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This Woman’s Bad Hair Day Was So Disastrous That She Ended Up In The ER

Bad Hair Days

We have all, at one point or another had a bad hair day. These are days that your hair doesn’t look as good as it usually does, and it won’t do what you want it to. It is nothing that you are doing wrong; it is just that on that particular day, your hair doesn’t want to cooperate. Minor bad hair days are common; however, some people have major bad hair days that leave them struggling for months. This woman’s bad hair day was so disastrous that she ended up in the ER.

Burning Hair

Before we start talking about the woman at the ER, let’s talk about another horrible hair day. The incident was traumatizing for the hairdresser of 10 years and her client. The client walked in with very long brown hair. The hairdresser was a bit stunned because she knew her always to be a bleach blonde. The woman told the hairdresser that she wanted to go blonde again. Because the client lived so far away, they couldn’t do a strand test. The hairdresser knew the client’s hair history, so he let her know about the damage that could occur by making such a drastic change, and made sure that the client had realistic expectations. The client agreed to everything, and the hairdresser went to work. It wasn’t long before the telltale gummy look appeared, but it wasn’t just on her ends. Her hair was breaking off only four inches from the scalp. Nothing like this had ever happened to her, and the client left in tears.

Caught In a Toy

A woman and her sister were shopping at a toy store in New York. They came across a table full of different types of stuffed animals. There was one that moved its arm to the music. The woman’s sister went over to get a closer look, and her hair got tangled up in the stuffed animal’s arms, and she couldn’t get it out. The stuffed animal was twisted all the way to her scalp. Fortunately, they managed to untangle her hair, but she lost a few clumps in the process.

A Gray Haired Teenager

A girl wrote into Seventeen Magazine about her horrible hair mishap. Her mother promised that for her birthday, she could put blue streaks in her hair. Her mother even offered to help. The girl’s mother wasn’t a hairdresser, but she figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult to read the instructions and do it on her own. Her mother ended up mixing the dye with oxide, and the color didn’t come out right. The next day, part of the girl’s hair started turning gray. Sure, she was a year older, but certainly not old enough for gray hair. Oddly enough, these days, gray hair is actually in for people of all ages. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case when it happened to this young lady.

The Woman In the ER

Now back to the woman who had such a bad hair day that it landed her in the ER. Another patient at the ER took the photo of the woman. It appears that the woman has no idea that she is being photographed. Obviously, she had a lot more on her mind. In the photo, she can be sitting in the ER, and her head was covered in a white foamy material. It is not only hanging off her head, but it is also all over her clothes. By the looks of it, the foam had hardened by the time the picture was taken.

The Theory

The person who posted the photo didn’t know the woman in question, so she didn’t know what was stuck in her hair. However, when the picture went viral, many people commented their theories regarding what did this to the poor woman. Most people thought that it was expanding foam. It is often used in construction jobs. Because the foam expands when it hits the air, people also use it to stop leaks in the home. Once it has expanded, it begins to harden, which makes it great for the DIY enthusiast.

Growing Out Of Her Head

People believed that the material was expanding foam because of the way that it literally kept growing out of her head. How it got on her head is another story. Some people believe that she confused the foam with her regular hair care product, and didn’t realize that it was too late. Others thought that it might have been a prank that went too far. Judging by the look on the woman’s face, she isn’t too happy about it regardless of how it happened.


The photo was initially posted in 2015, and since then, it has continued to make its rounds across social media. On on social network site alone, the photo generated over 400 comments. Many of the comments were from people guessing what the material in her hair was. Others were wondering how they were going to get the stuff out of her hair without shaving her bald.


The photo got so much attention that it was the focus on a mockumentary on a segment of a Belgian program called True Stories: The Neighborhood Police. The video starts with a woman sitting in the ER with builder’s foam on her head, similar to the picture. The video was so popular that it received over 7,000 upvotes on the social media website.

A Mystery

What happened to this poor woman is very unfortunate, but how it happened will remain a mystery. She must not have social media because, since 2015, she hasn’t spoken out about who she is, what was in her hair, or how it happened in the first place. This is something we may never know.

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