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5 Amazing Magic Trick To Amaze Your Friends

#1 Turn Water To Ice As It PoursThis is a great trick and it is very simple to do. It will amaze your friends because they will think that you have the power to turn water into ice in seconds. As long as you prepare and perform the trick correctly. And that is exactly what you will able to do. Start by putting a bottle of water in the freezer and leave it there until it is just about to freeze.

Next, put some ice in a bowl. When you pour the water over the ice, it will cool up enough where it will freeze on contact. If you are going to perform this trick, don’t let your audience see you taking the bottle of water from the freezer. It could completely give you up. As long as you are quick and if you plan ahead, you should able to amaze your friends with this trick.

#2 The Gravity TrickMost people know that things can go down on their own. But there needs some type of force for things to rise. This trick will make your audience believe that you are capable of defying gravity. All you need to pull the trick off is a broken elastic and a ring. Make sure that you don’t let your audience touch the elastic because you want them to think that it is a piece of string. When you get the ring around the elastic, pull the rubber band making it longer. The ring won’t actually go up on its own, however, it will look like it is thanks to the elastic.

#3 Puncture a Bag Of Water Without Spilling a DropThis is a magic trick that amazes people, both young and old. This actually isn’t a magic trick, it is science. When you put the pencil through the bag, the molecules in the bag will create a seal around the pencil. Just make sure if you are going to be attempting this trick that the pencil is sharpened as much as possible. If you use a dull pencil, it will tear the bag rather than puncture a hole in it. The molecules in the bag aren’t strong enough to close up a tear securely.

#4 Pass The Coin Through the TableThis is one of the 5 amazing magic trick to amaze your friends. This magic trick amazes most, and it is all done on sleight of hand. For this trick to work, you need to keep your audience from discovering that you don’t have the coin in your left hand. It will actually be in your right hand. You can show your audience the coin. And then quickly switch it to the other hand. Next, pretend that the coin in in your hand and pound your hand down on the table. Next, make a big deal about taking your hand out from under the table with the coin in it. Your audience truly will believe that you were able to pass the coin through the table thanks to your magical powers.

#5 The Floating Coffee CupIf you can make your friends think that you have the magical powers necessary to keep a cup floating in the air, they will be extremely impressed. This is one of those tricks that have to be done from the right angle if it is going to work. The best type of cup to use is a Styrofoam cup because they are so light and it is very easy to pop a hole in one.

All you need to do to pull this trick off is to stick the thumb of your right hand through the cup in the back. When your thumb is in the cup, your audience will think that it is floating in the air. To make the trick more real, move your hands up and down. It is like you are using your magical powers to keep it in the air.

Bonus Trick: The Separating Pepper TricksIn this trick, you will make people believe that you have enough magical powers in your finger to separate the pepper when it is poured in water. Before you start the trick, rub some liquid soap on your finger. Next, take a cup of water and pour some pepper in. Let your audience stick their finger in the pepper to separate it. Unfortunately for them, they won’t be able to do it. When your audience member is done trying to separate the pepper, it is your turn. Since you prepared ahead of time by dipping your finger in liquid soap, the pepper will separate quickly and easily. This is a great trick for kids because it is very simple to do and it will amaze their audience.

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