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This Young Man Hadn’t Cut His Hair In 5 Years And He Gets A New Sexy Look That Turns Heads

The Makeover Guy

Christopher Hopkins is also known as the Makeover Guy. He owns a salon in Minneapolis, and he specializes in giving his clients very impressive makeover transformations. He often videotapes the makeover process, and he posts them on his YouTube channel. When people see what he is capable of, they make an appointment with him so that they can be just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. While many of his clients are female, he does get male clients as well. There are men who want a transformation just as much as women. A man named Alex is one of these men.


Alex was in a relationship with the woman who he was sure that he would spend the rest of his life with. When she broke up with him, he quickly moved on with another woman. Unfortunately, this relationship didn’t last either. When she broke up with him out of the blue, he became very depressed. He thought that maybe a makeover would help him feel better and maybe even move on. He figured that since he had the same hairstyle for close to five years that it was time for a change. He knew that he had to do something before jumping back into the dating pool again.

Alex’s Long Locks

Alex is a 30-year-old chef at Wilde Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He had been growing her hair out for years. When he went to see Christopher Hopkins for his makeover, his wavy brown hair was well past his armpits. He had a scruffy beard that covered his chiseled jawbone. He says that his long hair and straggly beard caused him to lose some of his confidence. Between his appearance and his recent breakups, he needed some professional help, and he knew that The Makeover Guy would be the one who could do it.

The Beginning Of the Makeover

Before Christopher got to work, he couldn’t help but play with Alex’s hair a bit. His hair was long, and it was very healthy. After playing around with his long hair, he let Alex see what he could look like without his hair in his face. Next, he explained to him that he had a jaw that most men would kill for. Christopher told Alex that he wasn’t doing himself any justice by covering up his chiseled jaw. Before he began Alex’s makeover, he asked him if he trusted him. This is something that Christopher always asks his clients. Because he often makes very drastic changes, he needs to be sure that his clients are willing to put their look in his hands. As of yet, every one of his clients has said yes.

Taking Out the Shears

After Christopher talked with Alex for a bit, it was time to get down to business. Christopher pulled out his shears and began cutting. Christopher says that he was a bit nervous at first. His hair was very long, and Christopher told him that it would all be gone soon. Although he was worried, he was willing to trust Christopher. He had been very unlucky in love, and he was hoping that his new look would breathe new life into his dating life.

Feeling the Air on His Neck

As Christopher started cutting Alex’s hair, he started to feel the breeze on his neck. This is the first time that he felt this sensation in years other than when he put his hair in a ponytail and up in a baseball hat. Christopher explained to Alex that a baseball hat should be a fashion statement and not a necessity. He was going to give Alex a transformation so that if he were going to wear a baseball cap, it would be an accessory rather than a necessity.

A Clean Close Shave

When Christopher finished cutting Alex’s hair, it was time to remove the hair from his face. Christoper let Alex know as he got older, he needed to do what he could to make himself look younger. He told him that a face full of facial hair only made him look older. Christopher took out his razor and uncovered Alex’s face which made him look incredible.

The Big Reveal

When Christopher was done with Alex’s makeover, he let him see the “new Alex.” Alex couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked like a completely new person which was what he really wanted. Finally, he would have the confidence and charisma that he needed to start dating again.

Jared Leto?

After his makeover, Alex went into work to show off his new look to his coworkers. Many of the women that he worked with swooned. They also told him that they thought that he looked just like the actor, Jared Leto. Finally, Alex had the confidence that he needed to find the woman of his dreams.

Christoper Does It Again

Alex was one of Christopher’s many satisfied clients. Each of his client’s extreme makeovers was both drastic and amazing. Alex is just one of the many. Christoper loves that fact that he can transform his clients’ looks and their self-esteem. This young man hadn’t cut hair in 5 years gets sexy new look turning heads.

YouTube Description

If you are familiar with Christoper “The Makeover Guy” Hopkins, you know that he can make amazing, drastic appearances in his clients’ appearances. Most of his clients are women who are looking for a major change. When a man named Alex walked into his salon and told him about his two very recent breakups, Christopher became excited. He didn’t work on men often, and he knew just by looking at Alex that there was a really good looking guy hiding underneath. Alex’s transformation was nothing short of amazing. When he saw himself for the first time, he suddenly had the confidence back that he had lost long ago.

Each one of Christopher’s makeover videos is amazing, and Alex’s is just as incredible. When Christopher was done with Alex, he looked like a completely different man. You have to watch the video and see it for yourself to see just how talented Christopher really is.

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