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A Man Was Asking This Woman Weird Questions Then Her Phone Rang, And It Confirmed Her Suspicions

Haley Oscar

Haley Oscar is a 24-year-old mother of one from Kenosha, Wisconsin. The city is on the shore of Lake Michigan, and it is a beautiful place to live. In July 2017, Haley decided to spend a few hours at the beach. She had some free time, she had a good book to read, and she had a few hours to herself. It was going to be a great day. She drove down to the lake a Simmons Island Beach near the Kenosha Lighthouse local landmark. She set herself up on the beach, but it didn’t turn out to be the relaxing day that she was hoping for.

A Stranger Approaches

A man came walking over to Haley. She noticed that he was walking close to her, back and forth. She tried to focus on her book and ignore him. She could see him standing there. He appeared to be Hispanic and in his late 40’s. Haley remained in her spot and continued to make it look like she was reading.


Haley was shocked when the man sat down beside her. There was plenty of room on the beach, and there was no reason why he needed to be sitting right there. The strange man was speaking to her in broken English. He claimed to be from Waukegan, which is the next town over in Illinois. He started asking her personal questions that made her feel very uncomfortable.


The man began asking her questions that weren’t normal for two people who didn’t know each other. First, he asked her where she lived. She answered his questions being as vague as possible. Next, he asked her if she had a network of people who loved her. She didn’t answer, so he asked her if she was financially comfortable and even what her credit score was. It wasn’t until he asked her why she was on the beach alone that she got really nervous.


Haley was very uncomfortable with all of the man’s questions. She told him that she was trying to study and she didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He refused to leave her alone, and his questions became more inappropriate.

Gone Too Far

The man’s questions didn’t stop. In fact, he got more inappropriate. First, he was asking her sexual questions. These were questions she wouldn’t even expect her guy friends to ask her. Next, after noticing her tattoos, he asked her if she enjoyed pain. The man had gone too far, and Haley needed to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. His questions went on for close to 40 minutes.

No Way Out

Haley was terrified. Even though she was on a crowded beach, she didn’t feel safe, and she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to stand up and walk away because this would have left her feeling vulnerable. She didn’t want to go to her car just in case the parking lot was empty. She didn’t want to be alone with this man for a second. She was even afraid to go home just in case the man was following her.

Calling Her Friends

Haley decided that her best bet was to text her friends. She asked them to save her from the situation she was in. A man was asking this woman weird questions. Then her phone rang, and it confirmed her suspicions. She was finally going to be free. Finally, her best friend, Mandy Fuentes returned her call to let her know that she was on her way. As soon as the man heard Haley tell her friend on the phone that she would see her in a few minutes, the man got up and walked away. It appeared that she freaked him out. Finally, she was safe.

Warning Others

When Haley got home, she took to Facebook to warn the other girls in her city about the man. In her post, she explained in detail what happened to her. She also gave a description of the man. The post went viral and was shared all over the city and surrounding areas.

A Warning From Police

When the police saw the post, they decided to get involved. Women in the Kenosha area are especially vulnerable to predators in human trafficking. The I-94 corridor runs from Chicago to Milwaukee. There is access to many different cities. The police say that it is great to warn other women, but for the safety of the community, you need to report strange things like what happened to Haley to the police. The only way for the police to keep the young women in the area safe is to know who these predators are. Haley did the right thing. Unfortunately, this predator’s next victim might not be as smart or as lucky.

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