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A Journalist Found Some Mysterious Instructions, And They Led Him To A Terrifying Secret Facility

Garrett Graff

Garrett Graff was born in 1981 and grew up in Montpelier, Vermont. Growing up, he was into journalism. He wrote for his high school newspaper, and when he was enrolled at Harvard University, he was the editor of the Harvard Crimson. In the early days of his career, he interned at ABC News and The Atlantic magazine.

The First Blogger and Television

When Garrett was working at FishbowlDC, he was given the great honor of being the first blogger to be granted press access to the White House. Throughout his career, he wrote pieces for several high-profile publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Bloomberg Business Week magazine. Garrett also appeared in plenty of TV shows such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. He is so well known that his work is often mentioned by John Oliver and Stephen Colbert on their TV shows.

Other Ventures

As if his resume weren’t impressive enough, he has also been teaching at Georgetown University for seven years. He is also the co-founder of the thriving tech firm, EchoDitto, Inc., which advises clients on their online presence and policies. He is also a published author. In 2007, he released his first book, The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web, and the Race For the White House. In the book, he wrote about how technology played a part in the 2008 presidential election. He also wrote Raven Rock Graff, which detailed the extreme lengths that the U.S. government is willing to go through to preserve its power in the face of catastrophe. He managed to make a fundamental discovery while writing thanks to a tip-off from a colleague.

Government ID

According to Garrett, he was given a government ID from someone in the intelligence community. The person who gave it to him found it on the ground of a parking garage. He believes that it was given to him because he writes on the subject extensively. When speaking to NPR, he said, “I figure you can get this back to this guy.” Garrett committed himself to doing so. At first, things didn’t seem too out of the ordinary. There was a name on the front and driving directions on the back. He decided to type the address into Google Maps to see what he could find. When he checked it out online, he didn’t know what to make of it. The road comes to a dead-end, and into the side of the mountain, you can see concrete bunker doors. He had no idea what to think.

Secrets In West Virginia

Garrett couldn’t figure out what the mysterious bunker in West Virginia was. It wasn’t listed on any map, and he had never heard about it. He assumed that something top secret had to be going on there. He decided to do some digging to get to the bottom of things.

Raven Rock Mountain Complex

During his research, he found that there was another secret facility called Raven Rock Mountain Complex located near Blue Ridge Summit in Pennsylvania. He learned that the facility opened up in 1948 under the orders of President Truman. He also discovered that the facility is located just six miles away from Camp David, which is the President’s famous country residence. Garrett was sure that this wasn’t a coincidence.

A Massive City

Garrett discovered that Raven Rock was a massive hollowed-out government facility, and it was a free-standing city. It had everything that a small city could ever need, carved right into the mountain. The city was large enough to hold 5,000 people and contained a police department, a fire department, dining halls, and sleeping quarters. He discovered that it was a place to go in the event of a nuclear war or Armageddon. He even learned that copies of relevant U.S. documents like The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are stored there.

Leaving Family Behind

If a person were lucky enough to earn a place in the bunker, they would need to leave their family behind. Family members, Garrett learned, are strictly forbidden from entering the Doomsday bunkers. Also, families of those involved with the bunkers were kept in the dark.


Since the Cold War ended, and technology has advanced, there have been plenty of changes in Raven Rock. After 9/11, plenty of changes were made. The skeleton crew that was working there was beefed up by George Bush.

Similar Bunkers

Raven Rock isn’t the only bunker of its kind. Peters Mountain in the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia is a base for U.S. intelligence agencies, and it can sustain a nuclear attack. There is also a bunker under the White House, where Dick Cheney stayed while orchestrating the government response to the 9/11 attacks. NORAD also has a bunker in Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, which contains its own Subway restaurant. A journalist found some mysterious instructions, and they led him to a terrifying secret facility and so much more. What he discovered proves that he is an incredible investigative journalist.

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