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27 Years After He Was Adopted At Birth A Man Discovered A Mind-Blowing Coincidence On Facebook

Nathan Boos

Nathan Boos was adopted when he was a newborn baby. Growing up, he never thought too much about his birth parents. By the time he reached junior high, he didn’t think too much about being adopted. He loved his family, and they were more than enough for him. After high school, he attended Chippewa Valley Technical College and studied welding. He realized that this wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he became a truck driver.


Nathan started working for a trucking company called Rock Solid Transport. He met a girl named Nicole Marie Hein, and they fell in love. Nathan asked Nicole to marry him, and she said yes. They set a wedding date for May 2019.

A Small Detail

Nathan always wanted to be a truck driver. He was going to be on a work trip from Illinois to Georgia. He asked his adoptive father to take the trip with him. He figured that it would be a good way for them to spend some time together. While on the trip, his father told him something about his father that he never knew. His father told him that his biological father was also a truck driver. This was something that Nathan never knew but was a bit interested. He wondered if he ever ran into his biological father on the road or at a truck stop. He was intrigued, but it wasn’t planning to go out of his way to find out if he ever had.

Robert Degaro

In July 2016, Nathan met a man from work named Robert Degaro. Robert had been working for the company for a few months. He was 55-years-old, which made him significantly older than Nathan. Despite their age difference, the two became fast friends. They bonded over their shared sense of humor, and they both enjoyed teasing their coworkers. They became friends on Facebook and often sent each other funny comments. The two men developed a friendship that was light and fun.

Sit Down

In January 2018, Nathan’s adoptive mother was on the computer when Nathan stopped by for a visit. She asked him to sit down and told him about a crazy coincidence that she found on his Facebook page. She told him that she wanted him to know that he was friends on Facebook with his biological father. Next, she showed Nathan a picture of Robert and told him that he was his father. 27 years after he was adopted at birth, a man discovered a mind-blowing coincidence on Facebook.


Nathan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He told his mother that he worked with Robert. He wasn’t just another trucker that Nathan saw on the road; they worked for the same company. He told his mother that he just had a conversation with Robert two hours earlier and that the two were friends. Nathan and his mother sat in shock for a few minutes.

Breaking the News

Nathan decided to tell Robert who he was. He decided to tell him in a Facebook post. He thought that telling him in person may have been a bit awkward. He told Robert the name of his biological mother. He asked if he knew her. Robert revealed that she was his ex-wife. Nathan knew then and there that what his mother told him was true. Nathan wrote back to Robert on Facebook and told him that his ex-wife was his biological mother and that his mother had told him the truth the night before.

The Story

Robert couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The two got off Facebook and started talking on the phone. Robert told Nathan that when his ex-wife got pregnant, they were having trouble in their marriage and they were struggling to make ends meet. They found out that Nathan would be born premature and Robert’s ex would need an emergency C-section. Neither of them was ready to be parents especially to a premature baby, so they put him up for adoption. His ex found out that one of her distant cousins, Nathan’s mother, couldn’t have children, so she allowed her and her husband to adopt her baby.

A Mind At Ease

Robert says that he always wondered what became of his son. It put his mind at ease that he grew up with good parents and that he was a good and successful person. He couldn’t believe that he was friends with his biological son for over two years and didn’t know who he was.

The Upcoming Wedding

Robert had already received an invitation to Nathan’s upcoming wedding. The invitations went out before the two men knew that they were father and son. Nathan says that now that he knows that Robert is his biological father, it will make him being there that much more special. The fact that these two were friends for two years before finding out that they were father and son is amazing.

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