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This Woman Was Flying Home To See Her Family Then The Pilot Called Her Name Over The Intercom

Ana Uribe

Ana was traveling from Australia to South America to visit her family. She grew up in Columbia and had traveled extensively throughout her life. In 2016, she moved to Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately, this left her far from her kids and her parents. When she finally found some time, she decided to fly back to Columbia for a visit. She booked a flight with Australian Airline Qantas. Part of her trip would take her from Melbourne to Los Angeles, California. This woman was flying home to see family. Then the pilot called her name over the intercom.

Captain Dooley Ellis

The captain flying Flight QF93, the flight that Ana was on, was Captain Dooley Ellis. He has been flying with Qantas for 30 years. Flying planes was in this Australia native’s blood. His father had worked for the same airline as well. With all of his flight experience, passengers had nothing to worry about. He was a true professional.

The Flight

Ana’s flight took off in the fall of 2016. Takeoff went smoothly, and she was able to sit back and relax. When the plane reached cruising altitude, Captain Ellis came over the loudspeaker to address the passengers. The announcement on this day was different than any that he made in the past. It was actually very unusual.

The Announcement

The announcement and what happened after was caught on video. During his announcement, Captain Ellis said, “We also have a special passenger on board today, folks. Her name is Ana. She’s traveling back to South America now to visit her family.” Everyone on board didn’t know why the captain was telling them about this one passenger, but Ana knew why.

A Couple

It turned out that Captain Ellis and Ana had been dating for four years. He knew that she was going to be on her flight. He also knew that she was going home to visit her family for two months. He was a bit worried about her going. He wanted to be sure that she was going to be returning back to Australia after seeing her family.

Confused Passengers

Everyone on the plane was very confused about what the captain said. Ana was sitting in first-class giggling. She knew what was going on, but the reason for the captain’s announcement was not quite clear yet.

The Reason For the Announcement

While the captain was still addressing the passengers, he was ready to ask Ana a question in her native tongue which happened to be Spanish. He said, “Now that I have her complete attention, Ana, quieres casarte conmigo?” He waited a few seconds, and then he translated his question for those who didn’t speak Spanish. He said, “Will you marry me?”

Flowers and a Diamond

Right after the captain’s romantic proposal, he came through the door of the cockpit to find Ana. He had a diamond ring in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. When he reached her seat, he got down on one knee and waited for Ana’s response. She was excited and shocked, and the only word that she could muster was, “yes.” Next, the couple sealed the deal with a kiss. Just about everyone on the plane cheered. Ana said later that she couldn’t have dreamed of a more romantic and perfect proposal. Not every woman gets a proposal like this one. Ana understands that, and she is thankful for the man that she fell in love with.

The Relationship

Ana and Dooley met in 2012 when they both completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in northern Spain. The journey is hundreds of miles, and it finishes at Galia’s Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The couple walked across Spain together, and soon, Dooley was visiting her in Colombia. Things went great, so Ana went to see Dooley in Texas and then in Australia. After that, Dooley knew that Ana was the one. Ana decided to relocate to be with Dooley, and they lived in Sydney together for four years before his amazing proposal.

Ana’s Surprise

Ana had no idea that Dooley was going to propose that day. He needed to find a reason for a camera crew to be on board, so he told her that new uniforms were being launched and the media wanted to capture it. Ana was completely surprised, and the clip was viewed on Facebook over a million times. Tens of thousands of Facebook users also commented on the video. All of the comments were positive. People thought that the captain’s proposal was incredibly romantic. Many of the comments let Ana know what a lucky woman she is. This couple is in love, and they wanted the world to see it. The sky’s the limit for this couple. This was a day that neither Ana or Dooley will ever forget.

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