautiful as the real thing.

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