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A Couple Were Devastated After Losing Their Dogs, But 3 Days Later There Was A Knock At The Door

Losing a Pet

Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows how tragic and heartbreaking it can be. Losing a pet is the same as losing a member of the family. When the pet passes away, it leaves a massive hole in the owner’s heart. Sure, the pain subsides over time, the same way that it does when a human family member dies, but the loss stays with the family forever. This is something that a married couple who were the parents to two black Labradors had to experience.

The Labs

The couple’s black Labs were killed during an accident on the road. They were devastated. Not only did they lose one member of the family, but they also lost both. Just a few days after the deaths of their beloved pets, they received their regulars shipment from It was an 80-pound bag of dog food. The shipment broke their hearts all over again.


The couple called and explained what had happened to their dogs. They asked if they could return the food for a refund, minus the cost of shipping. The company agreed to refund the money, but they did something that shocked the couple. They gave them a full refund, shipping included. They also told the couple not to return the food. Instead, the company asked that they donate the food to a local shelter. Shortly after, the couple received an email from the company asking if they could send photos of their dogs so that they could put them in the company’s memorial book to honor their dogs. They were shocked by the kindness of


A couple were devastated after losing their dogs, but 3 days later there was a knock at the door. There was a flower delivery driver at the door delivering a dozen roses. When the couple read the card, they were shocked. The flowers were from, and there was a not offering their condolences. They couldn’t believe the kindness of the company. Their husband’s sister posted the story of’s kindness, and it was shared over 230,000 times and received 7,000 reactions. People all over the country were impressed by their kindness and compassion.

Another Incident

In December 2016, just three days before Christmas, Sheree Flanagan was devastated when her dog, Zoe, passed away. She had Zoe for over 10 years, and losing her was hard. Shortly after, her 15-year-old cat, Thor, passed away. This loss, combined with the loss of Zoe tore her up. She called to ask if she could return the unused cat food for a refund. She thought that they would make it difficult, but they didn’t. The employee she spoke with was Ashley. She wanted Sheree to tell her about her pets. Rather than getting off the phone quickly, the employee wanted to hear about Sheree’s beloved pets.

Another Bouquet

Sheree ended up getting her money back from the company. A few days later, she received a bouquet of flowers from with a card that read, “With deepest sympathy on your loss of your little ones. We’ll always be here through the sad times and to remember the good memories your furbabies left on your heart. Love, Ashley, and the Chewy family.”

People Magazine

Sheree’s husband, Sergeant Corey Flanagan, shared his feelings about the company with People Magazine. He said, “your team has either got in their bloodline to be exceptionally kind and understanding, their leadership has done exceptionally well in guiding them or both. My wife had been taking their loss especially hard, and when we received the flowers, we decided it was enough for both of us to decide that it was time to stop shopping around and give Chewy all of our future business.”

Bruce and Sue Stack

Bruce and Sue Stack from Edwardsburg, Michigan were devastated when their 6-year-old Great Dane name Jake passed away. After he died, his recent food delivery went untouched, which was a painful reminder. Sue called to cancel the family’s regular order. She called on Sunday afternoon, and by Sunday evening, she had an email condolence. The email said that they would be credited for the food, and they were asked to donate the unused food to a local shelter. When Sue got home from work on Tuesday, there were a dozen roses at the door from She couldn’t believe it.

Chewy’s Compassion

Many people wonder where this major corporation got their compassion. Most companies worry more about profits than they do their customers. Kelli Dirkin, the Vice President of Customer Service, says that they understand the bond between an owner and their pet. They believe that sending a sympathy card just wasn’t enough. She says that when people call, they aren’t talking to customers, they are talking to pet parents.


It isn’t too often that you find a company with the kind of compassion should be proud of their business plan, and the pet parents who order from them have chosen a great company to do business with.

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