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This Is What The Black Diamond On Measuring Tapes Is Really Meant For And Secrets Of Other Household Items

Household Items

There are plenty of household items that you use every day. There are certain aspects of these everyday items that you may not even know about. When you find out about these hidden tricks and secrets, you will look at these objects that you use daily much differently.

Secrets of Household Items #1 The Dip In a Wine Bottle

If you are a wine drinker, you may have noticed the dip in the bottom. It isn’t there to give you less wine without you realizing it as many people believe. It is actually there to make the bottle stronger. This helps it to stand correctly, and it makes the bottle stronger for high-pressure beverages such as champagne and sparkling wine.

Secrets of Household Items #2 The Loops In the Back Of a Dress Shirt

The loops date back to the Navy in the 1950s. There wasn’t a lot of space to hang shirts on ships, so the loop was placed so that the shirts could be hung on hooks. College kids in the 60s used the loop to hang their shirts while they were at the gym. Shirtmakers today have held onto the loop as a sign of quality and class.

Secrets of Household Items #3 Colored Square On Toothpaste

The colored square on a toothpaste tube is called an eye mark. They tell the machines where to cut and fold the packaging. Without the mark, the tubes would be attached to one another. Many people believe that it is there to tell you what chemicals are used in the toothpaste, but this isn’t true.

Secrets of Household Items #4 The Arrow On the Gas Gauge

The arrow on the gas gauge is actually very helpful. The arrow points to the side of the vehicle where the gas tank is. If you have a new car, or you are borrowing a car, this arrow is very helpful when you get to the gas station.

Secrets of Household Items #5 Buttons On the Pockets of Jeans

The small buttons on jeans date back to 1829 when miners complained that their jeans were wearing out too quickly. This caused Levi Strauss to come up with a way to keep them from wearing out, which is when they had the idea for the buttons. They are placed in areas where the seams tended to wear out and tear. They actually help your jeans last longer.

Secrets of Household Items #6 Extra Fabric

If you buy a piece of clothing with a small piece of fabric attached, it isn’t meant to patch up a hole, which many people think. It is actually there to wash before washing the clothes so that you can find out if it will shrink or if the color will bleed.

Secrets of Household Items #7 Holes In Pot Handles

Many people think that the holes are put in pot handles so that you can hang up your pans. While the holes do make it possible to hang your pans, this isn’t the original reason for the holes. It is actually there so you can put your spoon handle in the hole, the keep the dirty spoon suspended over the pan to prevent a mess on the stove.

The Pom-Pom On Winter Hats

Pom poms originate in Scandinavia, where it is cold all year long. The pom-poms were used to gather the seams back before knitting was common in hats. Over the years, the pom-pom remained popular, and today, people just think that they look cute.

Holes In Airplane Windows

Have you ever noticed the tiny hole in airplane windows? It is there to control the pressure between the two panes of glass when the plane reaches high altitudes. If it weren’t for the holes, the windows could shatter.

Black Grating In Microwaves

The black grating the microwave door isn’t there for aesthetic purposes. It is called the Faraday shield, and it is there to prevent electromagnetic fields from leaving the microwave while it is in use. This can be very harmful; therefore, it is an essential part of the microwave.

Dimples In Golf Balls

Golf balls weren’t always covered with dimples. They didn’t come about until professional golf players started to realize that the balls traveled better when they had nicks and other imperfections. This resulted in golf ball manufacturers to put the dimples in all of their balls.

Long Neck Bottles

Beer bottles have long necks for a reason. When you hold the bottle, you should hold it by the neck to keep your hand from making the beer warm. It also helps to collect particles and sediment in unfiltered beers.

The Hole On a Soda Can Tab

When you put a straw in a can of soda, the carbonation pushes it right out of the soda. If you turn the tab around, you can set the straw through the hole, helping the straw stay in the can.

Take-Out Boxes

Chinese take-out boxes are designed to be taken apart to act as a plate when you eat. If you aren’t planning to finish the food all at once, you cannot make it a box again. You are going to need Tupperware to store your leftovers.

Keyboard Bumps On F and J

The small bumps on the F and J on your keyboard are there so that you can keep your eyes on the screen, and know that your fingers are on the right keys.

Metal At the End Of Measuring Tape

The metal at the end of the measuring tape is there to make using it easier. The small slot is there to hold it down with a nail if you measure something without help. The edge is serrated, which makes it easy to mark the wall if you don’t have a pencil.

Hole In a Pen Cap

There is a hole in a pen cap, but it isn’t there to allow air to get to the pen. It is actually there to provide air in case someone were to swallow the cap, and it gets lodged in their throat.

The Hole Beside the iPhone Camera

The small hole beside the iPhone camera is a microphone. This allows people to be heard clearly when you are taking a video.

Loops On Grocery Carts

There are loops on the seat of grocery carts, and they have a great purpose. When you cash out, and your items are bagged, you can hang the bags that contain items that can be damaged, such as eggs, chips, and bread.

The Black Diamonds On Measuring Tapes

In most homes, there are six studs in the walls, located 16-inches apart. There are black diamonds every 16-inches, which can help you find and mark the studs. This is what the black diamond on measuring tapes is really meant for.

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