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A Man In Green Interrupts Young Girl On The Piano With A Stunt That Causes A Crowd To Rush In

Waiting Around the Mall

Going shopping at the mall isn’t always fun. If you aren’t the one spending money, following your shopping companion from store to store can be frustrating. Some malls have seating areas complete with phone chargers and massage chairs. Some people would rather sit in the food court and wait for their shopping companion maxes out their credit card. There are some malls that have a public pianos available for mall patrons to play. This is what happened one day, and the pianists got an awful lot of attention.

She Spotted a Piano

A teenage girl was shopping at the mall with her mother, and she was tired of following her all over the mall. When she spotted a public piano, she decided to sit down and play. The girl was in the middle of playing a lovely melody when a man got closer. It seemed as though he wanted to play but judging by the look on the teen’s face; she didn’t want him to join in. She even told him to find his own piano, but it didn’t work. Finally, even though she didn’t want to, she allowed the man to take over on the piano.

Taking Over

The young girl gave up and allowed the man to play. She seemed very annoyed about it, but after a couple of minutes, she started getting into his song. She even started clapping along to his melody. Shoppers in the mall heard the song and crowded around, and they started clapping also. The man in green interrupts young girl on piano with a stunt that causes the crowd to immediately rush in.

Another Person Joining In

As the man was playing the piano, another man came over. He was wearing a uniform and a bicycle helmet. The man in the helmet encouraged the teenage girl to join in the song, and soon after, all three of them were playing the piano together. The music was upbeat and fun which is why people started to crowd around them taking photos and videos. The man who initially took over the piano was playing most of the melody, and the teen and the man in the helmet added their own little riff. Their music was bringing in more and more spectators.

The Unimpressed Man

There was a man sitting beside the piano the whole time, and he didn’t seem too impressed by the music that the two were playing. He sat there with a straight face the entire time. He was behaving completely different than the other people watching the show. Finally, for just one second, the man cracks a smile. The smile lasts about two seconds, but if you watch closely enough, you will see it.

The End Of the Song

The three continue playing for a little over four minutes. By the time they finished playing, there were was a good size crowd standing by. The people who were in the mall that day were treated to the performance of their lives.

Who Were The Pianists?

The name of the teenage girl is not known. Neither is the name of the man in the bike helmet. The gentleman who took over the piano is a man named Terry Miles. He is amazing on the piano, probably because he teaches it. He doesn’t teach his students the standard songs like those written by Beethoven and Mozart. He teaches a style called Boogie Woogie Piano. This type of music was popular during the late ’20s. Typically, when this type of music is played on a piano, it is often accompanied by other instruments.

Now It All Makes Sense

This type of music is designed for numerous people to play together. This is why Terry went over to the teenage girl and asked to join in. It is also why when the second man joined in, and Terry was completely fine with it.

Posting The Video Online

One of the bystanders got the whole thing on video from start to finish. When they uploaded it to YouTube, the video went viral. The way that the story plays out is pretty amazing. The teen girl goes from being angry to having the time of her life.

Start Playing

The next time you see a public piano in a mall, you should sit down and play. You could be the next viral video, and you can also have the time of your life.

YouTube Description

There are plenty of videos online that bring tears of joy to your eyes. This is one of those videos. In the beginning, you have no idea that things are going to turn out the way that they do. A sweet looking teenage girl is playing the piano when an intrusive man comes over and asks if he can play. The young girl is clearly angry, but once he starts playing, all ill will goes out the window.

By the end of the video, there is a crowed gathered around the piano. This video is a must see, and a must share. Watching it just once won’t be enough. In today’s world where it seems as though every story in the news is bad, you need to see something like this. This video is fun, happy, and a great watch.

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