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A 92-Year-Old Man Reports A Robbery And The Police Make A Discovery That They Cannot Ignore

Police Criticism

It is not uncommon to hear stories about the police in the news. Unfortunately, many of these stories are not good ones. A few bad apples have spoiled the batch, and now, police officers often get a bad rap. People are often making complaints about the police as a way to make excuses for their crimes. When a story comes out about the police doing something great, it should be celebrated.

Louis C. Hicks

There aren’t too many people left who fought for our country during World War II, and Louis C. Hicks is one of them. Louis left his family, friends, and his entire life behind so that he could go off to war and fight for the freedom of our country. Even after leaving the military, Louis always tried to do the right thing.

A Robbery

Louis had a workshop behind his home. When he went out back one day, he found that someone had broken into his workshop and stole his tools. Louis loved to work in his shop, and he lived on a limited income, so he called the police. His hope was that they would find the thief and his tools would be returned to him. Because of the robbery, he got more than he bargained for. 92-year-old sounds the alarm after robbery – then police make hair-raising discovery in his house they can’t ignore.

Officer Chasity Salazar

The officer to take the call was Chasity Salazar. She had been on the force for a few years and loved her job. When she arrived at Louis’ home, she asked if she could take a look around his home. After checking out his workshop, she took a look around his house. He seemed a bit worried when Chasity was looking around his kitchen. She told Louis that she had everything that she needed and she would let him know if anything came up. Before she left, she promised not to bother him again.

What Was Louis Worried About?

Louis was worried that Chasity would see his oven. All of the burners were turned on high, and the oven was on, and the door was open. His oven wasn’t on because he forgot to turn it off; he was using it to heat his home. He could no longer use his heater because it burned a hole in his floor. Because he lived on a fixed income, he didn’t have the money to replace his heater. His stove was the only way that he could keep his home warm.

Officer Chasity’s Gift

When Chasity saw the way that Louis was heating his home, it broke her heart. She knew that she had to do something for this man who once fought for his country. She returned to the station and told her colleagues about what she saw at Louis’ home. She also reached out to people who she thought could help. She wanted this man to get a new heater.

Making the Delivery

Officer Chasity and her partner, Officer Bino Cadenas were the ones who brought the new heater to Louis. When they showed him the gift, he couldn’t hold back his tears. He told Chasity and Bino that when his mother passed away, he was left to take care of his two sisters. He never got any help. He also said that nobody ever really did anything to help him. They gave him a beautiful new electric fireplace.

A Neighborhood Working Together

When Louis’ neighbors found out about what Chasity did for him, they decided that they would do what they could to help as well. They started working together doing chores for Louis and helping around the yard to make his life easier.

A Limited Budget

The police in Austin knew that Louis lived on a limited budget. They were thrilled that his neighbors were doing their part, but they knew that he needed more. They made a list of times that he needed daily such as shirts, pants, underwear, and food. They took up a collection and asked for donations and were able to bring Louis everything that he needed.

An Amazing Gift

What the Chasity, Louis’ neighbors and the Austin police department did for Louis is incredible. The small things that they were doing have changed his life forever. If anyone deserves help, it is this man.

YouTube Description

Veterans deserve a lot of credit. They put their lives on hold, and they leave their friends and family members to go overseas to defend their country. Louis C. Hicks is a World War II veteran living on a fixed budget. When his home heater burned a hole in his floor, he had to start using his gas stove to heat his home. When an Austin police officer named Chasity Salazar went to Louis’ home to investigate a robbery, she saw how the man was struggling. She knew that she had to do something.

With the help of the other officers in the department and Louis’ neighbors, Chasity was able to get him the help that he needed. You have to see the video to see what her help truly meant to this man.

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