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A Mom Paid A Man To Pose As Her Daughter’s Dad – And A Decade Later The Girl Still Doesn’t Know

Family Romance

Family Romance is a company started and owned by Ishi Yuichi. His business provides surrogates to play parts in his clients’ lives. His Japanese based company provides proxy service for anyone who needs it. The company is very popular. They receive about 250 requests per month, and they have a 98 percent satisfaction rate. They have helped many clients in many different situations.

Trouble At Work

If you messed up at work, and you know that the hammer is going to come down hard on you, Family Romance can help. You can hire a proxy to sit in on the meeting on your behalf, and they will sit and listen to the tongue lashing that your boss has planned for you. If necessary, they will even get down on their hands and knees to beg for forgiveness. The whole time this uncomfortable situation is occurring, you can be sitting at home, catching up on your favorite shows.

Unfaithful Women

According to Ishi, unfaithful girlfriends and wives use his service often. He will send in a man to play the role of the other man and then apologize to the boyfriend or husband. To avoid any physical confrontation with the angered man, the stand-in follows a manual that is used by all employees in the company. When creating the manual, Ishi used psychology to determine the optimal outcome. He says that in cases like this, the stand-in will arrive with the wife to see the husband. They will stand there, then bow, and sincerely apologize. The husband will berate them for a while, and the matter will often end there. It makes things much less complicated for the woman.


Many women use Family Romance as a way of having a boyfriend. There is no intimacy in these situations, and there are boundaries that the stand-in won’t cross. The women who use this service believe that it a typical relationship, you slowly build trust. They worry about what will happen five years down the road if the man decides that the relationship isn’t working. They fear that they will have invested years into a dead-end relationship. These women believe that it is easier to schedule a few hours a week with an ideal boyfriend. There are no romantic entanglements, just fun.

The Business Begins

Ishi got the idea for the business years ago when his friend was trying to get her son into private school. She was a single mother, which was something that was frowned upon by the school’s administrators. She didn’t like the idea of being discriminated against just because she was raising her child on her own. Ishi realized the need for a stand-in father, and the inspiration for the business hit.


Asako is a single mother to a daughter named Megumi. Megumi’s father had left when Asako was still pregnant. Early on, it wasn’t a significant issue. Megumi didn’t really realize that she was different because she didn’t have a father. As she got older, things started to get more complicated.


When she was little, Megumi would ask Asako where her father was. Years later, she started acting out because her mother couldn’t give her an explanation about where her father was or why he left. When she was 10-years-old, she began to become withdrawn. Later, Asako discovered that her daughter was being bullied at school because she didn’t have a father. In Japan, there is a stigma placed on single-parent families. Asako knew that she had to do something, so she contacted Family Romance.

The Plan

Asako reached out to Ishi about having someone pose as her daughter’s father. If this man could pretend to be Megumi’s father and come back into her life, she was sure that it would solve all of her problems. For just a couple hundred dollars each meeting, she could give her daughter a better life.

The Request

Asako wanted Ishi to tell her daughter how sorry he was for leaving. She wanted him to listen to anything that her daughter had to tell him. Ishi planned for his role as the young girl’s father, and he was ready in time for their first meeting. After the first few meetings, Asako noticed a change in her daughter. She was suddenly happier and more outgoing. The plan was working.

No End Game

The more Megumi got close to “her father,” the more Asako realized that they would need to keep the ruse going. She was worried about the rejection her daughter would feel if “her father” were to walk out on her again. A Mom Paid A Man To Pose As Her Daughter’s Dad – And A Decade Later The Girl Still Doesn’t Know. Ishi understands that he will need to play the role indefinitely. He will need to walk her down the aisle when she gets married and pretend to be a grandfather when she has children. The secret cannot come out, because it can do serious damage to the family.

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