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Couple Leaves Home For A Quiet Dinner Only To Return Home And Discover Strangers Had Been In Their Home

Stepping Out For a Bit

Most people leave their home during the day. Some are gone all day while they are at work. Many go out and run errands and even go out on a dinner date with their significant other. When you leave your house, you often don’t worry that you are going to return home to find the whole house destroyed. This is something that Mike Cox and his wife never expected when they went out for dinner one night. This couple leave home for quiet dinner only to return discovering strangers inside house.

Mike’s Home

Mike Cox and his wife lived in a gorgeous home in Douglas County. They put their home on the market, and the listing was posted online. They were planning to sell their home for $1.5 million. This all changed the night that Mike and his wife went out to dinner.

The Aftermath

Mike’s home was clean and immaculate when he and his wife left home to go to dinner. He was looking forward to a nice dinner and a quite night at home. Unfortunately, his plans changed when he got home. When he and his wife went into their home, they found that it had been damaged. Mike estimated tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. He says that there wasn’t one area of the home that was left untouched. Every single room was seriously damaged. Whoever was in his home broke every window in the house. All of his furniture was smashed up, and the walls were vandalized beyond belief. As he walked through the home, he found empty beer bottles, wine bottle, and champagne bottles everywhere. It didn’t take long for Mike to realize that there was a party in his home while he was out. His dogs were in the home when the party occurred, and according to Mike, they were traumatized for a while after the party.

Calling the Police

Mike called the police as soon as he walked in the door. When the Douglas County police officers arrived at his home, he was told that one of his neighbors had called the police a few hours earlier to complain about an out of control party that was taking place. When the police arrived to break up the party, they had no idea that none of the party goers didn’t live in the house.

The Smoking Gun

The kids who were at the party weren’t too smart. Many of them videotaped the party and posted it on the social network platform, Snap Chat. The video showed the kids at the party drinking, vandalizing the house, and standing on the counter spraying champagne all over the walls. Mike couldn’t believe that these kids would be dumb enough to post their crime on social media.

Why Mike’s House?

The kids chose Mike’s house because they didn’t think that anyone lived there. Since the home was listed for sale online, the kids thought that the owners no longer lived there. They were wrong. According to the police, there were over 300 kids at the party that night. Had the police not have been called, hundreds of other kids would have gone to his home to party. He says that if this would have happened, the damage would have been much worse. Mike is glad that his neighbor knew that something was wrong and called the police.

Demanding An Arrest

Mike was beyond angry about what the teens did to his home. He says that those kids were old enough to know better and they deserve to be arrested for what they did. He wanted the teens’ parents to be held financially responsible for what they did to his home.

Holding Off On the Sale

Mike says that due to the damage to his home, he had to hold off on selling his house. There was no way that anyone would want to buy the home in the condition that it was in. Before he and his wife could sell their home, they would need to repair all of the damage.

Arrests Are Finally Made

When the police arrived at the home, they found six teens in the basement trying to escape. These teens were questioned and arrested. They used the Snap Chat video of the party also to identify some of the party goers. Mike says that he is glad that some arrests were made, but he would be happier if every single kid at the party were arrested and charged.

Not Too Smart

The kids who broke into Mike’s home that night were not too bright. Posting the video of the crime was a really dumb move. You have to see the party footage to believe it.

YouTube Description

Can you imagine leaving your house for a nice dinner out with your significant other only to find the house in shambles? This is what happened to a man named Mike Cox from Douglas County. When Mike was out to dinner with his wife, about 300 teenagers broke into his home, had a party there, and vandalized it beyond belief. The most disturbing fact is that some of the kids posted a video of the damage that they were doing on social media.

The footage of the party just goes to show how disrespectful some kids can be. The police believe that the teens chose Mike’s house because it was listed for sale online. The teens must have assumed that the owners had already moved out. You have to see the video to believe just how horrible it was. Fortunately, some arrests were made.

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