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Kids Are About To Pull The Plug And Make His Final Arrangements When He Starts To Smile


Miracles happen every day. They don’t happen to everyone, but many people have claimed to witness them. It isn’t until you actually hear it from the person who experienced the miracle that you believe that they are real.

T. Scott Marr

T. Scott Marr is a 61-year-old man from Nebraska. He was also a father of four. Before retiring, he was a play-by-play announcer for Creighton men’s basketball team. He lived an ordinary life, and he was relatively healthy. This all changed the day after his 61st birthday.

The Stroke

The day after Scott’s birthday, his son found him unresponsive in his Nebraska home. He was still breathing when the ambulance arrived and rushed him to the hospital. When he arrived, he was immediately placed on life support in intensive care. The doctors ran a battery of tests and found that he had a severe stroke. The next day, he wasn’t getting any better. The doctors told him that he was suffering from severe brain swelling.

The Doctor’s Prognosis

Scott’s doctor at the Methodist Hospital was Dr. Rebecca Runge. After reviewing his test results, she determined that he wouldn’t be able to recover from the stoke. She told Scott’s children that he was nearly brain dead.

A Difficult Decision

When Dr, Runge gave Scott’s children the news, they had to make a decision for their father. He had always told them that they didn’t want his children to see him spend the rest of his life in a hospital bed or in a nursing home. They decided that they would allow the doctors to pull the plug and allow their father to be at peace.

Gathering Around To Say Goodbye

When the decision was made, Scott’s children, Preston, Lauren, Ryan, and Drew gathered around their father’s hospital bed. They wanted to be there when the doctor pulled the plug. Scott’s children held his hand, and they said their goodbyes. They even contacted a funeral home to schedule an appointment. Kids start making Dads final arrangements and say goodbye as doctors pull plug but then Dad starts to smile.

Coming Back From Death

Scott’s children thought that they would never see their father open his eyes again. They were wrong. The next day, he was still holding on. In late morning, they called his children and asked them to come back to the hospital. Preston was the first of his children to arrive at the hospital. He walked into Scott’s room and said hello to his father. He was shocked when his father smiled at him. He asked his father to wiggle, his thumbs and then, his toes, and he did both. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

A New Diagnosis

The doctors couldn’t believe what they were seeing. When Scott woke up, they started running tests to find out what was going on. The discovered that he hadn’t had a stroke at all. He actually had a rare condition called posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome. Dr. Runge told Scott and his family that his condition was commonly caused by high blood pressure.

Seeing His Dad

Scott didn’t remember losing, consciousness but he did remember something that happened while he was unconscious. He saw his father who had passed away two years earlier walking down, a street. His father asked him what he was doing there and Scott told him that he was looking for work. His father told him that there was no work there and he had to get home. He is sure that he really saw his father and he had a near death experience.

A Second Chance

Scott was told that he would need to remain in the hospital until her got stronger. He was fine with it. He now had more time to spend with his children and his grandchildren. He says that he doesn’t go to church but her certainly believes in God. He is sure that his recovery was a miracle.

YouTube Description

T. Scott Marr is known as “The Miracle Man,” and for a good reason. After what the doctors thought was a stroke, he was found unresponsive in his bed by his son. The family was told that they should say their goodbyes because their father was almost, brain dead. Scott’s family gathered, around him and they each said goodbye. The next day, their father was still alive and they were being called back to the hospital.

Scott didn’t have a stroke and he was going to be just fine. His children couldn’t believe what they were hearing. When they, saw, Scott, they knew it was true. He was awake and he was well again. If this isn’t incredible enough, Scott had a near death experience when he saw his father while in a coma. Scott’s story is incredible and you need to see the video to see how truly amazing it is.

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