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A Woman Spent Years Looking For Her Sister Then A Neighbor’s Parcel Revealed An Insane Coincidence

Hillary Harris

Hillary Harris was adopted when she was just a baby. The 31-year-old Wisconsin woman didn’t know much about her biological parents. She was adopted by a loving family, so she never thought about them much. It wasn’t until she gave birth to her daughter in 2011 that she started to wonder. She didn’t know about her family’s medical history, and now that she had a daughter, this was important.

Finding Her Mother

Hillary decided to find her birth mother, so she contacted the adoption agency who handled her adoption. She got her mother’s name and set up a meeting. Unfortunately, it didn’t go the way she expected. She thought she and her mother would have an immediate bond and a connect, but they didn’t. The meeting wasn’t a complete loss. She found out that she and her brother, Tyler, were born after her mother had an affair with a man named Wayne Clouse. This was her birth father.

A Meeting That Couldn’t Happen

Sadly, Hillary would never get to meet her birth father. He passed away in 2002. She managed to find her father’s obituary which helped her learn a bit more about her family tree. The obituary stated that Wayne had two daughters. Renee Diericks was her sister, but the obituary didn’t say much about her. His other daughter’s name was Dawn Johnson. She was from Greenwood, Wisconsin and she was once the reigning queen of the Loyal Corn Festival in 1983. Hillary used this information to find her sister on Facebook, but she had no luck. She was giving up hope that she would ever find her sister.

New Neighbors

Hillary put the idea of finding her sister in the back of her mind for a while. She went on with her life, and in June 2017, she found out that someone had bought the house next door. The couple looked at over 20 different houses before settling on the two-bedroom house in Eau Claire, that shares a driveway with Hillary. She knew her new neighbor was 53-year-old Kurt Casperson and he lived with his girlfriend named Dawn. When she found out that the couple was friend Greenwood, she joked with her husband that it was her sister.

No Way

Hillary and her husband were sure that it couldn’t be her sister that moved in next door. She had looked for her for quite some time with no results. There was no way that she just happened to move into the house next door.

A Package Arrives

Shortly after her new neighbors moved in, Hillary noticed a package had been delivered to her new neighbor’s house. It was a very large box of shingles. Hillary saw out the window that there was a red sheet on top. She assumed that it had the name and address of her neighbors. She decided to go out and see whose name was on the box. When she saw that it was addressed to Dawn Johnson, she couldn’t believe her eyes.


Hillary ran into her house and called her husband immediately. She couldn’t wait to tell him the name of their new neighbor. Her husband told her before she got her hopes up, she should go over and talk to her neighbor first. Hillary wanted to, but she was nervous. What if it wasn’t her sister and she went over there and made herself look silly. What if Dawn was her sister, and she rejected her. She was nervous and worried.

Sending a Text

Hillary sat at home debating whether or not she should go next door. Finally, she decided to send a text to her neighbor. Using the information that she got from her father’s obituary, she texted, “Were you the Loyal Corn Fest Queen in 1983?” She knew that her neighbor’s answer to this question would give her the answers she was looking for once and for all.


Hillary’s neighbor responded with, “Lol, why are you asking that?” Hillary decided to get to the point and asked who her birth father is. When her neighbor replied by saying that it was Wayne Clouse, Hillary finally knew. The Dawn Johnson who moved next door to her was her long lost sister.


As soon as Hillary read the text, she called her sister. She told her who she was and the two spoke on the phone for hours talking and crying. Dawn never asked her father if he had any other biological children, so she didn’t know that she had a sister out there. Today, the two are inseparable, and they still can’t believe that fate made them neighbors. A woman spent years looking for her sister. Then a neighbor’s parcel revealed an insane coincidence. Their story is amazing.

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