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A Man Who Got Pregnant Has Revealed The Shocking Abuse He Received From Total Strangers

Wyley Simpson

Wyley Simpson, from San Antonio, Texas was born a female but never felt that he was in the right body. When he turned 21, he decided to be the person he felt that he was inside. This was when he started to undergo treatment to become a man. During the transition, his body went through some significant changes.

Major Changes

Wyley’s body went through some serious changes when he started to transition. First, he had his breasts removed, which is often referred to as “top half.” He also started taking testosterone treatments, to help deepen his voice, grow body hair, and to bring on other changes that he would need to transition. His next surgery would remove his genitalia, which is known as “bottom half.” He had this surgery all planned out, until something very unexpected happened, which changed his life forever.

Wyley’s Personal Life

Wyley was ready to meet someone new, so he created a profile on the dating app, Grindr. This is where he met Steven Gaeth. Steven was a yoga and dance teacher and was as attracted to Wyley as Wyley was to him. The two met for their first date, and they hit it off. Soon, they were going on a second date, and then a third. It wasn’t long before they made the official announcement that they were a couple.

An Engagement And a Surprise

After dating for a while, Wyley and Steven got engaged. They decided that they wanted to spend their lives together. While Wyley was transitioning, his doctor told him that since his menstrual cycles stopped because of the testosterone, that he could no longer get pregnant. Wyley was okay with that because it was just the next phase of his transition.

Strange Symptoms

Wyley started feeling sick all the time and often threw up in the morning. He knew that he couldn’t get pregnant, but he wasn’t sure why he was feeling sick all the time. Finally, he and Steven went to the store to buy four pregnancy tests, and they all came out positive. The doctors were wrong, and Wyley was pregnant.

A Big Decision

When Wyley found out that he was pregnant, he had a big decision to make. If he were going to carry the baby to term, he would need to put his transition treatment on hold until after the baby was born. By this point, he was already three months pregnant, so he didn’t have much time left to make a decision. Wyley was worried about how his body and mind would react after stopping the testosterone after being on it for over six years. Finally, after much discussion, Wyley and Steven decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. They both always wanted children, so if this was the way it happened, they knew that it was meant to be. Steven was a bit apprehensive at first, but in the end, he decided that he wanted a baby just as much as Wyley did.

A Scary Delivery

The couple had their birth plan figured out, and they were going to birthing classes and prenatal yoga. When Wyley went into labor, the doctors were worried about the position of the umbilical cord. It was then that the doctors decided to perform a C-section. Fortunately, the baby was healthy. It was a little boy, weighing over seven pounds, and they named him Rowan. After the baby was born healthy, Wyley decided to share his story with the world. While there were some great experiences during his pregnancy, there were also some horrible ones.

Rude Comments

A man who got pregnant has revealed the shocking abuse he received from total strangers. He would walk down the street, and people would tell him that he would never be a man because men didn’t carry babies. Other people would call him “it.” Between the rude comments and the pregnancy itself, it took a lot out of Wyley emotionally. He says that the baby bump that he woke up to each day really messed with his head after transitioning for so long.

A Strong and Loving Partner

Wyley credits Steven for helping him through the tough days. As hard as things were, the couple says that they wouldn’t have changed any of it. They both agreed that at some point, they were going to want to start a family. If Wyley didn’t get pregnant when he did, they would have had to adopt or use a surrogate, which would have been expensive and complicated. The fact that they were able to have their own biological child was a dream come true.


Wyley says that if he had one wish for the world that his son will grow up in, it is tolerance. He says that he wasn’t hurting anyone by carrying his son, but the intolerant people in the world felt the need to go out of their way to let the couple know that they disagreed with their decisions. Despite the rude comments they received, the happy couple celebrated their pregnancy and the birth of their beautiful son.

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