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A Woman Meets A Young Hiker And Can’t Shake Her Bad Feeling And She Calls 911

The Pacific Crest Trail

Many people have never heard of the Pacific Crest Trail. It wasn’t until Reese Witherspoon’s film, Wild, came out in 2014 that this trail gained a great deal of popularity. This trail is well-known by experienced hikers. The Pacific Crest Trail is about 2,650 miles, and it spans from Mexico to Canada, through California, Oregon, and Washington. It takes about five months to complete the walk, and it can only be done safely during the snow-free season.

Nancy Abel

Nancy Abel and her family live in rural Washington. They lived on the outskirts of town, and Nancy loves it. Many people ask Nancy if she finds her rural home to be boring. Nancy says that it is the exact opposite. She loves living out in nature, and she enjoys going hiking. When she goes for a hike, she often plans a short one. She makes sure that she is dressed for the weather and that her backpack is full of the necessary supplies. Her home is near the Pacific Crest Trail, and she often takes her hikes on the trail. Typically, she never runs into any other hikers while she is out. One day, she did.

Katharina Groene

When Nancy was out hiking one day, she ran into a woman from Germany named Katharina Groene. When she and Nancy ran into each other, they talked for a bit. She told Nancy that she started her journey at the Mexican border and she was heading toward Canada. Nancy couldn’t believe that this woman had already managed to hike over 2,500 miles and she had just 150 miles to go.

Nancy’s Fears

Nancy was worried about the young woman, and she feared for her safety. Nancy knew the weather in the area, and due to the change in seasons, the weather would soon become severe. Nancy looked at the equipment that Katharina had, and she knew right away that she didn’t have the right equipment to finish her journey. Nancy knew that it was almost time for the first snowfall and she didn’t have appropriate clothing for the cold weather, and she didn’t have any snowshoes. Nancy knew that when Katharina reached the cold mountains of Canada that she would never make it.

Nancy’s Warning

Nancy tried to warn Katharina about the dangers that lied ahead. She told her that she lived in the area and she knew the weather in the area, and she tried to talk her out of continuing her journey. Unfortunately, Katharina didn’t take Nancy’s warnings seriously. She was determined to continue on with her hike. She assured Nancy that she would be fine and she continued on her way.

Checking the Weather

After Katharina left, Nancy couldn’t get her out of her mind. She was so worried that she checked the weather reports every day. One morning, she checked the weather, and heavy snowfall was predicted. Nancy began to panic. She knew that the young German woman would die out there alone. This Woman Meets Young Hiker But Can’t Shake Ill Feeling After Encounter Prompting Call To Police. Nancy couldn’t just sit by so she called 911.

The First Responders

Nancy wasn’t sure how much help 911 would be, but she knew that she had to do something. When the operator asked her what her emergency was, she told them that it might not have been an emergency, but she didn’t know. She told the operator her story, and the first responders believed like Nancy did that Katharina was in trouble. The dispatched a helicopter to the area where they thought she might be. They found her.

Woman In Trouble

When the rescue team found Katharina, she was in trouble. She was soaking wet and freezing. She tried to light a fire to keep warm but she couldn’t. She was all alone, freezing to death in the mountains when they got to her. When they loaded her on the helicopter, they told her that Nancy had called 911 hoping to get her some help.

Thanking Nancy

Katharina says that she will think of Nancy as a hero for the rest of her life. She says that she decided to hike the trail because she lost faith in humanity. Thanks to Nancy, she had her faith back. She says that now it is stronger than ever. After being released from the hospital, Katharina spent a few days with Nancy at her home. During that time, she planned her trip back to Germany.

Saving a Life

Nancy says that she is glad that she didn’t put Katharina out of her mind when the two went their separate ways that day. If she had, there is a good chance that she would have heard about a dead hiker on the trail on the evening news. She is glad that she followed her instincts and called for help.

YouTube Description

Many people hike the Pacific Crest Trail every year. Most people know when it is safe to start the hike so that they can finish before the cold weather hits. One hiker named Katharina started her hike at the wrong time of the year. With just 150 miles to go, she met a woman who lived near the trail named Nancy. Nancy saw that the hiker wasn’t prepared for the cold weather and she didn’t have the right equipment. She tried to change the hiker’s mind about continuing her journey to no avail.

After the hiker went on her way, Nancy worried every day. Finally, when there was snow in the forecast, Nancy called for help. Help arrived just in time because Katharina was in serious trouble. The rescue was amazing. You have to see the video for yourself.

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