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96-Year-Old Puts Her House For Sale. Look How It Looks Inside

Selling Sisters

When a home went up for sale, sisters Gladys and Carla Spizzirri became excited. People spoke about the interior of this particular home for years, and rumors swirled. Since the owner didn’t really let people into their home, nobody knew that the inside of 148 Jane Street looked like. When the sisters were the realtors selling the house, so they were finally going to get a good look.

The Outside

The outside of the home on Jane Street looked just like the other properties on the Toronto, Ontario street. There are no landmarks on the street or anything that would make it stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood. Most of the houses on the street look very similar. The woman’s home cause people to be especially curious because very few people had ever been inside. This all changed when the sisters called a couple of realtors for help listing the house.

The Realtors

Gladys and Carla owned the agency where they worked. In 2009, they decided that they would make the perfect team. One sister would do the research and look for listings, and the other would close the deals and deal with the prospective buyers. It was the perfect partnership.


The owner of the house in question is Joyce, and when she called the sisters’ realty office, she didn’t seem too excited. Most people that the sisters worked with were excited about selling their current home because it meant that they were upgrading to a bigger and better home. This wasn’t what they were hearing from Joyce. She told them that she was thinking about selling her house. They felt that Joyce was keeping something from them about her home. What they didn’t know at the time, but Joyce was hiding something, but it wasn’t the common issues that many homeowners keep secret, such as broken water heaters or mold issues.

70 Years

Joyce was 96-years-old when she decided to sell her home, but she wasn’t your typical 96-year-old. She was very lucid at all times, and she was able to get around quite well on her own. She told the sisters that she had been living in her home for 70 years, and during the seven decades that she was living there, it went pretty much untouched. She had the kitchen remodeled once, and it was to give the kitchen all of the modern conveniences. When the sisters heard this, they felt a heavy feeling of dread. They were worried that the house was in horrible condition, and they would have trouble selling it. The first thing they could think of was that Joyce was a hoarder, and there would be 70 years worth of junk piled up in the house. They decided to mentally prepare themselves for whatever was to come.

Location, Location, Location

The one thing that gave the sisters some hope was the location of the house. It is located in the Old Mill neighborhood or Toronto, which was a desired location. Based on the location and exterior of the home, the sisters estimated it to be worth $968,000. This number could drastically go down based on the condition of the house.

Checking Out the House

Finally, the day came for the sisters to do a walk-through of the house, and they were both worried and excited. They were not expecting to see what they did when they walked through the front door. The house wasn’t the home of a hoarder, because it was extremely clean. The interior of the house was absolutely stunning. It was neat, clean, and amazingly decorated.

Time Capsule

Besides how clean the house was, it looked like a time capsule from the 1940s. The wallpaper, the furniture, the curtains, and the flooring was very dated, yet gorgeous. As the sisters moved from room to room, they found that each one was more gorgeous than the previous one. They had been in the real state business for quite a while, and they had never seen a house like Joyce’s. The only thing that the sisters worried about was the fact that the house was so feminine. They knew that many men would be turned off by the pink and floral décor that existed in many of the rooms.

Man Cave

There was one section of the house, that had a very male vibe. There was paneling on the walls, and it had a wet bar. The sisters thought that it would make a great man cave. According to Joyce, it was her husband’s part of the house. It was his getaway from all of the girly features that she included in the home.

Selling Price

The inspection of the home went great, and there were no significant issues. The backyard wasn’t in the greatest shape, but that could be easily fixed up. The sisters decided on a selling price of $699,000. When potential buyers were coming to look at the home and falling in love, the sisters knew that it would drive the bidding up. Not only did people love the location of the home, but they also loved the way it was decorated. This was music to the sister’s ears. This 96-year-old puts her house for sale. Look how it looks inside. You will be amazed.

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